Nov 042013


Before the twins were born I had absolutely no idea how to wrap a baby, it looked really difficult and in the early days I let my husband do the swaddling as often as I could. Five years and four children later I am quite the expert if I say so myself; the twins slept wrapped for 7 months, miss 3 for 10 months and we are far from ready to ditch the wrap for our 8-month old. But no matter how good your wrapping skills are, sooner or later the standard wraps will get too small which can cause lots of bedtime dramas. Don’t fear, the solution is here thanks to Bubziboo:

Bubzidoo Pram WrapYou may remember Bubziboo from its innovative baby Pram Wrap and now mum, owner and designer Catherine designed a fabulous product that will help bigger babies (and mamas) get the sleep they need too. Where most other baby wraps measure 80 cm, 100 cm or 120 cm in size the brand new Bubziboo Organic Wrapping Sheet ($43.90) stands out from the crowd with a huge 200 cm (two meters!) length.

The Bubzidoo Organic Wrapping Sheet is designed and made right here in Australia using soft, 100% organic cotton in a gender neutral white colour and finished with a sweet colourful trim. No more fiddling, stretching and pulling to get a tiny bit of material to tuck in, only for your baby to wake up in the middle of the night with arms waving around. The extremely generous size of the wrapping sheet means there is no need for tricky folds and twists, just wrap it around your baby it doesn’t get any simpler.

Bubzidoo Organic Wrapping Sheet

Bubzidoo Organic Wrapping Sheet

Whether baby is being wrapped by mum, dad, grandma or babysitter, with a simple, straight forward wrapping sheet like this is it easy to be consistent, which will help in establishing a good sleeping pattern for your baby. Where other wraps are usually square the Bubziboo Wrapping Sheet is rectangular shaped (200x68cm), giving you the extra fabric where you need it (around the arms) and without excess, bulky material at the bottom.

Postage for one Bubzidoo is just $5 and if you order two or more postage is FREE, within Australia and worldwide!

To find out more about Bubzidoo, to take a closer look at the Bubzidoo Organic Wrapping Sheet and to order online visit
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