Nov 122018
'Peter Pan Goes Wrong' giveaway

After 12 years away from my family I can safely say that saying goodbye does not get any easier. In fact, it only seems to get harder every time! Knowing this I give myself two months after each farewell to feel homesick and this week my time is up, I don’t feel exactly ready yet but it’s time to face the world again. If you’re [read more]

Nov 112018
Hit the road with Mickey

When you have a large family like ours you quickly end up with lots of toys and a lack of space. Birthdays, Sinterklaas, Christmas… every year our toy collection grows so I am trying to choose wisely when it comes to new additions. One of my top tips is to expand what you have instead of starting with a new range, not only does it [read more]

Nov 052018
Invisible Jerry giveaway

As the school year is slowly wrapping up I am looking back at a very full-on year. We unexpectedly changed schools in the middle of term 2 so we’re still quite new to our current school but I feel very much at peace about our decision to move. Change is not always easy but the kids have settled in beautifully and are surrounded by lovely [read more]

Nov 032018
Smooshy Mushy Baby

As much as I like to make my kids happy all the time, I’m afraid I can’t always be the fun mum. For quite some time my four little students have been begging me for ‘squishies’, a toy trend that has rapidly taken the entire school yard by storm. However ‘everyone has one’ is not a good enough reason to join in, and after reading [read more]

Oct 272018
'Peppa Pig: When I Grow Up' giveaway

While first birthdays come with awesome benefits like parties, presents and birthday cake, they also trigger something rather unpleasant: immunisations… Poor Ted didn’t enjoy the four needles at all and left the doctors office with a bandaid on both his arms AND both his legs. Being the school holidays all the kids came along and they were very intrigued by it all, watching closely how [read more]