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They are questions most parents, particularly those with boys, will be asked sooner or later: How big is a dinosaur? Can we go see a dinosaur one day? Normally the answer would be that it is hard to explain as you never seen a dinosaur before and sadly it is not possible to go see one either resulting in disappointed little faces. Well I’ve got news that will turn that frown upside down, check out Dinosaur Adventures:

Dinosaur Adventures Melbourne

After the enormous success of Dinosaur Adventures at the Royal Easter Show in Sydney it is now time for Melbourne dinosaur fans to get up close and personal with these intriguing creatures from the past. Get ready for an experience like no other at this mind blowing exhibition with the most amazing animatronics.

Dinosaur Adventures exhibition

Kids of all ages (and parents too) will have a blast visiting this interactive dinosaur event which transforms little visitors into expert paleontologists complete with outfit and digging tools. You get to dig out your own fossil, admire life size dinosaurs and eggs, listen to their roars and watch them move, do dinosaur craft, explore the dinosaur library and fossil display and so much more.

Dinosaur Adventures 2014

If there ever was a chance to step into this wondrous prehistoric world this is it, don’t miss it! Kids will talk about it for a long time to come and it’s a fantastic opportunity to turn something they only read about in books into something real and tangible. I bet many children walk away from Dinosaur Adventures wanting to learn all about this interesting topic or even cherishing a new dream to become a paleontologist one day.

Dinosaur Adventures show

The Dinosaur Adventures exhibition will be held at Caulfield Racecourse, Melbourne, from June 21 until July 21 making it a must-see these school holidays. Tickets cost $27 per person and children under 3 are free.

To find out more about Dinosaur Adventures, to check show times and to order tickets online visit www.dinosauradventures.com.au.

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