Sep 032015
JJ Cole Collections giveaway

Nappies and wipes, spare clothes and a blanket, bottles and food… individually all these baby bag essentials don’t weigh much but it all adds up. The result is a nappy bag heavy enough to hurt your back, not exactly something any new mum is looking forward to! JJ Cole Collections loves making life easier and more stylish for busy parents and now they are making it [read more]

Sep 022015
Sales & Savings - Week 36

Love Mae What? Up to 60% off Clearance Sale How? Prices as marked When? Until stock lasts Where? OiOi What? Up to 60% off Flash Sale How? Prices as marked When? Until September 10, 2015 Where? The It Kit What? 40% off storewide How? Enter the code ‘ITKITDAD’ at checkout When? Until September 2, 2015 Where? Bluebelle What? Huge Warehouse Clearance, prices [read more]

Sep 012015
Stuff Happens giveaway

As you may know our son Tommie has been a big fan of the Aussie Stuff Happens boys books from the start. He loves it when a new title is added to the range and has enjoyed all of them so far, in saying that he has been especially hanging out for Tom to be added to the Stuff Happens family (nothing like reading your own name in a [read more]

Aug 312015
Mama on Monday

Every time I wear this lovely Soon Maternity dress I receive the sweetest comments, this week’s favourite remark was that it looked glorious on me. It’s not a dress for the shy and secret because your bump is very much on show but I am savouring these moments while I still can, before we know it I’ll be missing my blessed round shape! I wore the [read more]

Aug 302015
'Rabbids Invasion: Omelette Party' giveaway

It feels like yesterday that I was building block towers with my little boy, now he is seven and turning into a cool dude that jokes with his friends. If I can believe the boys at school the ‘in’ thing at the moment is a slightly cheeky tv craze called Rabbids Invasion, they think it is totally hilarious. If (like me) you’re not sure what all [read more]

Aug 282015
Get active with Thule

With just 6 weeks (or maybe less?) to go until baby no.5 arrives I am starting to get very excited about meeting our new addition. I can’t wait to see if we’ve been blessed with a little boy or a little girl, what he/she looks like and introducing the baby to the four siblings. I know it is a lot less important but I’ll admit [read more]