May 252016
Sales & Savings - Week 21

Incy Interiors What? 20% off storewide How? Prices as marked When? Until May 31, 2016 Where? Minimee What? Up to 50% off Baby Expo Storewide Sale How? Prices as marked When? Ends May 29, 2016 Where? Joie Baby What? Free shipping Australia wide How? Discount automatically applied at checkout When? Until May 31, 2016 Where? Babyography What? 20% off Grobags and Grobag Swaddles [read more]

May 242016
Busy Mum's Cookbook

When people find out we have five children the first comment is usually ‘Gosh, you must be very busy!’. Yes, my large family does keep me busy but I wouldn’t swap it for the world. The key to staying on top of all the madness is being organised, setting priorities and creating your own list of quick ‘tricks’ that will make your day run smoothly. [read more]

May 232016
Memories on Monday

This week our not-so-little Harriet will be 8 months old, that first birthday is rapidly coming closer. She is quickly getting bigger and faster but unfortunately for us she is not yet sleeping any better. Waking up every 30 minutes is starting to get rather exhausting! It’s good she is so cute, having such a beautiful little face to look at makes the broken nights [read more]

May 222016
Antipodes giveaway

When you have a big family like ours your days are filled with wonderful amounts of hugs and kisses, laughs and giggles, jokes and joys. Unfortunately five kids also come with their fair share of tears over scrapes, bruises, rashes, redness and other minor skin dramas that can bother little people. You may not be able to carry a big first aid kit everywhere, but you can always [read more]

May 212016
Spend & Save at Eeni Meeni Miini Moh

As a mum of five little ones I know very well that trendy Winter wardrobes can come with a hefty price tag. With so many extra layers of clothing, coats, socks, tights, boots and hats it’s an expensive season to style, especially if you have a big family like ours. By keeping an eye on special sales and awesome bargains I manage to get the [read more]

May 202016
Ready, Get, Go!

Getting dressed in the bedroom, doing the washing in the laundry, brushing the girls’ hair in the bathroom, putting clothes away in the wardrobe, making lunch in the kitchen… these everyday tasks are normally quick and easy, except when you have a cheeky 7-month old who is on the move… Harriet is getting around pretty speedy these days so I need to make sure I have [read more]

May 192016
Peter Rabbit Cloth Book giveaway

What started as one simple bookshelf when the twins were born has over the years developed into a mini-library, our kids are so crazy about reading that our collection just keeps growing! She may only be 7 months old but even Harriet is turning into a little bookworm already, sinking her teeth into every book she can get her hands on. Usually that calls for [read more]