Nov 282015
gr8x giveaway

If you are a regular Hip Little One reader you probably spotted the eye catching new Avalon Damask print that we featured in last month’s gr8x post. Move over plain and boring baby bags, this beautiful custom print shows that mamas don’t have to give in on style when travelling with their babies. If you’re looking for a spacious bag that will easily hold all [read more]

Nov 272015
Lean and Clean with George Foreman

Now that baby Harriet is two months old and we’ve settled into some sort of routine it is time to get working on my post-baby body. I’ve cleared our pantry of all the unhealthy comfort food (it was fun while it lasted) and stocked up on fresh, tasty, nutritious ingredients, bring on a healthy 2016! Luckily for me I am huge fan of salads and with [read more]

Nov 262015
Eye to Eye giveaway

Have you ever wondered what the world would look like if you were the size of an ant, if you were swimming in deep waters like a whale or flying high above ground like an eagle? Thanks to Australian author and illustrator Graeme Base, known for his wonderful talent to capture the beauty of flora and fauna, you can now come eye to eye with [read more]

Nov 252015
Sales & Savings - Week 48

Freckles What? Up to 70% off storewide How? Prices as marked When? Until November 30, 2015 Where? Cherub Baby What? 30% off storewide How? Enter the code ‘PBC30’ at checkout When? Until November 29, 2015 Where? Bink Kids What? 25% off storewide How? Enter the code ‘LITTLEONE’ at checkout When? Until November 30, 2015 Where? Cradle Rock What? 20% off all clothing [read more]

Nov 242015
The Christmas Peg giveaway

With exactly one month to go until Christmas Eve parents across the globe are using the famous Santa-threat to encourage their youngsters to behave extra well. The thought of getting onto the naughty list and missing out on presents is pretty scary to most, but will it also have the desired effect on a little boy named Wal?… Being on your best behaviour all the time [read more]

Nov 232015
Memories on Monday

What a beautiful week we have had here in Adelaide, our Dutch visitors got a great taste of South Australian summers with some scorching hot days. Picking strawberries at Beerenburg Farm, playing in the garden, walks to school, swimming, BBQs with family… they’re simple things but so much fun when done with family. I know all of us will treasure these memories for years to [read more]

Nov 222015
Hey Duggee giveaway

For most children mummy and daddy are their first proper words, but of course our quirky 2-year old likes doing things a little differently. The traditional ‘Daddy’ has proven to be very tricky for her so hip daddy has been christened ‘Dougie’, don’t ask us why! I am sure in time she’ll work it out but for now we’re perfectly happy with Dougie, it never [read more]