Jan 282016

CRU Camps

And that’s the Summer holidays done and dusted, didn’t those weeks just fly by? I have to say I love having the kids home but I can see how the older they get it does get trickier to keep them entertained. School holidays are all about relaxing, having fun with friends and making awesome memories so get in early for the next holiday break and gift your kids a holiday to remember with CRU Camps:

CRU Camps (part of a non-profit Christian youth organisation The Crusaders) is the largest provider of Christian holiday camps in NSW, running more than 60 camps per year and giving 3,300 campers an amazing experience to look back on. With 80+ years of experience under their belt you can safely call them the camp experts!

From horse riding to cooking, from snowboarding to fishing, from rock climbing to surfing, theme parks, campfires, craft and much, much more… there is no time to get bored on a CRU Activity Camp. There are so many cool activities lined up and no two camps are the same but one thing is sure, at the end of the camp you will have plenty to talk about. CRU Camps are a fabulous tool to help children build confidence, explore the outdoors, make new friends, learn about teamwork and communication, extend their horizon and discover new interests.

CRU Cooking


Don’t worry, aside from being super fun and exciting CRU Camps are of course safe too. With at least 1 camp leader to every 5 campers children are extremely well supervised and cared for 24 hours a day. CRU camp leaders are trained in child protection procedures, reference checked and screened in accordance with government child protection legislation and activity instructors are fully qualified.

CRU Water

CRU Camps are suitable for school years K to Year 12 (depending on the choice of camp) and all activities are carefully selected to suit the age and stage of the attendees. Some camps include overnight stays but there are day camps available too, ideal for children who prefer to sleep at home. Good to know: At all primary age camps a special camp ‘Mum’ and ‘Dad’ will be present to care for the emotional needs of young campers.

CRU Sports

As a child I spent many school holiday going on camp and I love looking back at the photos of all those special times, such fond memories! In fact I am still in touch with some of the many friends I made along the way, the time at camp may be short but the friendships and memories last a lifetime and have made a big impact on my life.

Don’t just take my word for it, in the end the real proof is in all the raving feedback from CRU campers who share their experiences on the website and the CRU Camps Facebook page. So many happy campers who can’t wait to come back, bring on the next school holidays!

To find out more about CRU Camps, to find a camp near you and to register online visit www.crucamps.com.au.

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