Aug 172013

Whole Kids

As you can imagine getting four little ones ready on school days is quite a challenge, even for organised people like me. The twins still need some help getting dressed (so do the two youngest ones of course) and then there is breakfast and lunch to be made and backpacks to be packed. From the start I have been really strict on what sort of snack food they take to school and luckily my kids really enjoy fruit and vegetables. In saying that they like a bit of variety too and it would be so easy to fall into the trap of unhealthy treats…

Whole Kids Apple JuiceSugary bars, chocolate biscuits, salty crisps or lollies in chemical colours, when it comes to convenient, individually packaged foods parents are bombarded with snacks that are far from nutritious. Melbourne parents James and Monica discovered that even so called ‘healthy’ products were full of added (unnecessary and harmful) colours, flavours, preservatives and other nasties so they decided to start a new movement in Australia and create kids snacks that are 100% wholesome.

Whole Kids Fruit BarsThe Whole Kids range offers a yummy selection of kids food that is 100% organic, filled with delicious fruit and fresh vegetables, tasty cereals and corn and absolutely nothing else. Nutritionists, dieticians, mums and of course kids all gave Whole Kids the thumbs up as being healthy and tasty and there is more. The food is conveniently packaged, lunchbox friendly (does not need refridgerating), easy to handle for little hands and comes in child appropriate sizes, it is simply the ideal choice for kids schoolbags.

Frooshies Fruit & VegetableWhole Kids Frooshies are the perfect example of what Whole Kids is all about. These convenient squeezy pouches are filled with fruit, fruit and vegies or fruit and cereal. From strawberry to mango, from beetroot to carrot and even rice flakes and quinoa (a real super food!), Frooshies are full of natural goodness. It’s 100% real, high quality food without any junk added to it, only the best is good enough for our precious kids!

Frooshies Fruit & CerealOn top of the dietary peace of mind there is another nice bonus, Frooshies pouches are virtually mess free so they’re perfect for on the go. No wiping sticky hands or finding a bin for that banana peel or apple core, just screw the lid back on and pop back in your bag. My kids think these are so yummy and after trying one myself I have to agree. When summer comes around you can also freeze them so they make a refreshing lunchtime snack. 

When you buy Whole Kids you are not only looking after the health of your children, you are also supporting a small Australian family business and your purchase helps them get bigger and better so that more families will be able to ditch the junk and go for 100% real food.

To find out more about Whole Kids, to take a closer look at the range and to order online visit

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