Meals on Wheels: Fred Taco Truck

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Apr 192014

Neat 2 Eat

I don’t know about you but at our house school holidays call for easy meals, we’re out and about most of the day and no one feels like cooking a fancy pants dinner at the end of a busy day. They’re tasty, quick, affordable and a great ‘create your own’ food, I am talking about the always popular taco.

Fred Taco Truck

Cut the tomato, slice the carrot, cube the cucumber, wash the lettuce, grate the cheese and let your little chefs put together their dream taco with the help of the super hip Fred Taco Truck (2 pack, $17.95).

Fred Taco Truck Salsa RedEach pack contains a cheerful salsa red and guacamole green taco truck to match the vibrant contents of your taco. They make an ideal creation station for kids preparing their own food, they’re a fun way to serve a taco dinner for your kids or party guests and they offer a clean, spill free parking spot in between bites. Pre-order your ‘meals on wheels’ today at Neat 2 Eat, stock is due to arrive at the end of April.

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