Jun 102016

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It has taken a few months but miss 5 has finally discovered the fun in reading and now eagerly sounds out letters wherever we go. With her little head hiding behind a big book I hear her saying the words until they make sense, while scanning the pictures with her eyes for a hint on what the word may be. It takes a special person to be a primary school teacher and luckily miss 5 is blessed with an amazing, warm teacher who is very encouraging and to see her enjoy school is absolutely wonderful.

What Could It Be?

EK Books latest publication What Could It Be? is written by one of those talented and passionate primary school teachers. As a teacher and a mum Sally Fawcett knows exactly how to get young minds working and how to put smiles on little faces so it is no surprise her beautiful picture book ticks all the boxes.

Featuring bright colours and friendly pictures that children can easily relate to What Could It Be? casually introduces readers to a range of different geometric shapes. Not only does the book show children what popular shapes look like and what their proper name is, it also puts their growing brains to work using the question ‘What else could it be?’. Kids are encouraged to browse the pages and look for real-life objects with specific shapes and colours, kicking off an instant game of I Spy. The book was a great hit with our 3-year old and 5-year old girls, even though they can’t read it by themselves just yet they quickly got the concept and loved the picture search.

You can find What Could It Be? (RRP $24.99) in leading book stores across Australia or online in the EK Books Shop.

To find out more about EK Books, to browse the range and to order your favourite titles online visit www.ekbooks.com.au.

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  1. My phone blanked out and my 25 words or less comment on what was my favourite round object was : ?? My absolutely spectacularly beautiful, superb, amazing Amethyst Crystal Ball ? my wonderful gorgeous fiancé bought me,which I L?VE so very much and him !!?? ?

  2. An amazing book to help kids learn as well as be entertained

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