Mar 172017

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When our kids just started school they came home every day with stories of new ‘friends’, being the friendly, gentle and kind people that they are they get along well with everyone. Sadly it seems that as they get older it is no longer that easy, and getting along with other children is not the same as making real friends. Especially our girls struggle with this, so I knew they would love this gorgeous book by 13-year old author
Pippa Dowling:

In Just like Molly (RRP $17-25) we meet a lovely girl with a fabulous imaginary friend called Molly, they like and dislike all the same things and have the best time together. But when Molly disappears and making friends at the new school turns out to be tricky the world seems rather sad and miserable. Thankfully the sun appears again in the shape of Zoe, a friendly girl in class who shares the same laughs, fears, fun and giggles… just like Molly!

If like mine your little ones have struggled to make friends, this book is a wonderful way to show that there is a perfect friend out there for everyone. Pippa clearly speaks the language of young girls and the bright, colourful illustrations are a joy to look at. My girls loved ‘Just like Molly’!

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  1. My school friends and I had a lot in common. We liked netball, knitting, sewing, singing (not that we were good ones) and some of us went to Girls’ Brigade together on Friday nights.

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