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When you have four young, and very messy, children, laundry takes up the majority of your household chores. Sorting, washing or soaking, hanging, drying, folding and tidying it all away, it is an endless cycle at our house and sometimes clothes don’t even make it back into the cupboard. We do at least one load of washing a day and when you go through laundry products as fast as we do you can’t help but wonder what exactly you are putting in your washing machine every time you add another scoop…

Research has shown that the majority of washing powder contains large amounts of fillers, petrochemical surfactants and synthetic perfumes, doing damage to your washing machine, your clothing and your (and your family’s) health. Euca wants to turn the powder white world of laundry products upside down and inform Aussie families about what’s really in their favourite detergent.

Euca Laundry LiquidEuca Lightning Products contain Australian eucalyptus oil, well known for its pleasant fragrance and excellent cleaning and anti bacterial qualities, and are 100% soluble. Free from synthetic perfumes, phosphates and enzymes and significantly lower in sodium Euca Laundry Liquid is safer and healthier for your family, better for your washing machine and the environment and ideal for grey water and septic systems. Being 100% concentrate and suitable for cold water you need less of it and use less energy too!

Euca Laundry PowderEuca Laundry Powder is by far the easiest laundry powder you’ll find in Australia. Whether you have a front loader or top loader, you want your laundry bright than bright, darker than dark or have got a mixed load, whether you wash hot or cold or need a grey water friendly option, Euca has got everyone and everything covered with one great laundry product. If you or your family members have sensitive skin or suffer from allergies all natural Euca Laundry Powder is perfect for you.

Depending on your washing machine (top or front loader) and your load (light, medium or heavy soiled) you can get up to 100 washes out of a 2kg pack ($11.95), making Euca a very economical choice for eco conscious families. Larger sizes and refill packages are available for even better value for money.

Euca Laundry SoakerAs most mums will know some stains do need a bit of extra attention, if you have one of these tricky spots to fight Euca Soaker is just what you need. You can add it to your normal load as brightening booster, use it to make up a powerful cleaning paste or create a pre-wash spray; one product, many uses. Unlike most other laundry brighteners it contains no harsh chlorine bleaches so you can get your dirty laundry clean without the nasty chemicals.

Next time you browse the laundry aisle in your local supermarket look further than the size of the box. Don’t pay for fillers, chemicals and other unnecessary ingredients, shop smart and safe with Euca.

To find out more about Euca, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit www.euca.com.au.

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