Jan 252015


One of the things we love most about summer is that the days are longer and we get to enjoy extra family after dinner when it is still light outside. We usually stick to a strict bedtime routine but during the holidays we grab the opportunity to enjoy a game in the garden or explore the neighbourhood together, lots of fun if it wasn’t for those nasty mosquitoes!


Mosquito bites may be small in size but they can have a big impact on my children’s mood and sleep (and therefore on me too). If you want to make sure those pesky mozzies fly straight past you but you don’t want to use nasty chemicals on or around your family look no further than Mozzigear.

Mozzigear BandsMozzigear creates non-toxic, deet free mosquito repelling products for the whole family so you are protected from mosquitoes without having to worry about harmful chemicals. Keeping mozzies at bay is a breeze with the brightly coloured Mozzigear Mosquito Bands (RRP $19.95, 6 pack), available in adult and children’s (4+) sizes. Just pop one on your wrist when you head outside to create your very own ‘safe-zone’. For up to 48 hours the pleasant citronella fragrance keeps mosquitoes away so you can fully enjoy the outdoors and even the water.

Mozzigear Mosquito PatchOne of my favourite Mozzigear products is the super clever Mozzigear Mosquito Patch (RRP $9.95, 10 pack), the perfect mosquito deterrent to protect newborns and babies. You can stick these adhesive patches on virtually anything like your child’s clothing, bedding or pram. Our 2-year old is too small for the Mosquito Band (and would most likely try to taste it or lose it anyway) but I can just pop this patch on her back without her noticing, a safe and simple solution.

Mosquito WipesIf you prefer an invisible mozzie barrier instead (the brightly coloured wrist bands may not be the ideal match for your pretty evening gown) you can simply wipe the exposed area down with all natural Mozzigear Mosquito Wipes (RRP $9.95, 10 wipes). These convenient, waterproof wipes are effective for up to 6 hours and thanks to added aloe vera and vitamin E they are even gentle enough for faces and delicate baby skin.

Mozzigear Mosquito RepellerNot a citronella fan? The Mozzigear Portable Ultrasonic Repeller (RRP $19.95) clips onto clothing and uses fast and powerful 5-20 KHz multi-frequency sound waves that stun and cause discomfort for most mosquitoes, encouraging them to stay out of your way. The compact (5.5 cm) battery operated device is reusable, works up to 3 metres and can be set to work for 4, 6 or 12 hours at a time, it’s the perfect odourless and chemical-free weapon against mosquitoes.

Mosquito ClickIn the unfortunate event that a mosquito (or another little nuisance like a sandfly, bull ant, horsefly or flea) does manage to nip your skin you don’t have to settle for days of scratching, the handy Mozzigear Mosquito Click (RRP $19.95, 6 months+) will take care of that itch real fast. This clever device is easy-to-use, perfect handbag size and will work instantly to reduce itching and inflammation. One single Mosquito Click can treat up to 5,000 bites!

To find out more about Mozzigear by Intelligent Health Systems, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit www.mozzigear.com.au.

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