Mar 082015


Like many families we always really look forward to a bonus day off, so yesterday we kicked off our long weekend in style with a lovely visit to Gelatissimo on the Parade, Norwood SA. Going out with four small kids can be a daunting task some days but the word ‘icecream’ magically made them behave like little angels.

Gelatissimo Norwood

Gelatissimo award winning gelato is made fresh in stores daily and when you see all those scrumptious flavours piled up high you know immediately you can’t stop at just one scoop. If you happen to see me around town today you may notice my pants are a little tighter after all that yummy gelato but believe me, it was totally worth it.

Sushi Gelato

Gelatissimo’s new Eat-In Desserts Menu is made up of 8 delicious dessert dishes (priced between $7-$12 each) that look like they come straight from the Masterchef Kitchen. Cookies, waffles, biscuit crumbs, strawberries, chocolate sauce, mousse, meringue, brownie and of course lots of gelato, there is a dish to suit everyone’s taste (and if you have a big family like us you can basically try them all!).

Pavlova Symphony

Most of the Eat-In Desserts can be served with your choice of gelato, which was especially nice for the kids. Yes their flavour combinations were slightly unconventional sometimes but it’s ‘their dessert, their choice’ and they finished everything up to the last drop. The Gelatissimo employee who served us was really patient while the children made their choice and she let them taste the flavours first if they weren’t sure, which I thought was lovely.

All About Chocolate

Hubby went with the All About Chocolate ($12), no surprise there, and according to him it was amazing, particularly the bourbon truffle. I may have stolen a little bite too and I can highly recommend it.

Popping Belgian Waffle Stack

As I grew up just 20 minutes from the Belgian border I couldn’t help but choose the Popping Belgian Waffle Stack ($10): Three freshly toasted waffles sandwiched together with (my pick) coconut gelato and biscottino gelato. This was a surprisingly large serve even with miss 2 eating half of the waffles!

Milk and Cookies

The three older kids each chose a different dish and they were all winners in a different way. Master 6 went with Milk and Cookies ($10) of which the biggest hit was the chocolate milk in a cute glass bottle while miss 4 enjoyed a plate of mixed delights called Pavlova Symphony ($10). She loved the tiny meringues and the fresh strawberries and there was plenty to share with little Sybbie.

Noughts and Crosses

In saying that, they were all a little jealous of miss 6 who was lucky enough to have chosen Noughts and Crosses ($8). This gorgeous dessert is the perfect kids treat as it consists of a plate decorated with chocolate and ten little cups with gelato so kids can play a game of noughts and crosses while they eat (and buy the parents some more time to finish their own dessert). What a great idea! We chose all fruity sorbet gelato flavours and they were absolutely divine, especially the passionfruit.

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