Sep 152015


Now that the weather is warming up I love doing school drop-off and pick-up by foot, in saying that being 8 months pregnant and wrangling a strong and inquisitive 2-year old walker are not a great combination. Obviously I could strap her into the pram but we all know bikes are much more fun, here’s how I keep my little adventurer safe and restrained on our trip to school with smarTrike:

smarTrike Explorer

The smooth and stylish smarTrike Explorer 5 Trikes in 1 (ages 10-36 months) with patented 360° full swivel wheel is designed to help young explorers enjoy the outdoors in a fun and safe way. The clever 5-in-1 design will grow with your child through different developmental stages, making this stylish baby tricycle an ideal investment for growing families with an active lifestyle. Sybbie is enjoying the trike now and I know after her our new baby will happily inherit, that’s called excellent value for money!

Sybbie smarTrike

Starting at just 10-months old, tiny travellers can go out for a trip around the block being safely strapped in using the padded seat belts and safety bar. When the steady rhythm of the road and the fresh air sends your precious cargo off to dreamland he/she will be comfortable thanks to the supportive seat with (110°) reclining back rest. With the upcoming spring and summer season in mind concerned parents can keep the bright and harmful sun at bay with the extendable UV canopy.


Baby can rest its little feet onto the foldable footrest and hold onto/steer the handles while mum, dad or grandma stays fully in charge of the driving using the telescopic parent steering handle. There is even a handy parent bag attached to the handle so you can keep your travel must-haves within reach during your trip. Young cyclists can keep their gear on hand too, how cool is the bottle holder at the front and the fun toy phone (this is miss Sybbie’s favourite feature!)?

smarTrike Sun Canopy

As your child gets older he/she will be itching to take over more and more of the driving job. SmarTrike makes this toddler transition smooth and safe through little steps, for example the removal of the safety bar, tucking away the footrest, folding in and out of the pedals, the red navigator button (to change between stroller mode and trike mode) and eventually complete removal of the parent steering handle.

smarTrike Explorer TrikeOur Sybbie is ready to take on the roll of main driver so at times it can be a bit of a battle to navigate the bike when our determined little girl puts her weight on the pedals. My mother heart says to keep her close but I know she will soon be ready to become more independent and move up to the 5th and final stage of the smarTrike Explorer: ride her own trike… Here’s to new adventures!

The smarTrike Explorer 5 Trikes in 1 (RRP $199, choose from a range of stylish colours) is available at Target and Toys’R’Us stores across Australia.

To find out more about smarTrike, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit

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