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While we are busy enjoying the school holidays the first day of school is slowly sneaking up on us. In a few short weeks the twins will be big Year 2 students and Juliet will start reception, I am not sure if I am ready to send another baby off to big school just yet!

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While she is very excited she is also a little nervous about the ‘big playground’ so last week we went for a little try-out at the school. We used these 5 simple tips to help her be confident and relaxed when it’s time for recess play:

  • Play Equipment – We took a closer look at the different climbing frames, slides, bridges and tunnels and tested them out thoroughly. Juliet is quite worried about falling or slipping so sturdy shoes with good grip will help her to safely cross wobbly bridges and climb thin ladders.
  • Playground Layout – When you are only 5 the school yard is one big, scary maze and it can be tricky to remember where you are. We’ve shown Juliet the easiest way to home base: her class room.
  • Toilets – When you are busy having fun children tend to leave toilet breaks until the very last minute. Making sure they know where and how far away the toilets are will help avoid messy (and embarrassing) accidents!
  • Heights – Juliet has a fear of heights, so after trying out the play equipment and checking the ‘escape routes’ she is less likely to get stuck up high and not being able to get down.
  • Office – Hurt, lost, worried or sad? There is always help available either from the teacher on yard duty or the lovely ladies at the office.

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We’ve also tried on a real school uniform, picked a nice backpack, labelled her pretty lunch box and bottle and measured her up for a good pair of school shoes. As you may remember from last year we have had a great experience with Clarks in the past so we’ve opted for the same quality and durability again for our next schoolgirl. Clarks has been around for more than 170 years, supplying Australian families with the original and best school shoes for growing children’s feet.

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Our bright and happy Juliet is a very active girl who enjoys running, skipping, climbing, jumping and swinging, so we need shoes that are tough enough to handle all the rough and tumble that comes with playing and exploring. As she’ll be wearing school shoes five days a week, seven hours a day it is more important than ever to be fitted with sturdy, supportive footwear that won’t fall apart after one term. When it came to picking shoes we gave her a few options and she decided on the Ventura, because ‘I can run very fast in them’. Pretty good selling point if you ask me!

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With its scuff-resistant leather toe and non-marking sole the Clarks Ventura (RRP $89.95, size 8 Junior – size 6 Adult) is a great sports shoe that is perfect for both school and play. It is available in 4 different colours to comply with most school uniform regulations, Juliet opted for the white/silver look which is nice and neutral. She hasn’t mastered tying shoe laces just yet so the quick and easy Velcro straps are ideal. The shoe experts at Clarks understand how quickly little feet grow, which is why the Ventura has a removable innersole to provide some extra growing space and longer wear; great value for money!

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If you are lucky enough to live near a Clarks store make sure you pop in for the 10-Step Check by one of Clarks specialist trained fitters, that way you are guaranteed to get the perfect, healthy fit for your child. If you live a little further away and want to order online make sure you refer to the Clarks website for some handy tips to confidently measure and fit at home.

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To find out more Clarks, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit www.clarks.com.au.

If you would like to kit out your child’s entire class with a brand new pair of Clarks make sure you enter this awesome competition for your chance to win. Entry is super easy:

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2. Share your School Proof Tip and tag @clarksaustralia and #SchoolProofTips for your chance to win!

Good luck! Competition ends midday February 24, 2016.

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  1. @clarksaustralia and #SchoolProof Have school shoes professionally fitted! You child spends a lot on time in them.

  2. make sure the soles are sturdy and thick enough to protect the feet from pain and injury, but also flexible so that they will bend with the foot. @clarksaustralia #SchoolProofTips

  3. I grew up in Clarks. My Aunt worked there and we did a factory visit to buy them every year.

    • They are excellent quality! I wore Clarks as a child too so we have quite the history together 🙂

  4. Waterproof your kids shoes + stuff them with lots of newspaper or disposable paper towels overnight if they have sweaty feet or the shoes are wet (it draws out moisture more effectively!) @clarksaustralia and #SchoolProofTips

  5. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  6. Use the week before school starts to practise eating from the new lunch box. Let your little one learn to open home packed and bought snacks and lunch items as well as being able to open the school bag and lunch box.

  7. I’ve entered on Facebook and shared with my friends. Wish me luck! 🙂

  8. My school proof tip is to make sure you buy new shoes and not use second hand shoes or it will damage your kids feet. @clarksaustralia #SchoolProofTip

  9. Everyone gets scared sometimes, especially when faced with something new.
    But even if you’re scared, smile and say ‘Hello’, There will be someone else who is a bit frightened too, and just waiting to see a friendly face.
    And that someone will be sure to smile back.

  10. @clarksaustralia and #SchoolProofTips, feet are the most important part of body, they get us to and from where were going, so always look after them. Too small or big and you could suffer injuries for a lifetime so always make sure a professional Clarks shoe supplier fits your shoes. I grew up with @clarksaustralia so do my kids, nieces and nephews its a happy family affair.

  11. I use coloured laces so that if my daughter takes off her shoes she wont loose them among other kids shoes Clarks Australia #SchoolProofTips

  12. Great advice thanks! I have a teen in Grade 10, one starting Year 11 (eeek!) and my youngest about to start kindergarten! I thought it might be easier the third time around, but with the big gap – I’m nervous all over again. These are some great tips (for both of us) to cope thanks!

  13. Properly fitted shoes prevent problems resulting from poorly fitted ones – problems which may be permanent. If you don’t have properly fitted shoes you could affect not just your feet but your legs, hips and back Advice we received from an Orthopedic Surgeon.
    Leather School Shoes should be sealed with a special preparation to prevent damage to the leather which can also cause shrinkage.

  14. thanks for the chance

  15. Clarks are awesome. my kids get a professional fit, you know they won’t get blisters or sore feet. They are comfortable and last longer no matter how rough and tough my kids put them through during school days

  16. A healthy breakfast kids are more alert and do better in school if they eat a good breakfast every day its a great start to the day, Be prepared from lunch to uniforms lay it all out and have a place that bags sit everyday, let kids pick out there own snack for school, talk about anything there worried about and try to think of solutions to problems to ease any worries or stress your child may have,

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