Mar 062014

Wilderness Fairies

When our little miss 5 and her best school buddy K. get together they have the best of fun, their favourite game is fairies which is easy because besides your imagination you don’t need much. Often their props include rocks, leaves and flower petals and if they can find a dandelion floating around in the garden their adventure is sure to get even better. I bet if they could read they would be big fans of the new Wilderness Fairies series by Australian author Jodie Wells-Slowgrove.

Wilderness Fairies 'Daisy's Quest' and 'Daisy's New Wings'

Wilderness Fairies ‘Daisy’s Quest’ and ‘Daisy’s New Wings’

The first two titles in the Wilderness Fairies book series have just hit stores across Australia, introducing lovable little fairy Daisy to the public. Starting at the beginning Daisy’s Quest tells of sweet Daisy and how she dreams of finally earning her wings, when will it be her big day? From rainbows to waterfalls and from friendly beetles to fragrant blossoms, Daisy lives in a magical world I would love to walk around in one day.

Daisy's New Wings

After having received a pretty set of bright yellow wings from the Fairy Queen in the first book, Daisy is now ready to spread those wings and learn to fly in Daisy’s New Wings. But that’s not as easy as it sounds, it is actually very tricky especially if patience is not your strongest side. We all know practice makes perfect so with the help of Aunt Acacia Daisy learns to turn her gentle flutter into a strong, powerful flap.

Written with primary school children in mind the books feature a larger, easy to read font, whimsical illustrations by Kerry Millard and with 120 pages per book it is a light and enjoyable read (Bonus: the $9.99 price tag is light on the budget too).

If you live in New South Wales you are in luck as you can attend one of two Wilderness Fairies book launches. Meet the author and illustrator, enjoy craft activities and snacks and you could even win a prize for best dressed fairy! Visit the website for details and to RSVP.

To find out more about the Wilderness Fairies series, published by Penguin Books Australia, to discover fun craft activities and to order online visit

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