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Whether you like it or not, it is now officially less than 3 months until Christmas so it time to (slowly) get organised for the festive season. Christmas is my favourite time of year and while we don’t do presents (we give ours on Sinterklaas evening instead) we sure go all out with lots of lovely Christmas songs, books, craft, decorations and time spent with family. There is nothing our kids like better than a good Christmas story and you won’t find them any more Aussie than this:

Christmas in Australia

Written by Australian icon and singer–songwriter John Williamson and illustrated by the very talented Mitch Vane the story of Christmas in Australia will speak to all of us.
It’s a special time of getting together, catching up with family,  sharing memories (and making new ones), enjoying a meal, playing games and, of course, a family photo. But that is not as easy as it sounds, there is always someone missing… Gotta get everyone in the picture!

Christmas in Australia 1

Unlike in many other Christmas books you won’t find snowmen, snowflakes, hot chocolates and cosy fireplaces in this lovely picture book, it’s made by and for real Australians, how awesome is that? From camping to kookaburras, from eskies to echidnas, from utes to wombats and from singlets and beers to a game of cricket, it’s a typical Christmas in Australia and you’re invited to join the family fun. Will they be able to snap that perfect Christmas family photo in the end?

Christmas in Australia 2

If you need a bit of help getting into the Christmas spirit you are sure to love the fabulous musical version of this gorgeous Christmas tale, written and recorded by John Williamson. You’ll no doubt feel inspired to use your best Aussie reading voice after hearing this catchy song and it is available to you completely FREE. Download the Christmas in Australia mp3 here, enjoy.

To find out more about Christmas in Australia (RRP $19.99) by John Williamson and Mitch Vane, published by Penguin Books Australia, and to order online visit

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  1. The Christmas (1977) it rained presents. I was an only child and that particular xmas tree was the tree that bore much fruit – a regular fruit platter if you will. Never was quite as plentiful again and I still don’t know what prompted the avalance of benovolance on my parents part. But like all truly great memories, one trys to recall it from your perspective at the time, not your perspective now.

  2. We used to live in the country and as a kid we used to come down to Adelaide (the big smoke) for Christmas. I loved staying at my Pappa’s house and waiting for Santa. Just being in the big house and the excitement of Christmas was a great time.

  3. My thrill always is when our whole large family of 6 and extended families get together every xmas as my
    mum is 87 and this year my older sister who is 62 and has just completed removal of a brain Cancer and has completed yesterday her final Chemo and Radium treatment for a large incurable Tumour on her brain and will not know how long she will have with us till Jan 2015 so this 2014 Xmas for us all will be the most wonderful xmas blessing we will have ever and everyone of us will make it very memorable for her. Tonight our whole family are doing a lamp walk organised through Leukemia Foundation which is called the Moonlight Walk of 3.5 Kilometers to raise awareness and needed funds for Research.

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