Jul 062015
Mama on Monday

All I can say this week is: ‘Thank God it is school holidays’. I have really been hanging out for the end of term so to finally put away the lunch boxes and fold away the uniforms is a big relief. I am looking forward to spending two relaxing weeks at home with the kids, especially considering the fact that next school holidays we will [read more]

Jul 052015
Goodness giveaway

When I think back to my life ten years ago I can’t believe how much has changed. Not only did I get married and moved to Australia from the other side of the world, we also welcomed four (soon five) beautiful children into our family. I absolutely love our busy household and while our big family means I may not be able to splurge on luxury [read more]

Jul 042015
Enjoy a close shave with Remington SmartEdge

A few weeks ago Hip Daddy turned 34 and even though we didn’t celebrate big, with just our 4 kids (and a baby bump) it’s already quite the party. Early on in our marriage we started a small tradition where every child gets something to give to daddy, little did I know at the time that we would go on to have a larger than average family. [read more]

Jul 032015
Mr Huff giveaway

We all have them every now and again, some more often than others. Those ‘cloudy’ days where everything feels grey and nothing seems to go your way, worrying thoughts wearing you down and taking away your joy in the little things. Bill is having one of those day too… In Mr Huff we meet Bill and walk along with him on his cloudy day. ‘It’ [read more]

Jul 012015
Sales & Savings - Week 27

Eeni Meeni Miini Moh What? 30% off End of Season Sale How? Prices as marked When? Until further notice Where? www.eenimeeni.com Hip Little Bubba What? Clearance Sale How? Prices as marked When? Until stock lasts Where? www.hiplittlebubba.com Baby Donkie What? Up to 80% off End of Season Sale How? Prices as marked When? Until stock lasts Where? www.babydonkie.com.au Minimee What? Up to 50% off storewide Mid [read more]

Jun 302015
Bright Star Kids giveaway

As you may have guessed the upcoming arrival of baby no.5 calls (once again) for an overhaul of our busy but happy family home. Rooms will be changed, beds will be updated and roommates will be swapped to accommodate for another bundle of joy who we are yet to meet. We love this ever changing house and the kids are always excited when we shake [read more]