Apr 262015
Funky Giraffe giveaway

After four babies I think we can safely say that I know what baby products are life savers and what not to waste your money on. One thing you can never have enough of is bibs: from early breastfeeds to starting solids, from messy dribbles to independent little eaters, some at home, in your nappy bag and at grandma’s, a big pile of bibs is a [read more]

Apr 252015
Veet giveaway

As of Thursday I am back on Australian soil and as I got out of the plane I stepped well and truly into real winter weather. It is dark, cold and rainy here in South Australia so it’s time for warm hoodies, thick socks and comfy lounge pants. Don’t get me wrong, this is no excuse to (together with your summer dresses and little shorts) pack [read more]

Apr 242015
How Big is Too Small giveaway

In our home with four young kids it’s a sentence you regularly hear: ‘I’m sorry little wombat, but you’re too small’. Of course it makes perfect sense that some things are more suited to the older kids but it doesn’t make it any easier for the small person who has to miss out. If your child is feeling ‘too small’ for everything too you will [read more]

Apr 232015
Een Meeni Miini Mum

If you are a long time reader of Hip Little One you have no doubt heard me rave about the famous Eeni Meeni Miini Moh girls leggings. They’re comfy, soft, stretchy, easy to wash and wear and super durable and an absolute favourite in our home. I’ve often said that I wished they came in my size too and the good news is: now they [read more]

Apr 222015
Sales & Saving - Week 17

HeavenLee Swimwear What? 30% off all swimwear How? Enter the code ‘easter’ at checkpout When? Until April 25, 2015 Where? www.heavenleeswim.com Urban Baby What? Up to 60% off Clearance Sale How? Prices as marked When? Until stock lasts Where? www.urbanbaby.com.au Cake Lingerie What? Save 30% on selected Cake Lingerie styles How? Prices as marked When? Until April 30, 2015 Where? www.cakelingerie.com Bean and Me What? [read more]

Apr 212015
Crayola giveaway

As a child I once played a special board game at a friend’s house, the aim of the game was to recognise the content of little blank jars by scent and match them up with a picture of the right fragrant item. O how I loved sniffing those little jars and solving the puzzle! It has been years but I still remember some of the smells [read more]

Apr 202015
New Boy giveaway

After almost 9 years in Australia I have become familiar with many typical Australian sayings and habits, but I still remember very clearly how odd it all felt when I just arrived on Aussie shores. While I did speak English quite well some people would still pick up a hint of an accent, generally they’d guess I was from South Africa or some Scandinavian country. [read more]