Jun 282016
'Clever Trevor's Stupendous Inventions' giveaway

After seeing how well The Kid with the Amazing Head was received by our two 7-year olds I had no doubt Andrew Weldon’s next book would be able to tickle their funny bone too. It must be an awesome group of friends to hang out with: Steven with his magic head and then there is Stuart… Stuart? Considering nothing rhymes with Stuart and the fact that [read more]

Jun 272016
Memories on Monday

Ahhh, nothing like a trip to the ER to add some excitement to your week! After an unfortunate encounter with a doorframe our sweet Sybbie ended up with a split head so she has been sporting this stylish look for 5 days. Thankfully a bit of special doctor’s glue did the trick and we didn’t need stitches or pretty curls removed, phew! In other exciting news, baby Harriet finally [read more]

Jun 262016
See Kai Run - End of Year Sale

When you have a big family like ours hand-me-downs are often the norm, in fact some of our baby girl’s clothes have been worn by all three of her sisters before her! The one thing we do buy new for all of the kids is shoes, as we feel their growing little feet are too important to be wearing footwear that has been worn down [read more]

Jun 252016
Slow and Steady with SRC

If there is one thing I have learnt after having had 5 babies it’s that ‘bouncing back’ after giving birth is (mostly) reserved for celebrities. Unlike what the media tries to make you believe for most mothers it will take more than a few short weeks to get their pre-baby body back, in fact many of us strong mamas never completely will and we will have [read more]

Jun 242016
The Sleep Coach giveaway

When people hear I am a mum of five they sometimes think I must be a parenting expert by now. While I consider myself quite experienced at changing nappies, wrestling a wiggly baby into a bodysuit and swaddling a newborn in a few quick moves there are plenty of things I still struggle with too. It is no secret that all babies are different and they all come with their [read more]

Jun 232016
Save 25% on Yumbox

With the end of the month looming businesses around the country are gearing up for their annual stocktake, something no store owner is looking forward to. To lighten the workload many stores are hoping to clear the shelves with a big Stocktake Sale, great news for budget-conscious mamas like me! If you have been eyeing off one of those awesome Yumbox lunch boxes you’ve probably discovered that they rarely go [read more]

Jun 222016
Sales & Savings - Week 25

Yummy Mummy Lingerie What? End of Financial Year Sale How? Prices as marked When? Limited time only Where? www.yummymummylingerie.com Kids Lifestyle What? 15% off storewide (Excluding all Stoke products) How? Enter the code ‘EOFY16’ at checkout When? Until June 30, 2016 Where? www.kidslifestyle.com.au One Sunday What? Up to 50% off Autumn Sale How? Prices as marked When? Limited time only Where? www.onesunday.com.au And The Little One [read more]