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People who know me well will know that I am a very organised and prepared person. I like routine, schedules and planning ahead which is sometimes good and sometimes also rather tricky as babies and kids have their own secret agenda and are full of surprises. When babies wake up hungry they want to eat, and straight away please, which usually leaves mum and dad rushing around to heat a bottle. At home this may be relatively easy but when out and about it is often a big hassle with boiling water, insulated bottle holders and a lot of guessing to get the right temperature.

PaulandStella Baby BottleGerman designer brand PaulandStella takes the hassle out of warming your baby’s milk feeds with the exciting new PaulandStella Self Heating Baby Bottle (RRP $49.95). This unique and very stylish baby bottle features innovative technology to heat the bottle contents without the need for electricity, batteries or bottle warmers making it a perfect choice for busy families on the go or sleepy night feeds.

PaulandStella Heating ButtonThe magic comes from the cleverly designed heating module that sits in the centre of the bottle. All it takes is one click on the bottom of the bottle to activate the heating module, the water will heat up to perfect drinking temperature (body temperature = 36 C) in just a few minutes and you can freshly prepare your baby’s feed. The bottle will maintain this temperature for more than 1 hour; very handy when your baby is a slow drinker, takes a break or when you make the bottle ahead of a feed.

PaulandStella Heating ModuleThe heating module contains a concentrated salt/water solution which solidifies when activated to disperse heat. To recharge the heating module after it has been used the module has to be heated in boiling water or a steam steriliser for ca.20-30 minutes so the solution can turn to liquid again. This process can be repeated approx. 100 times. Once recharged your bottle is good to go for next time when you need an instant warm bottle. The heating module can be purchased separately for $19.95.

PaulandStella TemperatureAside from the main self-heating feature the PaulandStella bottle is also fitted with an anti-colic bottle teat to prevent your baby swallowing air and an easy-to-read integrated thermometer so you can always double check the temperature of your baby’s milk. Designed and made in Germany the PaulandStella baby feeding range is completely free from BPA and meets all European and Australian safety standards so you can trust the product to be a 100% safe choice for your precious little bundle.

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