The eco side of Joolz

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Sep 052014


Even though I have walked around our area many times I will never get enough of our beautiful neighbourhood, we live in a gorgeous green suburb with lots of trees, green, reserves and creeks and it’s very close to the hills. With so many cities expanding and new developments popping up everywhere I really hope my children will still be able to enjoy the wonderful nature around us as they get older. It is important to invest now and shop wisely, choosing products and brands that support our environment.

Joolz Chair

At Joolz they know all about modern technology and they master in comfort, luxury and quality, at the same time they value our environment highly and are always thinking of ways to incorporate sustainability in their design and manufacturing process. One great example of their gentle eco footprint is the Joolz packaging.

Joolz BirdhouseAll Joolz products are packaged in sturdy cardboard boxes to make sure they arrive at their destination safely and in perfect condition. But what do you do with the cardboard once you’ve put together your stylish new ride? Of course you could deposit it in your recycle bin and let the council waste do the recycling for you but thanks to Joolz you can do your very own recycling at home.

Every single Joolz box is preprinted with a cool building project, all you need to do is cut out the different shapes and start creating. Give your cardboard waste a second life and turn it into a funky lamp shade, bird house or picture frame, you can even build a real chair! There is a different use for every box, from the stroller packaging to the carrycot box and even the smaller boxes for the accessories. The projects are fun and easy to do and the end product is actually useable.

Joolz Birth Forest

Another exciting new way Joolz supports our planet is through the Joolz Birth Forest located in Colombia. Joolz wants to help new parents celebrate the life of their new arrival by planting a tree for your new baby, such a lovely, thoughtful gift. You may not be able to go see the tree yourself but you will receive updates on the development of your very own tree via email, you can watch your tree grow just as your baby grows! I think it is a wonderful concept and a fabulous way to help fight deforestation and climate change. I will keep you in the loop about the launch of this fantastic project here in Australia.

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