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After carrying four babies (including twins!) I know all about the toll pregnancy takes on your back, hips and pelvis. During pregnancy your body has a lot of extra weight to carry and for me, like for many mothers, pain and discomfort has been part of every pregnancy journey; it’s definitely not all smooth sailing. What a blessing the adorable babies make you forget about all the tears and struggles or I would have stopped after the twins!

With a home full of young children to chase after, a household to care for, school runs to do and specialist appointments to attend my obstetrician warned me that this time around pregnancy would be even harder on my body. I expected the pain to kick in early but was very determined to not let it ruin my joy or keep me housebound, which is how I stumbled upon SRC Health:


The SRC Pregnancy range is designed for expecting mothers and consists of Pregnancy Leggings (RRP $189.95) and Pregnancy Shorts (RRP $199.95), available in neutral black and size XXS to XXL. Both products are ARTG listed and recommended by health care professionals to provide support and relieve pain in your back, pelvis and hips during pregnancy. Using specifically designed anatomical panels the shorts/leggings offer consistent gentle medical grade compression for these well-known problem areas.

SRC Pregnancy LeggingsAs the majority of this pregnancy would fall in winter I decided on the full-length SRC Pregnancy Leggings for extra warmth and comfort. I first started wearing the leggings at around 24 weeks of pregnancy, some days matched with a dress/tunic and boots and other days with a cosy hoodie and nice sneakers. On days that I did not wear the leggings out, I would quickly change into them when I got home so I could still benefit from the extra support for some time of the day and even night. In my opinion the longer/more often you wear them the bigger the relief.

You may find that the leggings are a little tricky/tight to get on (especially near the end of your pregnancy when there is a big baby bump in the way) but this medical grade compression is essentially what will give you that much needed support so it is worth the wrestle and once they are on you will feel fabulous.

SRC Pregnancy Leggings

I am currently 36 weeks pregnant so the end is in sight and I cannot begin to explain what a difference the SRC Pregnancy Leggings have made for me. I was hesitant at first but hopeful and I can confidently say that this pregnancy has been my most comfortable yet! Even my obstetrician has been amazed at how well I have carried this pregnancy and how much less pain I have experienced. The extra support and stability for my pelvis and hips has been very noticeable and reassuring and not once (whilst wearing the leggings) have I felt that dreaded feeling of my hips giving way, my pelvis becoming unreliable or not being able to move anymore.

Getting a good night sleep has also proven to be a lot easier when your pelvic area is secure and you can comfortably move and roll over without being in pain. My only regret is that I did not give SRC a go during my precious pregnancies, they are absolutely worth every cent. In fact, SRC is so confident you will love your SRC product that they back it up with a 100% Money Back Guarantee (conditions apply), now that’s great peace of mind!

SRC Recovery ShortsAfter experiencing the relief and support from the SRC Pregnancy Leggings I have high hopes for the SRC Recovery Shorts for post-natal recovery. As I suffer from severe diastase recti, better known as tummy muscle separation (oh the joy of twin pregnancies!), I am afraid I have a long way to go but that’s a different story and one I will deal with when the time comes. I look forward to sharing my progress with you as I recover and (hopefully) improve so stay tuned.

To find out more about the SRC Pregnancy range, to determine your correct size using the size chart and to locate a stockist near you visit

Handy tip:
If you have private health insurance you may want to check with your insurer before making a purchase from SRC Health. Many private health insurers in Australia will provide a Health Fund Rebate to customers who purchase an SRC product as they are considered a medical compression garment, designed to aid with the recovery and health of expectant and new mothers. You could save yourself some welcome dollars to spend on gorgeous baby goods!

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