Mar 112017

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As parents we all wish we could keep our precious children safe from all the heartbreak and misery in this world, yet no matter how hard we try that is not always possible. Death, grief and saying goodbye are one of the hardest things for children to understand and go through, but thankfully the healing power of love makes even those a little lighter:

The Fix-It Man (RRP $24.99) tells the touching and quietly heartbreaking story of a darling girl with a wonderful and very handy dad. From broken toys to messy tangles and from building dog houses to furniture, the Fix-It Man can fix and solve almost anything. Sadly there is one thing even the Dad can’t make better, it’s mama…

In the midst of the darkness, the sadness and the missing of mum the girl and her dad discover that some things can’t be fixed by tape or glue, nails or tools. It takes time, patience and love, lots of love, for them to slowly come together again.

Written with great compassion by Dimity Powell and beautifully illustrated by Nicky Johnston ‘The Fix-It Man’ is a perfect read for families going through a difficult time of grieving. The story is gentle and doesn’t go into detail regarding the cause or death of the mother, allowing parents or carers to fill in as much or as little as they wish and to suit the age and feelings of their child. Although I very much hope you will not need it, The Fix-It Man is definitely is a title to remember for if the need arises.

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