Sep 102013

When I posted a photo of our beautiful birthday girl Juliet on Facebook a few weeks ago several people asked about the cute purple puppy in the photo. Well, her name is Violet and she is the best buddy of LeapFrog’s green puppy dog Scout. There are lots of different Violet toys available in the LeapFrog range, this one is brand new to the LeapFrog family and it arrived just in time to be wrapped up for Juliet’s birthday. Meet Read with me Violet by LeapFrog:

First present of the (very early) morning

First present of the (very early) morning

LeapFrog is well known all around the globe for its innovative range of fun and educational toys for children. They design toys that kids love to play with and at the same time encourage a love for learning, after all you’re never too young (or old) to learn! The newest family members Read with me Scout and Read with me Violet ($59.99, ages 2+) fit right in with the rest. As the name suggests Scout and Violet are more than just soft toys, while they’re definitely soft and cuddly they can also do something other puppies can’t: read!

Read with me VioletRead with me Violet comes with five 10-page board books covering a range of learning areas like colours, numbers, shapes, rhyming, patterns and more. Using the collar around her neck toddlers can explore their own little story library. The collar features five coloured buttons which correspond with the five books, eg. when you press the blue no.3 button Violet tells you to look for the blue book with the number 3 on it. She also describes the front cover of the book to help little ones find the right book.

Birthday Girl

Nothing like reading a book with a pal

Read with me Scout (3)As Violet reads the book she asks the reader questions about the story, making it more fun and keeping little minds engaged. With over 70 questions there is plenty to discover and of course parents can make up their own questions too. Children respond to Violet’s questions by patting her back, they can also kiss her cheek, pat her head or squeeze one the front paws to get a response from Violet. She sure is one friendly puppy, always keen to make a new friend and telling them how much she likes them.

Our first opinion of Violet was that she is big (an impressive size for little ones) and very huggable. Juliet immediately worked out that the symbols on Violet’s body triggered a response, she likes pressing them again and again and her favourite lines are ‘You’re nice, I like being friends with you’ and ‘May I have a kiss?’. Although we usually sit down with her the buttons are a great size for chubby little fingers so she can easily control Violet herself. Sometimes she gets a bit distracted so it is nice that Violet reminds her to get back to the story.

Read with me ScoutBoth miss 3 and the twins enjoy playing with Read with me Violet and it is interesting to see how different their approach is. Miss 3 randomly presses numbers but mostly reads the same book again and again (Let’s cheer up Eli, a sweet rhyming story), while the twins really listen to Violet’s instructions and read the books in the right order, recognising letters and even some words. This shows exactly how LeapFrog toys grow with your child over a certain time period and stay challenging and fun.

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