Feb 112014

Tea Collection

Rain or shine, summer or winter, anyone who knows my daughters will know that my girls always wear dresses. Between our three little ladies we have gathered quite the collection and wherever we go people comment on their lovely frocks. Of course they’re all gorgeous but is obvious that their Tea Collection dresses are a real standout and after seeing the latest Daily Tea arrivals at Where Did You Get That? I think we may have to get a few more coat hangers:

Daily Tea Dress

So what are my hot picks for the upcoming season? I have definitely got my eye on this super sweet Cherry Blossom Layer Dress ($34.95), the blue and pink is so fresh and I love the layered look. Wear this dress with a great pair of legging and sneakers or ballet flats or even tights and boots, a hip combi to brighten up the chilly days.

Daily Tea HummingbirdMy other favourite is the Hummingbird Wrap Dress ($34.95), a pretty red number inspired by the beauty of China just like the rest of this amazing collection. The wrap dress is one of Daily Tea’s signature designs with new prints, colours and patterns being released every season. It is an excellent fit for girls with a slimmer frame (like our miss 5)thanks to the cross over neckline and waist detail, we have at least 9 wrap dresses like this on rotation.

Putting together a beautiful Daily Tea outfit is really easy as the collection contains a fantastic selection of leggings and pants in a rainbow of colours to team up with the dresses and tops. You will find you are mixing and matching all the time and with just a few pieces you can create different looks. I often choose Daily Tea when I want my girls to wear similar colours and styles without looking identical (ideal for family photos!).

Delightful dresses by Daily Tea

Delightful dresses by Daily Tea

Over the past five years I have purchased many Daily Tea garments for all of our children and I can not speak highly enough of the excellent fit, high quality materials, durability and easy wash and wear. Our youngest daughter is currently wearing dresses that have been worn by her two sisters before her and they still look fantastic. Tea Collection is already very well priced and when you consider the hand me downs it’s an even bigger bargain.

If you purchase any item from the new Where Did You Get That? Autumn/Winter 2014 category you will receive FREE shipping Australia wide, simply enter the code ‘THAT-WINTER’ at checkout. Offer ends February 14, 2014.

To find out more Where Did You Get That?, to browse the new Tea Collection arrivals and to order online visit www.wheredidyougetthat.com.au.

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