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With more traditional names like Harriet, Sybil and Juliet my three little girls are not very likely to find a namesake in their classroom, unlike our oldest daughter Olivia who has already bumped into several other Olivias. Initially I feared it would be a bit uncomfortable but thankfully she quite enjoys having a companion around the school. Not everyone loves sharing a name with someone else though, take Christy for example:

The Other Christy

Born in Cambodia Christy Ung is now trying to fit in at her Australian primary school. As if her Cambodian background, her quirky grandpa and interesting cultural habits aren’t enough to make her different, there is already a Christie in class leaving her to simply be The Other Christy (RRP $16.99). Christie Owens is the popular one, the cool and confident chick who owns her spot and, even after three years of being in the class, doesn’t even seem to acknowledge her namesake’s existence.

Christy’s lovely Auntie Mayly shares how she struggled with making friends too when she just moved to Australia and together they make Christy an amazing birthday cake to impress her classmates with. The homemade cake is a big success, it’s even better than Christie Owens’ gelato cake! All of a sudden everyone at school (including Christie Owens) at school notice ‘the other Christy’ and her baking skills are the talk of the day. Could it be that the cake has broken the ice between the two Christies/Christys?

The Other Christy is a sweet book about friendships, family, cultural differences and (of course) delicious treats, Oliver Phommavanh’s latest book has definitely earnt its spot on the menu.

To find out more about The Other Christy by Oliver Phommavanh and to order a copy online visit www.penguin.com.au.

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  1. People should have to compete against others to be acknowledged and appreciated

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