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Jan 182015

Bloggers BBQ

On Friday night we packed our family in the car and drove to Melbourne to attend another fabulous Kids Business get-together, this time in the shape of a fun and family friendly Bloggers BBQ at Albert Park. For our children this was very exciting as I generally ‘work’ from home so they don’t often get the opportunity to see what I really do and who I work with.

Camp QualityKids Business Communications hosts the Bloggers BrunchTM and Bloggers BBQTM series of events where bloggers and brands meet and mingle, for more information about Kids Business visit Not only are these fantastic events fun for all attendees, they also raise much needed awareness and funds for different charities and this time the spotlight was on a very worthy cause called Camp Quality.

Camp Quality is a nationwide initiative that’s all about supporting Australian children (and their families) who suffer from cancer. From the moment of diagnosis, all throughout the treatment and (hopefully) remission, Camp Quality is there to offer education, recreation, respite and play to build optimism, resilience and supportive networks for families.

Camp Quality Mission

Using specially developed family support programs, education programs, hospital programs and educational programs Camp Quality aims to create a better life for every child living with cancer in Australia. All Camp Quality programs are 100% free of charge and everyone with a child under 13 years older who is diagnosed with cancer can join, there are lots of Camp Quality locations across Australia with great events being organised throughout the year.

At the Kids Business Bloggers BBQ Camp Quality was presented with a generous $500 donation, a great gesture for a wonderful charity.

To find out more Camp Quality, to see how you can help make a difference or to make a donation visit