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As I walked into school this week I spotted one of the twins’ class mates with a big empty spot exactly where his front tooth had been just last week. All I could think was that surely children don’t lose their first tooth at 5 years old? I realised how quick our babies are growing up, while I hope it is still a while off I am afraid it won’t be long before our own children start losing their precious baby teeth too. If you are looking for a cute Tooth Fairy tradition of your own you’ll love this sweet Tooth Fairy Doll at Shnookums:

Tooth Fairy Doll Front

This delightful Ragtales Tooth Fairy Doll is sure to catch the imagination of little children with her head full of hair and adorable purple outfit. Kids can pop the lost milk tooth in her tiny backpack and in the morning they’ll find it replaced by a shiny coin, I wonder what the going rate for baby teeth is these days? If you know please drop me a note so I can leave our tooth fairy some helpful instructions.

Tooth Fairy Doll Back

As children have a fair few teeth to lose these nightly visits are a costly business for the Tooth Fairy, at least you can save yourself some big bucks on the Tooth Fairy Doll. She is currently on sale for just $15, what a bargain and such a lovely keepsake!

To find out more about Shnookums, to browse the range and to order online visit www.shnookumsboutique.com.

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  1. This would be so love by my neice

  2. Would love to win this princess ty

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