Apr 212015


As a child I once played a special board game at a friend’s house, the aim of the game was to recognise the content of little blank jars by scent and match them up with a picture of the right fragrant item. O how I loved sniffing those little jars and solving the puzzle! It has been years but I still remember some of the smells and the memory of that play date. Isn’t itamazing how important your smell is when it comes to memories? Kids of all ages (and even grownups) are sure to have hours of fragrant fun with this exciting new Crayola product:

Doodle Scents raffleThe brand new Doodle Scents (RRP $11.99, 18-pack) are infused with the wonderful smells of kids’ favourite foods and places, it’s like they packed a little story in each marker. From Buttered Popcorn and Cotton Candy to Lemonade Stand and Toasted Marshmallow, from Evergreen Tree and Breath of Fresh Air to Barn Yard and Brick Oven; just close your eyes, sniff and be transported to your favourite childhood memories.

Crayola Doodle Scents really impressed us, the selection of fragrances is lovely and we were gobsmacked by how realistic the scents were. Some of the biggest winners in our home were Tropical Punch (miss 6), Watermelon Patch (miss 4) and Spice Cake (mummy). Who have thought ‘smelly art’ could be so cool!


The thing with markers is that kids don’t always stick to the paper you gave them and tend to decorate all that is around them including themselves. This is not a problem for Crayola though, Crayola’s washable ink is specially formulated to wash off machine washable clothing, as well as walls, carpet and furniture with just some warm water and a sponge.

You can find Crayola Doodle Scents right now at your local K-mart and Big W store.

To find out more about Crayola, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit www.crayola.com.au.

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