The Power of Flour

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Oct 312016


After a busy week of stressing, rushing and running around we were all in desperate need of some quiet time at home, so we cancelled our Sunday plans and instead we pottered in the garden, played games and got the kitchen dirty by cooking up a storm. I love trying something different and Rowie Dillon’s new cookbook is definitely full of refreshing ideas:


If you thought gluten-free meant boring and plain you’re in for a big surprise with The Power of Flour (RRP $35), a wonderful cookbook exploring a range of different flour types. From delicious desserts and yummy treats to hearty dinners, Rowie shows how to make a gluten, wheat and yeast free diet exciting and fun. Filled with more than 150 pages of recipes there is a wonderful dish for everyone.

As a mother of several children with food allergies I know how overwhelming it can be, and it is easy to feel limited in your options. The Power of Flour is a wonderful way to discover flours that you may not have heard of before, it teaches you about popular flours like quinoa, amaranth and polenta but also introduces you to less common alternatives like potato flour, teff flour, sorghum flour and lupin flour.


On Sunday morning we tried Rowie’s Porridge with Apple, Coconut, Goji and Blueberries, a wonderful, warming breakfast that went down a treat with all five kids. I have no doubt this will become a weekend-favourite for us, it takes a bit of time to cook the quinoa but the wonderful mix of flavours is totally worth it.


For lunch we grabbed our star-shaped muffin tray and whipped up a big puffy batch of Brazilian Cheese Breads with tapioca flour and parmesan cheese. They were so simple to make and turned out really light and fluffy, they would be an ideal side dish at a BBQ and we had enough left to pack some in the lunchboxes the next day too, bonus.


Last but not least we finished our day of down-time on a high note with the World’s Best Carrot Cake. With beautiful ingredients like freshly grated carrot, rice flour, walnut and coconut you can almost trick yourself into thinking this is a healthy treat, until you sink your teeth into the sticky and scrumptious cream cheese icing… This would make the perfect gluten-free party cake for your next celebration.

To find out more about New Holland Publishers, to take a closer look at The Power of Flour by Rowie Dillion and to order a copy online visit

Snooze in style with ergoPouch

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Oct 302016


It’s been a rather slow start this year but it looks like warmer weather has finally arrived, yay! I have got my fingers crossed that summer won’t let it us down and we’re in for some beautiful weather. I love the longer days, the blue skies, cold ice blocks and having less washing (that’s why I love dresses!).


The only tricky thing about the Summer season is knowing what to put on little Harriet at night time, making sure she is comfortable, safe and at the perfect temperature. Thankfully ergoPouch takes the guessing out of baby bedtime with these gorgeous new arrivals.

ergopouch-summer-sleep-bagDesigned with Australia’s hot weather in mind the light and airy ergoPouch 0.2 TOG Jersey Sleep Bag (RRP $34.95, size 8-24 months) is the perfect summer pick for your precious bundle. This stylish sleep bag is made with luxurious organic cotton that is super soft, breathable and gentle against baby’s delicate skin, it’s ideal for little ones suffering from eczema or other skin conditions.

After ten months of cocooning baby Harriet to sleep and a tricky transition period she has now well and truly accepted the arms-free lifestyle, so it’s out with the swaddle and in with the sleeping bag. The Jersey Sleep Bag is comfy and cosy yet spacious enough for little hips to move around freely, earning the important tick of approval from the International Hip Dysplasia Foundation.


Committed to ultimate comfort and safety this lovely ergoPouch design has no scratchy, noisy velcro to irritate Harriet’s skin and no small buttons that could come off, it opens and closes in one quick zip with the end of the zip being neatly covered by a small fabric flap so the neckline is soft and smooth. Bonus: The two-way zip allows for easy nappy access without having to take off the whole sleep bag making midnight changes a breeze.


ergoPouch sleeping bags are available in a range of TOG ratings, design and sizes to suit little nappers from 2 months up to 6 years old. In line with the SIDS guidelines ergoPouch sleep bags provide the warmth and comfort babies require for a restful sleep without the need for (potentially dangerous) loose bedding. Not sure which product/TOG rating to choose? Use the handy ergoPouch Finder to find the best match for your child and his/her sleeping environment, easy as pie.

To find out more ergoPouch, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit

Gorgeous Gifts and Festive Finds

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Oct 292016


Eight weeks and counting! Unless you enjoy the last-minute Christmas rush of long queues, full carparks, empty shelves and grumpy sstaff now is the time to make a relaxing start on your Christmas gift shopping. As a busy mama of five I am a big fan of online shopping: I love calmly browsing, picking my favourites and having them delivered to my front door without having to leave the house. These are some of my top finds for the upcoming festive season:

step2-swing-setWe all know fresh air, exercise and outdoor play is important for children and thanks to the wonderful Australian climate we can spend lots of time outside. Christmas is the perfect opportunity to surprise the kids with a new cubby, swing set or slide, it’s a great gift for siblings to share and an investment that will be enjoyed all year around. There are lots of Step2 Outdoor Swing and Slide Sets to suit different ages, yards and budgets. The 3-piece Swing & Play Backyard Combo (RRP $1099) offers top value for money, it’s like having your own big playground!

paris-puzzles-setWith six long weeks of Summer holidays in mind books, art and craft activities or wooden jigsaw puzzles make brilliant boredom busters for a lazy weekend or rainy afternoon. As we visited Paris just a few weeks ago the 3-in-1 Paris Puzzles Set (RRP $34) would be an excellent Christmas gift idea for miss Sybil (3 years old). I have no doubt she would recognise the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Montmartre from our recent trip and how gorgeous is the Eiffel Tower shaped storage box?

hape-butterfly-push-pullNow that baby Hattie is on the move she really enjoys following me around the house, her wobbly legs are still a bit shaky but quickly getting stronger and more confident. She is going to have a ball pushing this sweet Butterfly Push & Pull Toy (RRP $39) by Hape through our hallway and seeing the butterfly move, it will be the perfect Christmas present. A Baby Push Walker is a great way for inquisitive tots to practise their gross motor skills and it helps little ones find their balance whilst having fun.

fun-time-room-organiserOnce all the Christmas gifts are unwrapped you will most likely find yourself wondering where to store all these lovely new toys when not in use. When I stumbled upon this cute Fun Time Room Organiser (RRP $149) I knew it would be the ideal toy storage for my four girls, the pink and green toy tubs would look amazing in their bedroom. With 11 individual bins it offers plenty of storage space and they can take out one toy bin at a time, (hopefully) keeping their room tidy and neat.

Oct 282016


One of the awesome benefits of being a parent is that you can join in all the fun kids’ stuff, our children always love it when I bounce with them on the trampoline, go on the swing, play with dolls and build cubbies (and so do I!). Seeing how much they enjoy riding their scooters it was only a matter of time before I tagged along with the cool kids and set off on my own set of Globber wheels:


Goodbye to ‘You’re too big for that’ and hello to ‘You’re never to old to have fun!’, Globber is maximising scooter fun with the awesome Globber 18.0 by Kleefer (RRP $350, black or white). Designed for riders measuring between 1.45m and 1.90m and with a height adjustable handlebar this trendy and tough scooter is perfect for both adults and children who have outgrown their smaller rides.


This top-of-the-range Globber scooter features only the very best, strong, high quality materials to ensure a pleasant ride and durable construction that is made for everyday use. Made from sturdy, extruded aluminum the spacious deck offers great balance and sits close to the ground so you can get on and off easily. The Globber 18.0 by Kleefer has a generous weight limit of 100kg to accommodate most adults comfortably.

globber-kleefer-foldFolding the Globber 18.0 is a breeze and done in just a matter of seconds, all it takes is a gentle kick of the foot to activate the clever piston-assisted Kleefer fold mechanism (No strong muscles required!). Not only does the scooter have a neat, compact, vertical fold that is ideal for transport or storage in small spaces, you don’t even have to carry it as you can just wheel it along like a trolley.

I was super impressed with the reliable feel and the smoothness of the ride, in fact the first time I rode it its fast speed really surprised me and I (secretly) felt a little nervous! Of course I didn’t show the kids, I put on my cool mum face and put my trust in the front and back brakes. The lever of the front brake sits conveniently on the ergonomic handlebars making it quick and simple to use.


The Globber 18.0 is a great choice for older children/adults travelling with public transport, people who work in the city, those who enjoy a ride through the park with the wind in their hair, parents who want to explore the outdoors with their children or even just grown-ups who are a big kid at heart.

To find out more about Globber, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit

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Jacana Kids giveaway

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Oct 272016


Back in 2008 when I was pregnant with our twins doctors found several cysts on the brain of one of our twins, not exactly news any parent expects (or wants to hear) when going for a routine ultrasound! Immediately you start worrying about all the conditions, illnesses and disabilities that could possibly affect your baby’s life. Thankfully by the end of our pregnancy the cysts had disappeared, but there are plenty of families who are not so lucky.


Australian mother Jacqui received the same news when pregnant with her twins, and as a result her beautiful son Dominic was born with two conditions. Blessed with two caring, determined parents who fought for the very best early childhood support Dominic has blossomed and is now a happy and active 3-year old. Seeing first hand how important early intervention is for children dealing with disabilities Jacqui, together with her friend Ana, came up with a clever plan to raise money for organisations who support children with developmental delays: meet Jacana Kids.

jacana-kids-teeJacana Kids is a trendy children’s fashion label that combines style with social good, donating 50% of profits to a chosen organisation that helps children with disabilities get the best start in life. The Jacana Kids range caters for cool kids aged 2 to 9 years old and is inspired, and designed, by the amazing children the brand is supporting. So when you don a Jacana Kids outfit you are donating at the same time, what a fabulous concept!

This Summer Miss 6 is spreading the Jacana Kids love with the cute Heartie Tee (RRP $39.95) by Maya, while Master 8 is rocking black and white this summer with the Alphabetie Tee (RRP $39.95) designed by street smart Maddox. Can you believe both of these talented artists are only 5 years old? Their artwork has been lovingly handprinted in Melbourne so there may be slight variations per garment, making each tee a little different just like very child is unique and special.


Hip tip: Make sure you sign up for the free Jacana Kids newsletter to receive 10% off your first purchase and stay up-to-date with all the latest Jacana Kids news and specials.

To find out more about Jacana Kids, to browse the range and to order online visit

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Sales & Savings – Week 43

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Oct 262016

What? 40% off storewide
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When? Until October 31, 2016

Bosisto'sBosisto’s Eucalyptus
What? 15-20% off Bosisto’s Laundry products (+ FREE shipping for orders over $50)
How? Prices as marked
When? Until October 31, 2016

oliver-thomasOliver Thomas
What? 20% off Penny Scallan products
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When? Until October 31, 2016

What? Free Cotton Quilted Pillow Protector when you purchase a mattress protector (Excludes infant range)
How? Free gift automatically added to your order (One per order)
When? Until October 31, 2016

Me & My TrendMe & My Trend
What? Free shipping Australia wide (Excluding furniture)
How? Enter the code’ FREE4ME’ at checkout
When? Until October 31, 2016

Darlings DownunderDarlings Downunder
What? 15% off storewide (Excludes packages, sale items and GroVia products)
How? Enter the code ‘CNA16’ at checkout
When? Until October 31, 2016

Oct 252016


Did you know it is just two months until Christmas Day? As much as I love a beautiful Christmas tree with sparkling lights, the sound of carols playing and a delicious Christmas dinner, for me the festive season is all about the true meaning of Christmas and time spent with family. I just love that time of the year: With the kids home from school, Hip Daddy off work and family and friends dropping by the focus is on family fun.


As a child I always liked a good family game and I am now passing this love on to our own children, over the last few years we have gathered quite a collection of family (board)games that has provided many hours of entertainment in our household. Especially the youngest family members are always up for a game of Twister, we call it entertainment and exercise in one!

twister-gameKnown around the globe as the Hasbro game that is just as much fun to play as it is to watch, this year family favourite Twister is celebrating 50 years of tricky turns, magnificent moves and impossible knots. Like any good birthday celebration there is a great surprise in store for the party guests, get ready to be challenged with two exciting new moves in the brand new Twister game.

twister-matThe new Twister (RRP $39.95) proves that the sky is the limit with Air being added to the spinner. Players will now be stretched even further than the coloured dots on the Twister mat as they reach their hand or foot up in the air. If you’ve always wanted to make up your own game rules you’ll love landing on Spinner’s Choice, use your imagination to invent a tricky move for your opponent and you could be the last player standing. Will you be crowned the king of #TWISTER50?

To find out more about Hasbro, to take a closer look at the new Twister and to locate a stockist near you visit

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