Apr 292014

As a mum of four young children there is one important thing I have learnt and that I try to hold onto when things are hard and I struggle (more often than you think): Being a parent is a personal journey and we all try to do the best we can, we parent in a way that suits our personality and our child and just as every parent is different all children are unique too.

The Awesome Trio

The Awesome Trio

Our first three children slept like a dream and ate everything we ever fed them so, as naive as that may have been, we were expecting our 4th baby to slot in without much hassle. We couldn’t have been more wrong… Over the past 14 months our beautiful little Sybil has taught us more about sleep deprivation, patience, endurance, separation anxiety, food battles, allergies, sleeping while sitting up, hospitals, doctors, tests and tears than the other three children have done in (almost) 6 years but that is not what matters.

Our beautiful, serious little girl

Our beautiful, serious little girl

What matters is that she has enriched our lives more than words can ever say, my heart bursts with love for her and one look at her makes me weak in the knees. My love for her grows every time she wakes up crying, every night that we sit up for hours holding her upright waiting for her breathing to slow down and her to fall in a peaceful sleep, every time she holds onto to us like a scared little koala because she doesn’t like other people or new environments, every time we leave a doctor’s office without answers, every evening when she has her medication and every time she cries at a blood test, we praise her for every bite she eats (and don’t fuss about cleaning up and throwing out all the food she didn’t want), her smiles are so precious to me and I mentally capture every single one of them so I can hold on to them when we have a rough day.

Our miss Sybbie is a good baby, she is an excellent baby, she is perfect in her very own unique way and I am not letting anyone tell us any different.

This post by Nurshable sums it all up

This image by Nurshable sums it all up

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