Aug 012014
Big Birthday Bash: Day 1 - Bed Toppings

Big Birthday Bash – Day 1 Australian artist and designer Sophie Farquhar puts the fun back in bedtime with her super hip Bed Toppings bedding range. Her signature Chocolate Bar bedding set has appeared on a range of top end websites and blogs and I’m not surprised, who wouldn’t want to go to sleep in a gigantic chocolate bar?? The Chocolate Bar single bed set contains a [read more]

Jul 312014
Sleeping Beauty giveaway

The door has been dusted, the key has been polished and the lock has been oiled, it’s time for the famous Disney vault to open once again and release another true Disney classic: Awoken by the recent theatrical release of Disney’s Maleficent this time the spotlight will be on Sleeping Beauty, back where it all started. The world first met this lovely Disney princess in 1959 and [read more]

Jul 302014
Sales & Savings - Week 31

bedSOK What? 20% off storewide How? Enter the code’ Rewardme’ at checkout When? Until August 2, 2014 Where? Fussy Feet Children’s Shoes What? Stock Clearance Sale How? Prices as marked When? Until August 2, 2014 Where? Tiny Wardrobe What? 50% off storewide Closing Down Sale How? Prices as marked When? Limited time only Where? Hipkin What? Free shipping Australia wide, free international [read more]

Jul 302014
The Soldier's Gift giveaway

No one ever said being a parent is easy and discussing difficult, painful topics is definitely one of those tricky jobs no parent enjoys but they have to be done eventually (waiting for/finding the right time is key). Whether it’s the death of a special someone or a pet, a serious illness or a news segment about famine in third world countries or murder, the world [read more]

Jul 292014
Britax Affinity

Ever since it was first released three months ago I have been trying to get my hands on the new Britax Affinity, I thought it looked fantastic so I was very keen to see one in real life and try it out thoroughly. It turns out I wasn’t the only one who liked the look of the new Britax ride because all around the country stock [read more]

Jul 282014
Little Urban giveaway

One month ago Meegan and Emma were ‘just’ two trendy Aussie mamas with a passion, or should I say addiction, for shopping and dressing their three kids in the coolest threads. Fast forward a few weeks and they are proud owners of their very own online store (as well as a soon-to-be-opened brick and mortar store), rapidly gaining name as the hippest shop on the [read more]