Dec 102017


As for most families December is an expensive month for us, which is why I tend to stock up on gifts all year around. I get the larger, more expensive presents out of the way early and keep an ear out for any small last-minute wishes to give the big day that extra festive touch. If you’re looking for some cool stocking fillers that are both awesome and affordable look no further than Smiggle:

Whether your Christmas allowance is teeny tiny or you are living it large, Smiggle has a huge range of gift ideas to suit every budget. I especially love that they put practical gifts, like stationery for the new school year, in a funky jacket so the pieces are both unique and useful at the same time. Double win!

Take this magical Smiggle Triple Pencil Case Kit (RRP $34.95, ages 6+), a sparkling pencil case that’s totally in line with the current unicorn trend. It comes pre-filled with¬†18 markers, 17 colour pencils, 2 HB greyleads, 2 ink pens, a ruler, sharpener and eraser, making it a perfect art-pack for holiday projects at home and on the go. And after the Summer break it can become your child’s school pencil case, now that’s good value!

The cheeky Smiggle Christmas Pen Popper (RRP $5.95, ages 6+) sure takes the boring out of writing Christmas cards. Available in a sweet red reindeer and cute blue Christmas bear design these ballpoint pens are fitted with a secret lever… pull the little lever and pop goes the head! Don’t worry, a handy piece of string keeps the head from getting lost, so the kids can shoot and smile over and over again.

From little stories to Christmas wish lists, from secret diary entries to a holiday journal, with 160 lined pages the Smiggle Colour Blast Glitter Luxe A5 Notebook (RRP $16.95) has all the space your young writer needs, hidden between an eye-catching hardcover with glittery swirls (or is it swirly glitter?). A handy little loop on the side allows you to keep a pen or pencil on hand for when inspiration strikes.

This adorable Smiggle Spin It Yoyo (RRP $9.95, ages 6+) is one of those great ‘gift cupboard’ finds: every child loves a yoyo, it’s well priced and it suits any occasion. Birthday? Christmas stocking? Hurt your leg? Great report card? Here’s an awesome yoyo to brighten up your day. You can even brighten their day a bit more with the glow-in-the-dark Spin-It Yoyo, just spin it and go, then watch it glow.

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