Oct 212014
Boba, now available at Avidiva

For a while baby wearing seemed to be a bit out of fashion and more a ‘hippy’ thing to do but (thankfully) times have changed as more and more benefits of baby wearing are becoming known to parents around the globe. Mums and dads of all ages and all walks of life have taken on baby wearing and I am a big fan myself, I [read more]

Oct 202014
Save 20% storewide at Baby Donkie

Over at Baby Donkie the 2nd birthday celebrations are in full swing: The store is stocked with amazing goodies, an exciting birthday competition is about to be launched and there is a fabulous discount for all you lovely birthday guests: Celebrate in style and save 20% storewide at Baby Donkie, even valid on items already discounted. Simply enter the code ‘BIRTHDAY’ at checkout, offer ends [read more]

Oct 192014
Crayola Baby giveaway

With three big siblings in the house who love anything crafty it is no surprise that miss 1 is also keen to try her hand at some colouring, painting, sticking and folding. After a few unfortunate incidents we decided it would be best to separate her from the tribe and give her her very own colouring set specifically designed for her age: After several months [read more]

Oct 182014
Sew Sista

No matter what toy catalogue you open up, it’s bound to be full of loud, battery operated toys, bright coloured plastic, game consoles and over-sexualised dolls. This Christmas why not surprise your daughter with a gift that’s packed with lovely, warm, old school charm (yet isn’t old fashioned at all), meet Sew Sista: Created right here in Australia by a lovely bunch of crafty mamas Sew [read more]

Oct 182014
A Cool Christmas

As Christmas is coming closer I always feel a little sad. I really miss Christmases in The Netherlands with my family and it was always my favourite time of year. I love going to church on Christmas Eve when it’s dark outside and every house you walk past has a Christmas tree up in lights. I love waking up on Christmas morning and opening the curtains [read more]

Oct 172014
The 15 minute tidy giveaway

We have all had them, the phone calls that make you spit out your coffee (if you’re lucky enough to have time for a cuppa) and have you racing around the house like a maniac. Whether it’s your mother-in-law ‘I was wondering if I could visit today?’, a friend ‘I’m just at the shops near you, shall I drop by for a chat?’ or the [read more]

Oct 162014
Giggle and Hoot giveaway

We’ve all seen that Jimmy Rees, better known as Jimmy Giggle from ABC4Kids duo Giggle and Hoot, knows everything about putting smiles on little faces and soon he will be able to try his tricks on his very own tiny munchkin. Together with his wife Tori he is expecting a precious bundle of their own, such lovely news! We don’t know the gender of their unborn baby [read more]