Jul 312014

The door has been dusted, the key has been polished and the lock has been oiled, it’s time for the famous Disney vault to open once again and release another true Disney classic:

Sleeping Beauty Blu-ray

Awoken by the recent theatrical release of Disney’s Maleficent this time the spotlight will be on Sleeping Beauty, back where it all started. The world first met this lovely Disney princess in 1959 and now 55 years later the beautiful Aurora is back for a reprise. This complete digital restoration and crystal clear high definition is sure to capture the hearts of young girls and reignite the flame within their mothers, after all, who wouldn’t fall in love with a princess this sweet?

Created by RAYZ

At first it looks like everyone at the castle is busy celebrating the birth of little princess Aurora but it appears not everyone is excited about the new arrival. Just as the third and last of her fairy godmothers is about to give her blessing the evil Maleficent, angry for not being invited to the party, shows up and takes revenge by casting a spell on the innocent baby. Aurora is destined to die on her 16th birthday by pricking her finger on a spinning wheel.

Created by RAYZ

Luckily there is one blessing left and the lovely fairies decide to use it to weaken the spell so that Aurora can be aroused from her sleep by a true loves kiss. To keep Aurora safe from Maleficent the three god fairies take her away and hide her in a small cottage in the woods until her 16th birthday when she is finally allowed to return to the castle. Sadly the powers of evil are too strong and Aurora is drawn to the cursed spinning wheel in the castle tower, sending her and everyone else in the castle into a deep, deep sleep…

Created by RAYZ

Of course there is a prince, there always is, this time his name is prince Phillip and he is on a mission to find the girl of his dreams. Will he manage to fight the evil Maleficent and make his way to the castle to kiss his Sleeping Beauty back to life?

Sleeping Beauty will be available on DVD ($39.95) and Blu-ray ($49.95) at major retailers across Australia from August 13, 2014.

To find out more about Disney, to discover the latest releases and to order your favourite titles online visit www.disney.com.au.

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Sales & Savings – Week 31

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Jul 302014

What? 20% off storewide
How? Enter the code’ Rewardme’ at checkout
When? Until August 2, 2014
Where? www.bedsok.com

Fussy Feet Children's ShoesFussy Feet Children’s Shoes
What? Stock Clearance Sale
How? Prices as marked
When? Until August 2, 2014
Where? www.fussyfeet.com.au

Tiny WardrobeTiny Wardrobe
What? 50% off storewide Closing Down Sale
How? Prices as marked
When? Limited time only
Where? www.tinywardrobe.com.au

What? Free shipping Australia wide, free international shipping for orders over $100
How? Discount automatically applied at checkout
When? Until August 1, 2014
Where? www.hipkin.com.au

What? 25% off Sassy Toys
How? Prices as marked
When? Until July 30, 2014
Where? www.babynest.com.au

Designs4kidsDesigns 4 Kids
What? Winter Clearance Sale
How? Prices as marked
When? Limited time only
Where? www.designs4kids.com.au

Jul 302014

Penguin Australia

No one ever said being a parent is easy and discussing difficult, painful topics is definitely one of those tricky jobs no parent enjoys but they have to be done eventually (waiting for/finding the right time is key). Whether it’s the death of a special someone or a pet, a serious illness or a news segment about famine in third world countries or murder, the world is both a beautiful and a tough place to live in and I’m so glad my children are still quite young so I (hopefully) have some time up my sleeve before they start asking.

The Soldier's Gift

The Soldier’s Gift is a new Australian children’s book that touches on the difficult topic of the First World War in a gentle way whilst staying true to the facts. It tells the story of farm girl Emily who stays behind as her brother Tom leaves to fight in Turkey. Stationed at Gallipoli Tom sends letters to Emily describing what war is like on the front line and one time he even sends her some seeds to plant in her garden.

The Soldier's Gift

As time goes on the letters stop coming and eventually the sad news of Tom’s death reaches the farm, everyone is heartbroken. Emily plants the seeds and watches them grow into little plants that will later grow into Aleppo Pine trees, it’s a new beginning. The book is aimed at older children featuring traditional illustrations that show Emily and the farm, as well as realistic war images of the hurt and wounded.

To find out more about The Soldier’s Gift (RRP $26.99) by Tony Palmer and Jane Tanner, published by Penguin Books Australia, and to order online visit www.penguin.com.au.

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Britax Affinity

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Jul 292014


Ever since it was first released three months ago I have been trying to get my hands on the new Britax Affinity, I thought it looked fantastic so I was very keen to see one in real life and try it out thoroughly. It turns out I wasn’t the only one who liked the look of the new Britax ride because all around the country stock sold out in the blink of an eye. Thankfully we all know good things come to those who wait and last week I finally got a chance to take one for a walk around the block.

Britax Affinity Colour Packs

The Britax Affinity (RRP $749) is a stylish pram with a sleek, modern look that can be colour customised to fit your style, your mood and your family. Hip Aussie mamas have choice from three chassis colours (white, silver and black) and five fabulous Colour Packs (RRP $150; Black Thunder, Chili Pepper, Fossil Brown, Blue Sky and Cool Berry), allowing them to create their very own unique dream pram.

Britax Affinity 3

The 7-piece Britax Affinity Colour Packs (Sun canopy, padded seat liner, boot cover, 2 shoulder pads, crotch pad and basket liner) are a simple but very effective way to make your pram more personal. As the Colour Packs are sold separately you can conveniently change the look of your Affinity as your taste changes or as another little one comes along and you want to update your pram without spending a fortune or buying a whole new ride.

Britax Affinity 7

But there are more ways to make your Britax Affinity the perfect pram for your active family. Not only is the Britax Affinity seat fully reclinable and reversible making it suitable from birth to 17kg, being a so-called ‘travel system’ it is also compatible with the Britax Unity infant carrier (birth – 12kg) and the Britax Affinity Carry Cot (birth – 9kg) so you can put together the combination that suits you and your child best.

Britax Affinity 2

The contemporary aluminium frame is solid and strong and the mechanisms are smooth as butter, everything clicks in place perfectly without any wobble or give. Even my husband, a mechanic by trade, was full of praise for the quality of the materials and the way e.g. the handle bar, adjustable foot rest, sun hood and safety harness are adjusted and lock in place.

Britax Affinity 4

As we live in a hilly neighbourhood with lots of bumpy roads and uneven tracks I alway pay close attention to the wheels and suspension. I was pleased to see the strong pneumatic back tyres provide a comfortable ride for child and an easy push for parents. At the same time the smaller, easily manoeuvrable (and lockable) front wheels are ideal for the quick turning that is often necessary in busy city life (city mums will love the spacious shopping basket underneath the pram!). To guarantee ultimate comfort wherever you go the pram even has built in front wheel suspension and adjustable back wheel suspension. The Britax Affinity is beautifully finished with an eye-catching leather look handle bar and bumper bar for a luxurious look and feel.

Britax Affinity 5

As we’ve come to know from Britax safety is top priority (there is precious cargo on board!) so it won’t come as a surprise that the Britax Affinity is fitted with a range of clever safety features. From a fully adjustable (and very good looking) 5-point safety harness that is solid and clicks in loudly for peace of mind and a large, easy-to-control foot brake to a generous sun hood that offers much needed protection from the sun and safety wrist strap, your hip little one will be comfortable and safe on board of the Affinity.

Britax Affinity 6

The Affinity weighs in at 11kg, it may not be super light weight but it’s a good weight for such a sturdy and solid ride. The boot of our car is not very deep so I always make sure I check how bulky a pram folds, the Britax Affinity fits in easily. It is extremely simple to fold using two levers on the side and if needed you can reduce the folded size even further by removing the quick-release wheels, it only takes a second and makes a big difference space wise.

Affinity Fold

Bonus: Unlike with many other prams and strollers the Britax Affinity base model comes complete with rain cover and mesh cover so you don’t have to purchase them separately.

To find out more about the Britax Affinity, to take a closer look at the colour options and accessories and to locate a stockist near you visit www.britax.com.au.

Jul 282014

Little Urban

One month ago Meegan and Emma were ‘just’ two trendy Aussie mamas with a passion, or should I say addiction, for shopping and dressing their three kids in the coolest threads. Fast forward a few weeks and they are proud owners of their very own online store (as well as a soon-to-be-opened brick and mortar store), rapidly gaining name as the hippest shop on the block called Little Urban.

Little Urban

The shelves of Little Urban have been stacked, the drawers have been filled and the hangers have been covered with a handpicked selection of clothing, toys and home decor from dynamic brands from all around the globe as well as new and upcoming Australian designers. Expect labels that are unique, different, eye-catching, super stylish and full of character like Gardner and the Gang, Noe and Zoe, Filemon kid, Aspen and Arrow, Kira Kids and many more.

Kolor Storage SacksKolor Paper Storage Sacks (RRP $15) are by far the hippest storage solution around. Made from double-ply reinforced paper they are strong, durable and reusable and very trendy, they make a fantastic decor piece in your contemporary home. Kolor Storage Sacks are available with different prints for different uses eg. toys, paper and stuff, they look fantastic on their own but even more awesome as a set.

OMY Design & Play Giant Colouring PosterThe amazing OMY Design & Play Giant Colouring Posters (RRP $49.95) are fabulous boredom busters for rainy afternoons, school holidays and quiet weekends in. Measuring a very generous 1,15m x 0,80m in size they are perfect for siblings or friends to share, pop the poster on the ground, use it as a tablecloth or even attach it to the wall, your little artists will have a ball working their magic on this gigantic colouring poster. Choose from a range of great themes.

Created with love right here in Australia by talented designer Amy the One in a Melon linen collection is one of my favourite finds in store. These stunning art pieces are hand screen printed on 100% linen, they are limited edition and sure to sell out in a flash so make sure you don’t miss out. I think they would look amazing in a nursery, children’s bedroom or playroom, which one do you like most?

One in a Melon Prints

To find out more about Little Urban, to browse the range and to order online visit www.littleurban.com.au.

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Jul 272014

bedSOK (2)

Everywhere I go I hear people complain about the cold and I have to admit, in my 8 years in Australia this is by far the coldest winter I have experienced. We have the fireplace on most days and dress the kids in warm winter pyjamas but they still wake up cold during the night, having slipped out from under their sheets and kicked down the blankets in their sleep. Luckily help has arrived, bedSOK is coming to the rescue of shivering families across Australia with a fabulous flannelette version of their famous bedSOK.


Right now bedSOK helps families stay warm and within budget with an awesome 20% off storewide. Simply enter the code ‘Rewardme’ at checkout, be quick as offer ends August 2, 2014.

Fluffy White bedSOKThe 100% cotton flannelette Fluffy White bedSOK ($79.90-$89.90) is available in cot, single and king single size and will easily fit in with any decor. It’s soft and comfortable, warm and cosy, just what you need to keep kids toasty warm in the cooler months. The all-in-one bed sheet set comes in a handy drawstring bag and contains a fitted sheet with top sheet attached to it as well as a matching pillow case. Simple zip your bedSOK open on the side, hop in and zip it back up to stay warm and covered all night long.

BedSOK pinkBut there is more, currently en route to Australia are three brand new bedSOK designs that are bound to sell like hot cakes: Pink Spot for little princesses of all ages. Navy Spot for cool dudes big and small and the very stylish gender neutral Grey Spot. bedSOKs are machine washable, they are made from 100% breathable cotton and feature soft, elasticised ribbing that is gentle against your child’s skin.

We first discovered bedSOK last year and I haven’t looked back since, changing the sheets of our bunk beds used to be one of my most hated chores but with bedSOK it is super easy! I can not recommend these highly enough, they save me time making beds, they save me washing two sheets and they save me dealing with cold kids who keep getting out of bed. The kids just hop in and do up the zip themselves, the bedSOK is a real sanity saver.

To find out more about bedSOK, to browse the range and to order online visit www.bedsok.com.

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Jul 262014


I can’t believe it is already a year ago that I first introduced you to the awesome Plus-Plus range from the Coccinella store. I was so excited to tell you about these quirky shaped building bricks from Denmark and one year on we still love them, I purchased our kids the big 400 pc box and they regularly tip all the Plus-Plus pieces over on the rug to build, create and play for ages, individually or together.

Plus-Plus 3-in-1 Pastel 220

Shaped like two plus symbols (hence the name) this funky building toy adds a whole new dimension to building fun. You can build upwards, sideways and even completely flat, Plus-Plus will really get those little minds working. Designed with a soft, smooth yet strong and durable material Plus-Plus is a fantastic tactile activity for children that really encourages them to get creative and think about the bigger picture (it does require a bit of patience!).

Plus-Plus 3-in-1 Neon

The new Plus-Plus 3-in-1 Mini building sets are available in two different sizes: 220 pieces ($19.95) and 480 pieces ($29.95). You can choose from three different colour combinations (basic, neon and pastel) to suit both boys and girls. Each Plus-Plus 3-in-1 set includes instructions to make three great models to get you started but obviously you can use your own imagination and building skills to design many more fantastic Plus-Plus creations, the options are endless!

Plus-Plus 3-in-1 Basic 480

To find out more about Down That Little Lane, to browse the Coccinella store and to order your favourite Plus-Plus products online visit www.downthatlittlelane.com.au/coccinella-eco.

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