Sep 302014

La Mode Bebe

Spring is in the air and there are babies everywhere! Have you been surrounded by new arrivals too? The team at La Mode Bebe has been busy creating colourful range of baby gift sets that are perfect for baby showers and brand new bubbas:

La Mode Bebe Bassinet Set

Of course all La Mode Bebe products would make lovely presents but if you want something that is a little more special (and super quick and easy) the new baby gifts range is sure to please. La Mode Bebe has given the traditional nappy cake a makeover and put together a large collection of baby gift packages that are full of surprises.

Bassinet Set HippoFrom the outside the La Mode Baby Bassinet Set (RRP $76.99) looks like a cute and compact bassinet, but there is more to it than meets the eye. As adorable as the bassinet may look, the real surprise will be unveiled when you open up the layers. Each parcel is jam packed with 8 practical gifts that any new mum will love, the question is just which bassinet set to choose? There are currently four great boy, girl and unisex designs available: Monkey, Lion, Hippo and Bear.

Lion Bassinet SetMatching the theme of your choice the bassinet set contains a matching fleece blanket, fleece beanie and pair of baby booties (0-6months), as well as a cute toy rattle, a handy triple layer bib and three soft cotton bodysuits (0-3 months, long sleeve) with detailed appliqué to suit the theme, that’s a whole lot of gifts in one! Warmer weather is just around the corner so if you prefer short sleeve bodysuits simply contact La Mode Bebe and they will gladly help you out. Nice bonus: free shipping Australia wide is included.

To find out more about La Mode Bebe, to browse the range and to order online visit

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Hop in bed with g.nancy (+ FREE shipping)

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Sep 292014


For a while it felt like winter would never end but this week I am finally taking off the ‘fluffy’ sheets and folding away the flannelette pyjamas, summer is on its way! The kids have grown a lot in just a few short months so it’s time to shop for some gorgeous new sleepwear for my bunch, I think we may hop in bed with g.nancy:

g.nancy Sleepwear

The stylish g.nancy range is designed with love by talented New Zealand artist Georgia Nancy Nicholson and made right here in Australia, after all there is nothing like shopping local. Featuring neutral colours, trendy prints and a comfortable fit g.nancy is the answer to your search for the perfect pyjamas. Little fashionistas will love the original designs and soft 100% cotton fabric while mum is sure to appreciate the snug fit and durable materials that are built to survive the everyday wash and wear.

g.nancy Tiger PJsThe current g.nancy collection consists of both summer (short sleeve/shorts) and winter (long sleeve/pants) sets, so no matter where in Australia you live they’ve got you covered. A friendly tiger complete with tail, black and white stars or maybe a grey milky way, which one do you like most? All g.nancy pyjama sets ($55) are suitable for boys and girls and available in sizes 1 to 6, you can find your favourite styles in store at Baby Donkie.

Until the 30th September 2014 (tomorrow!) Baby Donkie offers FREE shipping Australia wide on all orders, simply enter the code ‘BREAK’ at checkout for your discount to be applied.

To find out more about Baby Donkie, to browse the g.nancy sleepwear range and to order online visit

Sep 282014

Penguin Australia

Whether you like it or not, it is now officially less than 3 months until Christmas so it time to (slowly) get organised for the festive season. Christmas is my favourite time of year and while we don’t do presents (we give ours on Sinterklaas evening instead) we sure go all out with lots of lovely Christmas songs, books, craft, decorations and time spent with family. There is nothing our kids like better than a good Christmas story and you won’t find them any more Aussie than this:

Christmas in Australia

Written by Australian icon and singer–songwriter John Williamson and illustrated by the very talented Mitch Vane the story of Christmas in Australia will speak to all of us.
It’s a special time of getting together, catching up with family,  sharing memories (and making new ones), enjoying a meal, playing games and, of course, a family photo. But that is not as easy as it sounds, there is always someone missing… Gotta get everyone in the picture!

Christmas in Australia 1

Unlike in many other Christmas books you won’t find snowmen, snowflakes, hot chocolates and cosy fireplaces in this lovely picture book, it’s made by and for real Australians, how awesome is that? From camping to kookaburras, from eskies to echidnas, from utes to wombats and from singlets and beers to a game of cricket, it’s a typical Christmas in Australia and you’re invited to join the family fun. Will they be able to snap that perfect Christmas family photo in the end?

Christmas in Australia 2

If you need a bit of help getting into the Christmas spirit you are sure to love the fabulous musical version of this gorgeous Christmas tale, written and recorded by John Williamson. You’ll no doubt feel inspired to use your best Aussie reading voice after hearing this catchy song and it is available to you completely FREE. Download the Christmas in Australia mp3 here, enjoy.

To find out more about Christmas in Australia (RRP $19.99) by John Williamson and Mitch Vane, published by Penguin Books Australia, and to order online visit

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Sep 272014


About three months ago our oldest daughter was diagnosed with psoriasis, a skin condition that unfortunately runs in the family. Sadly there is no cure for this nasty condition and she will most likely be bothered by it to different degrees for the rest of her life. Luckily things have improved considerably since her diagnosis and she is less bothered by it at the moment (the tears were heartbreaking). We specifically noticed a huge improvement after removing certain toiletries and soaps from our home so a drastic overhaul of our bathroom cabinet was in order.

Ecostore Baby range

If you are looking for a clean, chemical free alternative for your baby’s bath and skincare products look no further than Ecostore. In creating their products Ecostore gives priority to plant and mineral based ingredients that are from natural and or renewable resources, are biodegradable and have the lowest hazard rating in terms of health and environmental safety. This means you can be sure you are not putting any harmful chemicals on your little one’s (or your own!) skin, after all we all want only the best for our family.

Ecostore Baby Sleepytime BathThe current Ecostore Baby range consists of seven great products for bath time and nappy changes. All products are suitable from birth onwards so you can keep your pure and perfect bundle clean and buttersoft without subjecting him or her to the nasties found in a lot of other brands. Whether it’s a fun and playful bubble bath with Ecostore’s Bubble Bath ($8.99, 200ml) or a relaxing soak with Sleepytime Bath ($8.99, 200ml), Ecostore knows exactly how to unwind at the end of the day, the eco way.

Ecostore Baby ShampooOf course in the early days plain water is all you need at bath time but if you do want a gentle hand with cleaning you can wash your baby from top to toe with Ecostore’s Baby Shampoo ($8.99, 200ml) and Baby Bodywash ($8.99, 200ml). For your peace of mind Ecostore goes beyond what the law requires and clearly lists all ingredients on their products, they are proud of their ingredient choices and are happy to explain where they come from and what they do.

Ecostore Baby SoapIf you prefer a block of soap as opposed to liquids do not worry, Ecostore has got you covered too with this lovely Baby Soap ($2.99, 80g). I can not believe how ridiculously cheap and amazing this product is, it proves that you can make greener and cleaner choices without breaking the bank (Why not add some to your next baby shower or newborn baby gift?). Ecostore Baby Soaps maintains the protective layer in your baby’s sensitive skin and it’s not only safe for your baby, being grey-water friendly it is gentle on the environment too.

Ecostore Baby MoisturiserWith your baby squeaky clean from the bath now is the perfect time to get out the Ecostore Baby Moisturiser ($9.99, 200ml). After a busy day of running around make sure you enjoy some special one-on-one time with your little one, massaging this lovely light moisturiser all over your baby’s body is a great way to relax and calm down before bed and it will keep his/her skin nice and soft. You only need a small amount so the 200ml will go a long way!

Ecostore Baby Nappy BalmOne of my personal favourites from the Ecostore baby range is the Baby Nappy Balm ($9.99, 60ml), a lovely fragrance free barrier cream that has multiple uses. From sore, red bottoms to flaky cradle crap and from dry patches to little scrapes, this soothing cream will come in handy more often than you think. At 60ml this convenient little jar holds plenty of cream for many nappy changes and is a great size for your baby bag. I love the soft and smooth feel of this cream compared to the sticky, glue-like consistency of many other bottom balms.

To find out more about Ecostore, to locate a stockist near you or to order your favourite Ecostore products online visit

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Sep 262014


As we celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary today I think back to our very first home together, how little we had yet how proud and happy we were. We shopped with great care, spending our hard earnt money on a fridge, a washing machine and a microwave oven for our rental home that was old and empty but filled with love. For months we ate at a fold-out camping table, wobbly and rusty but we didn’t care or notice because we had eacother.

Eight years, three houses and four babies later our love is stronger than ever but sadly the same can not be said about some of our appliances. While our relationship is solid as a rock our fridge and microwave have become unreliable and started to rattle, stutter and shake so I knew the end was in the sight. In our household we use our microwave oven a lot; the microwave takes care of defrosting food, warming leftovers, preparing baby meals and heating milk and the oven cooks my lasagna, roasts the potatoes, bakes yummy birthday cakes and so much more, it was time for a replacement (the microwave I mean, not the hubby!).

Panasonic Double Steam Microwave Oven

Developed by the experts at Panasonic the brand new NN-DS592B Steam Combi Microwave Oven (RRP $769, 1000W) is a multifunctional design that allows you to microwave, defrost, bake, grill, roast, steam and cook healthy, delicious meals for your family and all of that in one very clever kitchen appliance.

Panasonic NN-DS592BFrom the outside the glossy black unit looks modern, sleek and compact, a world of difference from my bulky old white microwave oven. But don’t be fooled by its size, the Panasonic NN-DS592B actually offers a generous 27 litre capacity. Thanks to the flatbed design you can use rectangular trays and capitalise the entire space, in fact the cooking area is equivalent to a 44 litre traditional microwave with a round turn table! It’s so nice to have a neater, smaller unit without having to give in on capacity, after all as a family of six we need all the space we can get.

Call it lazy but I usually leave instruction manuals to my husband, he (surprisingly) enjoys the read and gives me a quick demo afterwards which works well for both of us. Luckily for me the Panasonic Microwave Oven is designed to be quick and easy, it comes with 22 auto menus for all your family favourites like roast chicken, jacket potato, fresh pizza, steamed fish and more. Add to that an easy-to-read, back lit LCD display, just 9 clearly marked buttons to press and 1 knob to turn and you can see why I even I could manage this new addition to our kitchen.

Roast Beef

The most important feature of the Panasonic Steam Combi Microwave Oven is the steam function which will help you cook healthier meals and maintain more flavour, moisture and important nutrients in your food. At Panasonic they understand that all people, meals and foods are different so they allow you to pick the perfect combination to suit your personal taste and dish: grill and steam, microwave and steam, grill and microwave, convection and steam, it’s up to you! The water reservoir/drawer is conveniently located at the front and is easy to fill.

Jacket Potato

So far we have used our microwave for an array of ordinary uses like heating milk for coffee and hot chocolates, reheating left overs and warming baby food and it works a treat. All it takes is a turn of the dial to select the heating time, easy as pie. I particularly love the sensor reheat function, you simply set the ideal heat for your dish (very handy for baby food/milk) and the microwave works out how long to warm it for, how clever! We also really like the way the steam defrost combination delivers food that is defrosted all throughout, no icey lumps on the inside. The special Inverter technology ensures continuous heating so that food is cooked more evenly than in an ordinary microwave.

Cinnamon Scrolls

We have been busy testing out the auto menus including a Sunday afternoon roast beef and jacket potatoes for a quick kid friendly meal, it’s always good to have some hassle free dinners on hand for busy days and these are just one click away. Using the auto menu for roast beef a 1kg roast takes around 35 minutes, it’s only a short wait and if you like your meat a little rarer you can be done even quicker. If you have hungry kids to feed the auto menu jacket potatoes are a guaranteed hit, so easy to make and they are delicious! This week I decided to make a batch of cinnamon rolls to test the super handy fermenting setting to help the dough rise (a life saver if you have no warm spots or sunny window sills) and it worked brilliantly, the end result was just scrumptious and the kids gave it the thumbs up too.

NN-DS592B PanasonicOne of the biggest plusses of the Panasonic NN-DS592B is how easy it is to clean. The interior of the microwave features a convenient wipe-clean, non-stick lining all around the sides and bottom, just grab a damp cloth and wipe it out. Thanks to the steam function the inside stays more humid and spills don’t dry as quickly (no need for harsh scrubbing), there is even an auto-clean function. Less time spent on cleaning gives me more time to do the things I enjoy, double win!

The Panasonic NN-DS592B Steam Combi Microwave Oven comes complete with glass tray, metal tray, wire rack and the innovative double grill tray which allows food to be cooked from both sides.

For more information about Panasonic, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit

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Sep 252014

Becker Film Group

Tomorrow marks my 8th wedding anniversary and I am yet to find a sweet gift or organise a lovely outing, the way I’m going I definitely won’t be taking home the ‘Wife of the Year’ award so I better get my act together. A great night out with your special person is so much fun and let’s be honest, we all deserve some time away from snotty noses, dirty dishes and the washing pile every now and then. If you’re in desperate need of an evening ‘off’ and could do with a good laugh I’ve got the perfect giveaway for you:


Based on Francois Lelord’s worldwide best-selling novel of the same name Hector and the Search for Happiness is a rich, exhilarating and hilarious tale from director Peter Chelsom starring top actors like Simon Pegg, Toni Collette and Rosamund Pike. Meet Hector:

Hector is a quirky, yet irresistible London psychiatrist who has become increasingly tired of his humdrum life. He tells his girlfriend Clara that he feels like a fraud: he hasn’t really tasted life and yet he’s offering advice to patients who are just not getting any happier. So Hector decides to break out of his deluded and routine driven life. Armed with buckets of courage and child-like curiosity, he embarks on a global quest in hopes of uncovering the elusive secret formula for true happiness. And so begins a larger than life adventure with riotously funny results.

Hector and the Search for Happiness is brought to you by Becker Film Group and will be showing at selected cinemas across Australia from October 23, 2014.

To find out more about Hector and the Search for Happiness, to watch the trailer and to locate a participating cinema near you visit

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Sales & Savings – Week 39

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Sep 242014

Forever CloverForever Clover
What? 25% off storewide (Australian orders only)
How? Enter the code ‘WIY7S6UIZU6T’ at checkout
When? Until October 7, 2014

What? Up to 30% off Spring Sale
How? Prices as marked
When? Until November 1, 2014

Spiral GardenSpiral Garden
What? Up to 40% off Spring Cleaning Sale
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When? Limited time only

Australian Girl
What? Free Australian Girl shoes + hair clip with all Emily doll pre-orders
How? Free gift will be added to your order automatically
When? Until September 30, 2014

Mickey House Kids
What? Free shipping Australia wide (orders up to 3kg only)
How? Enter the code ‘freeship’ at checkout
When? Until September 27, 2014

Buckets and Spades
What? Extra 20% off sale items (All sales are final, no exchanges or returns)
How? Enter the code ‘HOLIDAY’ at checkout
When? Until September 26, 2014