Jun 072016


The past weeks have been a little tough on our twins at school, so we decided to take a few much needed ‘mental health days’ and make some changes. We went for fun outings, baked, watched movies and got ready for a fresh new start this week. Of course it wouldn’t be relaxing for our twins without a pile of books including this cheeky new Penguin read:

The Kid with the Amazing Head

Based on the giggles coming from the couch I think we can safely say that The Kid with the Amazing Head (RRP $9.99) is a hilarious little book (even I had a smile on my face when reading it). The book tells the rather unbelievable story of a boy named Steven who wakes up with an amazing head that he can change, swap, move and use to his heart’s content. Once Steven discovers his brand new talent he is determined to put it to good use and turn a boring day into an exciting adventure.

‘The Kid with the Amazing Head’ is very easy to read with lots of cool comical illustrations that really bring the story to life. A bit silly, a bit crazy, a big naughty and very funny, author and cartoonist Andrew Weldon clearly knows what makes kids tick.

To find out more about ‘The Kid with the Amazing Head’ by Andrew Weldon and to order a copy online visit www.penguin.com.au.

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