Sep 222014

Because we booked our plane tickets almost a year in advance (you have to grab a bargain when you can!) we had plenty of time to dream, plan and put together the perfect holiday. Visiting family and friends, shopping at my favourite shops and going to the weekly market, a little holiday-inside-the-holiday, fun days out, trips to the forest and beach, exploring different countries and much, much more, we were definitely not short of things to do.

Dutch market

Call me crazy but I also made a separate list for all the foods I really wanted to eat, something you probably won’t understand unless you have moved countries too. A yummy ‘Hollands Nieuwe’ (raw herring) with chopped onion from the markets, rookworst from the Hema, stroopwafels and gevulde koeken, a frikadel speciaal and a kroket from the wall, freshly baked dark brown bread, suikerbrood and eierkoeken, the list goes on and on.

Dutch tompouce

With four of us celebrating our birthday while in The Netherlands we also enjoyed our fair share of baked treats. We ate way too much apple pie, tompouce, Bosche bol, bolus than we should have and that’s only what I can remember, no doubt there was more! Hubby said the heartburn and indigestion were totally worth it (nothing some Gaviscon couldn’t fix) and I hope in time the scales will forgive me too. We only go on a holiday once every 2-3 years so that makes it OK right?

Dutch cheese supermarket

While you can find them in Australia Dutch cheese and licorice are simply too expensive, yet in The Netherlands it’s all so cheap and widely available so I made sure to eat plenty of it. I even stuffed every spare cm² of our 6 suitcases with more cheese and licorice to help me through my next bout of homesickness once we returned home. It’s fair to say that I am going through it very quickly, let’s hope I start feeling better before I run out…

What foods from your home country or childhood do you miss most?

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