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Sonny Angel

One of the awesome things about being a parent is that it allows you to indulge in childhood crazes and silly games without looking ridiculous. One thing my kids really enjoy is collecting ‘things’, something I also loved when I was younger and now I can go for it all over again. The excitement of adding new pieces to your collection, the endless studying of that little catalogue to see which designs you are missing and that ‘moment of truth’ when you rip open a blind packet to unveil your new treasure.

Sonny Angel Animals

The latest collecting toy to hit Australian stores is Sonny Angel, a cute little winged boy doll that is rapidly stealing hearts all across the country and around the world. Sporting nothing but an eye-catching head piece Sonny is an innocent little toy, much more peaceful than scary robots and violent fighting machines and more age appropriate than Barbie and Bratz dolls covered in make up. The funny things is that our kids still haven’t noticed, or commented on, his Adam’s costume.

Sonny Angel FruitThere are lots of different Sonny Angels available and new designs are released all the time so you can keep growing your collection. Current series include Vegetables, Fruit, Animals and Marine and with 12 Sonny Angel designs per series that is a lot of angelic pieces to collect. All Sonny Angel dolls are sold ‘blind’ so while you can pick the series you won’t know which doll you’ll get. If you buy multiple dolls from the series in one purchase you are guaranteed to receive no doubles.

Sonny Angel AnimalsDisclaimer: Sonny Angel may or may not bring you happiness, I am afraid I can’t give guarantees. What he will bring you is plenty of smiles as he is super duper adorable, kids will love building their own collection and they make great imaginative play toys (at 10cm high they’re perfect for ‘on the go’). Be warned that collecting these little dudes is quite addictive and your child may want to grow a very large Sonny Angel family!

Sonny Angel MarineSonny Angels are sold individually with 1 doll per box and a little collection booklet showing all the different designs is included. You can find Sonny Angel in the Coccinella store on Australian market place Down That Little Lane. Normally each doll costs $10.95 with a flat rate shipping fee of $8.95 no matter how big or small your order but for a limited time only Sonny Angel dolls are on special for the reduced price of $9.95 per doll or $119.95 for a complete series of 12. Offer ends February 23, 2014.

To find out more about Down That Little Lane, to browse the Sonny Angel range and to order online visit www.downthatlittlelane.com.au.

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  1. The Sonny Lop Ear Rabbit,so cute n gorgeous what can I say come to my place Sonny,please come and play.

  2. Soooooooooooooooo cute! My kids would ❤️ them to pieces!

  3. Love the sonny angel dolls. Really wanna start collecting these for my baby girl

  4. I love them they are soooo cute.

  5. Sonny Lop Ear Rabbit will be perfect with Easter fast approaching. Thank you for the chance.

  6. My daughter would love the sonny lop ear rabbit pleasssssse

  7. French bulldog sonnie, I’m obsessed!

  8. The PENGUIN Sonny Angel Kewpie doll from the marine series would be a perfect find in the “BLIND BOX”..but they are all cute Kewpies. What a wonderful marketing idea!

  9. The puddy cat one looks a cutie, great for the kids.

  10. Daughter would love this

  11. Would be amazing if i could win this for my daughter

  12. Love to win one of the cute rabbits for my grandaughter.

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