Dec 172013


From simple every day events to fun adventures, no two days are the same for Peppa Pig. Like many (dare I say all?) other children in Australia our kids are big fans of this lovable little piggy who has quickly captured hearts all around the globe. Kids just can’t get enough of her and parents are full of praise for Peppa Pig too, I am yet to meet a mum who doesn’t give this show the thumbs up (and who doesn’t appreciate the 10 minutes of piece and quiet it provides!).

Peppa Pig TrolleyPeppa Pig has clearly mastered the perfect combination of the imaginary and reality, this makes the episodes fun and exciting (and sometimes a little crazy too!) but at the same time they hit close to home and cover a lot of little life lessons for young children. My children often refer to something they have seen on or learnt from Peppa and we ourselves do too when it comes to explaining things. Who would have thought a television show could be so useful?

Peppa Pig Space ShipWhen I just started Hip little one I only posted two, maybe three, times a week and I did all my writing in the evenings. Since then Hip little one has grown a lot, I now share a hip find every single day and my inbox is always overflowing with new requests, I have no other choice than to sometimes ‘work’ during the day too which is hard to understand for young children. Luckily the makers of Peppa Pig have come to my rescue…

Mummy PigUnlike in many other tv shows it is not just Daddy Pig who works, Mummy Pig works too! In fact, Mummy Pig is a very modern ‘work-from-home’ mum who works on the computer, just like I do. Thanks to Peppa Pig our children now accept that computers are not just for playing games or watching Peppa Pig videos and some people use a computer to do their work from home instead of having to go to work elsewhere.

Thank you Peppa Pig for introducing our children to the concept of a working mummy, you’ve made my days a lot easier!

If your little ones are crazy about Peppa Pig too make sure you enter the giveaway below for your chance to win a super cool Peppa Pig Space Ship (RRP $54.99).

Peppa Pig is loved by parents and kids for her mischievous sense of humour and the life lessons explored in a fun way. Check out and for printables, event updates and products available in time for Christmas.

Peppa Pig is also a massive supporter of the Australian charity Life’s Little Treasures Foundation. Over the coming year Peppa Pig will be the brand ambassador for Life’s Little Treasures Foundation to raise funds that will support families with babies born prematurely or sick.

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