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With just ten days to go until Christmas many of us are starting to feel the pressure. Decorating the house, organising a festive family dinner, doing the shopping and of course sourcing that one perfect present for each of your guests. People often say it is impossible to make everyone happy but is actually surprisingly simple thanks to SodaStream:

SodaStream Power

Most people will remember SodaStream from their childhood, making instant fizzy in their retro orange kitchen. However there is nothing old-fashioned about SodaStream: these days the drink makers and reusable bottles look sleek and trendy, the range of delicious flavours is always growing and (very important) SodaStream is doing an amazing job reducing the number of drink bottles headed to landfill.

SodaStream bottlesThe durable SodaStream bottles have a three year lifespan which means they can save the average Australian family (and the environment) up to 2,190 bottles and cans, now that’s what I call environment friendly! Even the gas cylinders are reusable, once empty you can take your cylinder to one of the many SodaStream retailers across Australia for a direct swap at a reduced rate instead of purchasing a whole new gas cylinder. The cylinders will then be refilled by SodaStream ready for another round of fizzy fun.

Whether it’s a tonic for Grandpa, an ice tea for Grandma, a cola for hubby, lemonade for the kids or simply a sparkling water for the health nut in the family, SodaStream is sure to please everyone this Christmas. There are currently more than 40 different SodaStream flavours (including diet and sugar free options) to choose from, making SodaStream the perfect fit for everyone and every lifestyle. That’s Christmas gift giving made easy!


As you may know I am on a slow and steady mission to reclaim my body after giving birth to our little Harriet 11 weeks ago. I said goodbye to unhealthy snacks, cut down on unnecessary carbs and replaced unhealthy soft drinks by water and so far I am doing very well. In saying that, I do miss the refreshing tingles that come with a nice cool glass of soda so bubbles in my water are a must. The bubbles really help quench my thirst on a hot summer day and make it much easier for me to reach my 2-3 litre water a day goal, plus they hide the yucky taste of Australian tap water.

SodaStream Power

Instead of buying expensive bottles of sparkling water (3 litres a day quickly adds up) I use our SodaStream machine to make my own freshly carbonated water, it is always there when I feel like it and I can add just the right amount of fizz, perfect! At the same time hip daddy can still enjoy his choice of soft drinks and make them fresh on demand, after all no one likes flat soft drinks in the fridge. We have been using our SodaStream drinks maker for more than four years now and I still love it at much as when I tasted my first home-made soft drink.

SodaStream Raspberry

Because I use it so often and SodaStream is a real fixture in our kitchen the stylish new mains powered SodaStream Power (RRP AUD $199.00) feels right at home on our kitchen bench, I am loving the update. I really like the modern designer look and the way you can carbonate your water with the touch of a button and I very much appreciate the quietness of the SodaStream Power particularly when our Hattie is asleep nearby.

To find out more about SodaStream, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit

Brought to you by Nuffnang and SodaStream

For your chance to win a SodaStream Power (RRP AUD $199.00) visit and leave a comment below telling us which SodaStream flavour you would love to try!

Entries close on December 20, 2015 at 11.59PM, winner will be announced December 21, 2015.

Terms and Conditions apply.

  258 Responses to “Christmas Countdown Day 16 – SodaStream”

  1. So manybto choose from but I would love to try pink lemonade!

  2. I love lemonade but since there is pink lemonade I would love to try this. It sounds like a whole bunch of fun!

  3. like to try sugar free gratefruit nd soda too, sounds a great idea to be able in an instant your taste buds delicious brew
    saw the video how to use looks fantastc 3 levels of fizz you can use Yes pleadw

  4. I’d like to try the pink lemonade – love a classic!

  5. Definitely pink lemonade- yum.

  6. Oh wow, Pina Colada for me please!!! I might just pop a sploosh of Bacardi and Malibu in there too 🙂

  7. Lemon and lime is making my mouth water right now….

  8. Pink grapefruit would be extreme coming from my new sodastream

  9. Pina Colada please! Every day would feel like a holiday with a glass of this in my hand.

  10. Love to try the Ginger Beer 🙂

  11. Sparkling Gourmet Herbs 4 Pack, little bit of everything with extra goodness.

  12. Wow. So many great flavours! Too hard to choose…lemon line, pink grapefruit, pink lemonade, pina colada! Would love to try them all!
    Thanks for the chance! ? ? have never owned a sodas

  13. soda stream kids strawberry flavour is the one the kids and I would love to try, its their fave flavour for everything else so im sure it will be a hit

  14. would love to try pink lemonade, reminds me of being a kid

  15. I like the sound of the Naturals Apple Peach caps, such a refreshing flavour. Natural is always best when it comes to drinking soft drinks.

  16. Tonic. You can make tonic with a Sodastream? I had no idea. I would definitely be trying that.

  17. pink lemonade!!!!

  18. love the sound of lemon ice tea, very refreshing for the New Year!

  19. I’m imagining my Christmas Day punch bowl being elevated to new heights by the addition of pink lemonade soda stream! It might even make Aunty Jan’s spiced Christmas eggnog look like a bit of a fizzer.

  20. I’d love to try the ginger beer flavour-perfect to add to a yummy Summer punch!

  21. we had these as a kid. so awesome!
    i love the pink lemonade.

  22. I like the sound of Lemon Iced Tea. There are a lot of great sounding flavours though aren’t there?

  23. Has to be the pink grapefruit for me! Using the Soda Stream means fresh bubbly – you never ever know how long that supermarket stuff has sat there in those bottles nor how much preservative to keep it there either

  24. Pink lemonade – I love all things pink!

  25. Pink lemonade, perfect on a hot balmy Perth summer’s night

  26. all of the them but if I have to pick one Pina colada… sounds good

  27. I drink litres and litres of sparkling water. So many empty plastic bottles and expensive. This would be great. I would just drink sparkling water with a squeeze of lime!

  28. Ginger beer – nothing beats the bite of a good ginger beer!

  29. I would adore a sip of a lemon ice tea on a 40 degree day like today!

  30. I’d love to try the Sparkling Gourmet Herbs, in particular Lime Basil! Intriguing flavour, created by a chef and all natural, now that’s a hip little cap!

  31. The Pink Grapefruit Caps sound delicious on a hot day.

  32. True Summer Lemon sounds yummy 🙂

  33. So many amazing flavours to try that it is hard to just choose one! Since it is summer, I will choose the Lemon Ice Tea as it would be refreshing and cooling to drink on a hot summers day!

  34. True Summer Lemon sounds refreshing!

  35. Ginger Beer sounds good to me 🙂

  36. Lemon lime please!

  37. Pink Lemonade, sounds amazingly delicious and refreshing.

  38. I would love the Sugar Free Orange Stevia.

  39. I’d love to try naturals apple peach.

  40. I would love to try Strawberry daiquiri that would be delicious this time of year ❤️???

  41. I would love to try the Summer Lemon as it sounds so nice and refreshing on a hot day

  42. I love the idea of a Sparkling Gourmet Herbs Pack! Totally appealing to foodies like myself who are out for something exotic and different so we can rave about it to friends! Haha! My pick for the silly season is “Lime Basil”. I can see this being amazing mixed with ice, a handful of fresh mint leaves and white rum like bacardi. So fresh!

    • Hi Sarah,

      Congratulations, you are the lucky winner of the SodaStream giveaway!
      Please send us your full name, Australian postal address and phone number so your prize can be sent out to you, enjoy.

      Kind regards,

      • Thanks so much Simone! My husband can’t wipe the smile off his face right now, he’s always wanted one! OMG cannot wait to get the Lime Basil now!! THANK YOU!! 🙂

        • Glad to hear the whole family is excited! Make sure to email through your contact details so we can organise delivery for you.

          Kind regards,

  43. Ginger Beer 🙂

  44. lemon and lime! refrshing for summer!

  45. Pink lemonade sounds great.

  46. Lemmon and lime, with a lemon slice, ice sounds Devine on a hot summers day

  47. The number of options leaves me dizzy…
    My 12 grandkids will adore every ‘fizzy’.
    Mine? A Root Beer bubbling tower.
    Anything’s possible with SodaStream power!

  48. The strawberry daiquiri

  49. ooh I’d love to try the Tonic, it’s my favourite drink.

  50. I want to try them all, ive been wanting one for sooooo long but Pink Lemonade the most!!

  51. Tonic to go with my gin-now that is just the thing,
    Thanks to Sodastream I can indulge and have a gin fling.

  52. Strawberry Daiquiri sounds pretty darn good to me!!!

  53. Raspberry would be lovely. Perfect for summer thank you.

  54. mmm so many delicious flavours but how can anyone go past Pina Colada!

  55. Pink lemonade!

  56. Lemon ice tea, perfect for summer, thank you!

  57. True Summer Lemon, It’s summer so a summer flavour is a must!

  58. Cream Sody, as Creamy Soda is my favourite. And I’m curious to see if it’s brown or pink, or is it green as the label leads one to believe? Either way, it will be yum.

  59. Ginger Beer, it’s the best. Great as is, or as a mixer.

  60. Raspberry. Who doesn’t love red lemonade!!!

  61. Sugar Free Orange Stevia, I’m diabetic so the sugar free is amazing and i think it would be yum !

  62. I love everything watermelon! So hit me with a watermelon fizz…but seriously folks, who hasn’t wanted a soda stream ever since they were little?? They are so cool.

  63. Pina Colada for fun in the sun!

  64. Dr Pete. I love Dr Pepper and its hard to find, so keen to see what the Soda Stream version is like!

  65. I’d love to try the Ginger Beer..mmmm

  66. Can’t wait to try Pina Colada.

  67. I would love to try the Strawberry Daiquiri SodaStream flavour, perfect for those summer days.

  68. Pink grapefruit sounds divine, refreshing for summer with a dash of lime 🙂

  69. You had me at Pina Colada!

  70. Pina Colada Please

  71. so many flavours i do love and natural is another but i think that the one in this heat to send my taste buds soothing is Ginger Beer

  72. Soda stream a great refreshing drink for the summer days would love to try the lemon ice tea awwww its the drink for me 🙂

  73. Definitely pink grapefruit, for the win 🙂

  74. Cola. I have a sad pepsi addiction and I’d love to swap it out for something a little more ‘water-based’ 😀

  75. A big toss up between Strawberry Daiquiri and Pina Colada because then I could pretend to be on a deserted island…especially with all the craziness of Christmas…

  76. Definitely the Sugar Free Orange Stevia – my Fanta loving diabetic hubby will think all his Christmases have come at once!!

  77. I would love to try the True Summer Lemon.
    It would ideal to use in the Sodastream recipe Oz Oz Oz Sangria.

  78. I would love to try the Pina Colada. Its such an amazing blend of the sweet tropical pineapple and coconut flavours. I would really love to share this prize with my whole family, especially at Christmas.

  79. I’d like to try the sugarfree Orange and lemon ice tea please!

  80. Strawberry Daiquiri flavour for me please….yummy! ?
    Growing up, we were the only kids in the street without a soda stream. We were often given a bottle to drink if we visited someone but never knew the joy of having one ourselves. It would be sooo good to finally have one.
    Good luck to everyone who enters this awesome competition and early congratulations to the extremely lucky winner.

  81. Ooh, hard choice but I’d go with pink lemonade!

  82. Pink lemonade, sour and sweet. A cool drink during the summer heart. Refreshing and thirst-quenching, for the whole family. And with added fizz, it’s super tasty!

  83. Lemon and Lime for me
    Ginger beer for he
    Pink Lemonade for my young son
    Apple Peach for the older one

  84. Pink lemonade will go down a treat
    Served with fairy cakes to eat
    Pretty party that tastes great
    Pink lemonade is perfect for party date

  85. True Summer Lemon, it sounds so refreshing which is fantastic for summer.

  86. Ginger beer

  87. Lime, perfect for ice cream sodas, just right for the summertime

  88. The Pina Colada sounds pretty good.

  89. I would love to try the Natural apple peach.

  90. Pink grapefruit sounds delicious!

  91. Pina Colada for sure! i love pineapple so this would be a huge hit with me…even yummy with a scoop of icecream for a spider!

  92. Cola flavoured!!

  93. Summer lemon sounds refreshing

  94. True summer lemon, so refreshing and healthy to!

  95. Pina Colada because it would infuse a calypso style party within my body. Invigorating and tantalizing mind, body and soul!

  96. I’d like to try the pink lemonade

  97. I would love to try the Natural apple peach

  98. Pink Lemonade, a real favorite going back to when my Grandmother used to make it

  99. The pink lemonade sounds very summery and refreshing, just what I need right now, heading into the 3rd day in a row around 40 degrees, sweltering here!

  100. What better flavour than True Summer Lemon sounds so refreshing!

  101. Personally I would LOVE to try Sparkling Gourmet Herbs, I think that sounds so refreshing during the current heat wave we are having here in SA.

  102. Ooohhhh hard choice but I think I’d love the pink lemonade

  103. True Summer Lemon – just sounds so refreshing!

  104. It has to be Cream Soda- the taste of my childhood in summer!

  105. True summer lemon

  106. omg I’d absolutely love to try them all, but since I need to choose it’s the Strawberry Daiquiri flavour for me.

  107. I would like to try Sugar Free Lemonade flavour. Love the huge range of flavours you have. Its amazing.

  108. Pink grapefruit. I love pink grapefruit flavoured drinks but they’re usually pretty expensive.

  109. Seeing that you should try everything at least once, I would have to say that I would like to try all of them.

  110. The summer lemon sounds so refreshing – perfect for a hot Australian summer!

  111. I would love to try any of them but the most one id love to try is Cream & soda

  112. Give me any colour of the rainbow cos it don’t matter. All I need is Soda Stream and ice and it will taste nice!

  113. I would love to try Pink Grapefruit. It looks delicious and I like the color of the drink too.

  114. Pink Lemonade! Yummy yummy!

  115. Summer Lemon for me.

  116. Pink lemonade sounds super delicious

  117. pink lemonade

  118. My boys would love the Pink Lemonade 500ml

  119. I know that I really oughta,
    Try to drink a bit a bit more water,
    I’m hoping to win a Sodastream Power,
    I know I’ll blossom like a beautiful flower!
    Clearer eyes and skin, flush the toxins with ease
    And with so many flavours, rehydrating is a breeze!
    One button operation for sparkling fizz,
    And 3 levels of bubbles, oh yeah, that’s the biz!
    The trickiest thing is pinning down just one flavour,
    Cream soda, with ice, is my absolute favourite!

  120. Cosmopolitan love cosmos can only imagine how amazing they are with the classic soda stream fizz, would be so refreshing, perfect summer drink by the pool.

  121. I’ve always adored pink lemonade! So sweet and goes with everything so I’d pick that one!

  122. Lemon lime, I would then add bitters to it. YUMMM!

  123. I would love to try the SodaSteam flavour PINK LEMONADE! 🙂

  124. SODA STREAM Xtream Energy… the brilliance needed provide that ‘buoyant’ boost to carry me smiling and cheerful through this happy holiday season.

  125. I’d love to try Pink Lemonade! It sounds delicious!

  126. Cream Soda for me! Very fond memories of the local lemonade delivery van dropping off a dozen bottles of mixed ‘softies’. There was never enough Creamy Soda. There can never be too much Cream/y Soda!!!

  127. apple peach just sounds refreshing for a gorgeous summer day watching the kids play in the pool ahhh just sounds relaxing already

  128. Love to try the ‘Ginger Beer’ please 🙂

  129. Pink lemonade. Sounds divine!

  130. pink lemonade sounds amazingly delicious and great fun for me and my daughters

  131. Ginger Beer, because every time my twin drinks one, she gets the hiccups, and I’m sure there is a youtube viral video waiting to happen in this experience!

  132. Frosty pink lemonade is my pick!
    A chilly version of a fairy floss stick!
    The Sodastream flavour I want to lick!!!!

  133. Strawberry Daiquiri sounds a little exotic and yummy!

  134. Sparkling Gourmet Herbs…. perfect for summer and different from anything else I’ve seen!
    Green Apple Coriander ???? sounds delicious !!

  135. All the flavours sound amazing but I would love to try the Strawberry Daiquiri 🙂

  136. Naturals apple peach sounds light and refreshing, just perfect for the balmy summer time weather

  137. I would love love love to try the Raspberry flavour!

  138. I’d love to try the lemon ice tea flavor- would be nice and refreshing for summer.
    I always wanted to try out a soda stream and have sparkling water available in seconds 🙂
    Please Santa please 🙂

  139. Strawberry Daiquiri, add ice for me and soda for the kids, perfect summer drink for all the family

  140. It would have to be Ginger Beer. No more canned soft drink for me! Will save me money and help with my quest to loose weight…

  141. Pink Lemonade, I really are a big kid at heart!

  142. Raspberry for sure

  143. I’d like to try the pink lemonade – love a classic!

  144. Nothing beats good old mineral water!

  145. Pina colada because its Summer and if I can’t be at the beach, I should be drinking one of these!

  146. Raspberry – it’s always my favourite… Who doesn’t love red drink?

  147. Definitely pink lemonade… have loved it since I was a kid and now my kids love it too.

  148. strawberry daiquiri closest thing to having a alcoholic bevie

  149. I’d be making delicious festive mock-tails so lemonade would be my flavour of choice for Christmas!

  150. Pink grapefruit!

  151. Pink lemonade.

  152. Pink lemonade definately.

  153. Pink lemonade for sure! Yum

  154. True Summer Lemon to make the Oz Oz Sangria cocktail – I had no idea that Soda Stream had cocktail flavoured syrups as well as the traditional ‘soft drink’ flavours!!! This has been on my wish list all year and I didn’t get one for my birthday earlier this month, so would LOVE to win this prize please!!

  155. Pink lemonade please!

  156. I would love to try creaming soda yum!!

  157. I would love to try the raspberry one

  158. In this heat wave (Adelaide is 42 right now!) a Mojito would go down a treat!!

  159. We would like to try pink lemonade. This prize will make my day. Regards. Renata

  160. Naturals Apple Peach sounds so summery and fresh

  161. I would love to try the sugar free lemonade as my face will break out if I drink the real thing!

  162. Would have to go a bit old school – cream soda for me. Always wanted a sodastream growing up but parents never bought one. Still on my wishlist to purchase.

  163. Pink lemonade for sure! Yum

  164. I love the lemon and lime, great thirst quencher from Sodastream 🙂

  165. Love the classic Cream Soda

  166. Now I would love to try the Mojito flavor – how can I resist not making a cocktail and add some fresh mint? Fingers crossed I win as used to love soda stream as a kid!

  167. Pink grapefruit… maybe it would pair nicely with a little dash of gin! 🙂

  168. Soarkling Gourmet Herbs, particularly Black Cherry Sassafras. Intriguing!

  169. We have a tradition of after work gin and tonics as “our time” to catch up with each other without (electronic or human) distractions, but flat tonic can really put a dampener on the evening. Being able to make the tonic to order would be wonderful.

  170. Pink Grapefruit is a flavour that gives me that Summer feeling! 🙂 I bet it’s delicious!

  171. Grapefruit is the flavour I’m most looking forward to trying.

  172. Grapefruit is a flavour I’m looking forward to trying.

  173. The Caps – Naturals Apple Peach,
    Sound like they’ll be in my calorie reach!
    Not too much sugar for me,
    It’ll make my PT happy!

  174. Raspberry sounds amazing

  175. The lemon lime would go perfectly with my vodka and soda (one drink a week).

  176. I like the pink lemonade , a summer treat!

  177. I would love to be able to try the cream-soda! my partner is a fizzy drink addict and I’m sure with all the different flavours and easy to use sodastream I can convert him off the sugary nasty soft drinks cheers merry Christmas xxx

  178. Pink lemonade would be a huge hit with the kiddies

  179. L- Luscious and tangy
    E- Extremely fizzy
    M- Many drinks to make
    O- Oh, you’ll just love it
    N- Nice and refreshing
    I- I’d love to win
    M- My daughter would also
    E- Excellent prize

  180. The tonic water would be a great addition to the pantry!

  181. Currently pregnant so non-alcoholic Pina Colada sounds like heaven on Earth!!

  182. Nothing beats a cool refreshing ginger beer on a hot day.

  183. I love ginger beer and made my own for many years so that would be my first choice.

  184. Ooh the Mojito sounds delicious!

  185. Pink Lemonade. A classic favourite with a twist!

  186. Lemon and lime for me.

  187. Pina Colada please!

  188. pink grapefruit sounds so delicious and would be divine, on a hot summers day it would go down a treat and make my family’s smiles shine 🙂

  189. I will definitely be trying the Pina Colada this summer

  190. I’d love to try the Cream Soda 🙂

  191. I would love to try the Lemon-Lime flavour 🙂

  192. Strawberry daiquiri. Because, strawberry daiquiri!

  193. Lemon Ice Tea looks good

  194. Sparkling water makers?!
    Life, changed!
    I was drooling over all the flavours but as a type 1 diabetic I would be on the sugar free range for sure and the stevia sweetened pink grapefruit would be a perfect mix of sweet with a punch, yum! Have to start saving my pennies for this invention from the Gods haha! Mm 🙂

  195. Lemon and lime. A favorite for summer, simple and refreshing.

  196. It would have to be Piña Colada for me. As a pregnant woman, it will be the closest thing I’ll get to alcohol in a while!

  197. Summer Lemon for a really refreshing drink 🙂

  198. Pink Lemonade, a delicious blast from the past!

  199. I would love to try Pink Lemonade.

  200. I’d love to try the cream soda

  201. pink lemonade

  202. Pink lemonade

  203. Cream Soda 🙂

  204. Ginger Beer, it’s my summertime favourite!

  205. I think getting a Soda Stream this christmas would be really great to use with the
    True Summer Lemon
    flavour as I can imaging that it would be very refreshing and cooling for this summer. With a few ice cubes it would be great to drink with next to the pool. True Summer Lemon sounds like a great to try – delicious and refreshing!

  206. Imagine*

    (I cant stop thinking about a Lemon fizzy drink now!!)

  207. Love to try a refreshing Mojito for a Summer twist.

  208. Pink lemonade to go with a splash of vodka mmmm adult only summer thirst quencher

  209. I’d love to try the Pina Colada flavour

  210. Diet coke, i think it would be cheaper this way then buying 5 cartons a month…

  211. I would love to try SodaStreams Cosmopolitan Happy Hour Cap and follow their recipe to make a VANILLA COSMOPOLITAN it sounds like a refreshing end to a hot day

  212. Yes I like Pina Colada’s and caught in the rain, I’m not much into health food more like into champagne!
    If I can’t be there, Pina Colda SodaStream flavour takes me there 🙂

  213. Mmmm Cream Soda. Would love to try that one.

  214. Before my old soda stream blew up I loved making the sugar free Cranberry, so refreshing but with no sugar!

  215. I’d love to try the “True Summer Lemon” … I think it will be a refreshing drink on a hot summer’s day!!

  216. Pink Lemonade sounds divine !!!

  217. It seems that nowadays
    we’ve gone back to old ways
    like Soda that’s homemade,
    I’d Love to try Pink Lemonade!
    From a machine
    called SodaStream.
    All of a sudden,
    with the touch of a button
    you can become a whizz
    adding the right amount of fizz.
    For a special treat
    in the hot Summer heat,
    make an ice cream float
    for a number one vote!

  218. Apart from making tap water taste good–I’d love to try lashings of ginger beer.

  219. The Apple Peach sounds amazing and I cannot believe I look like the only one whose first choice that would be! Would be a great addition to a Christmas punch concoction too.

  220. Pina Colada for me

  221. I love the lemon and lime.

  222. True Summer Lemon – zingy, zesty, sharp, tangy, fizzy goodness! Perfect match for my bubbly energetic personality!

  223. Pina Colada – I love the mix of pineapple & coconut, so refreshing on a hot day! 🙂

  224. i would love to try cream soda 🙂

  225. Pink lemonade would be yummy and refreshing.

  226. Cream soda – that is the definitive taste of Summer celebration to me and always a sweet treat that is welcome on a hot day!

  227. Pina Colada sounds perfect for cool, sparkling drinks to relax with

  228. I’d love to try Pink lemonade!

  229. The Lemon Iced Tea sounds deliciously refreshing for christmas and these hot summer days .

  230. Pink lemonade – my girls would be super impressed, it’s pink and only pink for them!

  231. I would love to try Strawberry Daiquiri and my eight year old daughter loves ginger beer.

  232. The Cream Soda. Very refreshing.

  233. anything diet is perfect

  234. Love to try Sugar Free Orange Stevia.

  235. Pink Lemonade- perfect for this summer heat.

  236. Pink lemonade!!

  237. I heard there was a new ice tea range. I would love to try those. Love sparkling Ice Tea or the Pink Lemonade looks yummy too 🙂

  238. When the kids are noisy and making a mess I can sit back and relax and drink my Pina Colada flavoured drink and pretend I am sitting by the pool on an exotic island.

  239. I would love to try the apple peach flavour!
    It sounds devine!

  240. Pink Lemonade!

  241. Seriously!!! Pina Colada!!
    No way!!! I would love totry this flavou and see how close to the real thing it is…!

  242. Ginger Beer for me! I love the sweet,fizzy burn!

  243. I love ginger beer, so that would be my first choice… I do also love straight out soda water, so I am easily

  244. The apple peach,
    sounds perfect,
    I’ll be sure to hear a screech,
    as the grandchildren come running to reach!

  245. Pink lemonade <3

  246. Pink lemonade would be first on our to try list!

  247. I would love to try the cream soda because that is my favourite soft drink flavour. Fingers crossed!

  248. Sugar Free Orange Stevia. I have been enjoying the not over sweet taste of stevia ingredient items lately and I can have much more as it’s is better for me.

  249. Lemon Ice Tea for me 🙂

  250. Pina Colada so I can drink it by the pool

  251. Hmmm…with Australia Day coming up my pick is the True Summer Lemon?✨

  252. Lemon lime sounds amazing!

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