Jun 012015

Penguin Australia

We all know stuff happens every day so it was about time for some new adventures to be added to the Stuff Happens book series. This time the spotlight is on Lennie, who argues with a teacher, and Cooper who goes on school camp; they are real-life stories that regular Aussie boys will recognise and love:

Stuff Happens CooperWhen Cooper’s grandfather dies unexpectedly he is not sure how to feel: he is angry because he misses his Pop, at the same time he is upset that he has missed the start of school camp. When he does make it to camp Cooper just wants life to continue the way it was, but everything seems different. It takes a frightening accident with a kayak and a night out in the woods for Cooper to come to terms with what has happened in Stuff Happens Cooper (RRP $9.99)

Stuff Happens LennieStuff Happens Lennie (RRP $9.99) is my favourite book in the series so far, it felt like it was written about our own son. Lennie loves reading, learning and sharing his knowledge with other people, whether they like it or not. Mr. McDonnell, the relief teacher, and Lennie don’t exactly hit it off straight away and as always Lennie insists on being right all the time. It’s time for Lennie to learn that you don’t always have to be right or have the last word and that’s OK. Who will be the bigger person?

To find out more about the Stuff Happens series (RRP $9.99 per book), published by Penguin Books Australia, and to order online visit www.penguin.com.au.

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  1. My kids are avid readers. Kids books with real-life stories are fantastic for children’s emotional development. We would love to add the Stuff Happens book series to our collection!

  2. I think our 8 year old should definitely read these books.
    So accurate of thinking and attitudes

  3. I am always looking for a new series to get our teeth into!

  4. My little boy would love me to read these to him and I think they would be very appropriate for him, having lost his Pop recently and finding it very hard to deal with.

  5. What a great book for my children to enjoy

  6. Reading is so important ,be great for kids to read

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