May 282015

Penguin Australia

It’s been a while since our latest Our Australian Girl update but that doesn’t mean nothing has been happening on the book front. A new girl has joined the clan and as always there are plenty of adventures waiting to happen, this time we’re stepping back into 1983 and travel to Melbourne:

OAG Marly 1Originally from Vietnam and now living in Australia Marly feels she has finally started to find her feet and make new friends. But then her cousins from Vietnam arrive and Marly is expected to help them settle in, which is not as easy as it sounds. The language, the looks, the habits… they are two different worlds and Marly is struggling to do the right thing. Will she be able stay true to herself and find out who her real friends are in Meet Marly (RRP $14.99)?

OAG Marly 2The cousins have moved away and Marly needs to once again make new friends at school, but when you don’t have the newest toys or the hottest swap cards on the school yard it is hard to fit in. Then she discovers how to earn some much needed pocket money to buy the swap cards and everything appears to go her way. However Marly’s Business (RRP $14.99) doesn’t seem such a good idea when she finds herself lost on the other side of Melbourne, will she find her way home?

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