Aug 162013

Disney Infinity

Just six sleeps to go until the much anticipated release of Disney Infinity, can you tell we are excited? Disney fans worldwide have been wiggling their feet and tapping their fingers, impatiently waiting to get their hands on this fantastic new game, or maybe I should say ‘experience’, that will allow you to step into the shoes (or wheels!) of your favourite Disney characters. Scare like Mike and Sulley, be a hero like Mr. Incredible, race like Lighting McQueen or fight like Captain Jack Sparrow, with Disney Infinity it is all possible.

When I first heard about Disney Infinity I struggled to get my head around it all (after all we all know one can never completely grasp infinity): What exactly is Disney Infinity? How do you play it? Who is it designed for? What are the costs? These are just a few of the questions that popped up in my head and I was determined to find the answer. Last week I sat down for a friendly phone chat with one of the amazingly talented producers of the game and not only did everything fall into place, I also got even more excited than I was before and I bet you will be too when you finish reading this.

What is Disney Infinity?
Let’s start with the basics. Disney Infinity is a game that you can play on your Wii, Wii-U, PS3 or Xbox game console but don’t be fooled, it is much more than just an ordinary computer game. There are two ways to play with Disney Infinity: First of all you can play one of the ‘pre-made’ games (Play Sets) where you are the star of your favourite Disney movie. The first five Play Sets that will be available are Monsters University, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Incredibles, The Lone Ranger and Cars with more titles to be released in the near future.

Monsters University Play Set

Monsters University Play Set

But here’s why the game world is buzzing with excitement, after years and years of preparation Disney is super proud to announce another way to enjoy Disney: the Disney Infinity Toy Box. Get those creative juices flowing and dive into the Toy Box where you can create your very own world and build games from scratch, combining elements from all the popular Disney movies. From scenery to characters, from games and challenges to vehicles, buildings, tracks and cool tricks, you get to design absolutely every part of your dreamworld yourself.

The options are endless in the Toy Box

The options are endless in the Toy Box

Both play modes are connected, by playing the Play Sets you can collect new items for your Toy Box so your own designer world can become even more spectular.

How do you play it?
To play Disney Infinity you need the Disney Infinity Base which is a unit that plugs into your game console. On the base you’ll find three dedicated spots on which to place items, making this fun and very ‘real’ (kids will love that they actually have something to touch and look at). The hexagonal spot holds 1 Play Set piece which determines what Play World you will play in, eg. Monsters University, Cars, Pirates of the Caribbean. With an evergrowing range of Play Sets to choose from you will never get bored, which movie do you hope to see made into a Play Set next?

Disney Infinity Base

Disney Infinity Base

The two round spots are to hold character figures which determine which character you will play in that Play World. So if you put the Monsters University Play Set on the base you can step into the shoes of Sulley, Mike or Randy (depending on which character figures you own) and wander around the University campus. A Play Set game can be played with 1 or 2 figures/players as long as they are both from that particular movie, in Toy Box mode up to 4 characters from different movies can play together eg. Sulley can play with Mr. Incredible. How cool is that?

Last but not least there will also be a (initial) range of 20 Power Discs available in either a hexagonal or round shape. The round shaped Power Discs can be placed under your figure on the Disney Infinity Base and will provide your player with an extra power, eg. extra strength like Bolt or extra health like Fix it Felix. You can stack up to two discs with certain combinations delivering a special surprise power.

Wreck It Ralph Power DiscThe hexagonal shaped discs are made to fit on the Play Set ‘spot’ on the base, they can only be used in Toy Box mode so they replace the Play Set piece. Hexagonal Power Discs add unique collectibles to your Toy Box (imagine finding Cinderella’s Coach or the Dumbo ride from Walt Disney World in your inventory!) or provide new Toy Box design features (so you can change the sky to Wreck It Ralph’s Sugar Rush or the ocean from Finding Nemo).

Who is it designed for?
While Disney Infinity is designed for the 7-15 year old age group there are so many different aspects to it that it can be enjoyed by children as young as five and at the same time it offers great entertainment for adults. As there will be lots of different Play Sets available featuring a range of Disney movies you can imagine that certain themes are fantastic for young children while other titles appeal more to older children or adults. Adults might like to play Pirates of the Caribbean or The Lone Ranger or use their creative skills to design a new world in the Toy Box which can then be enjoyed by the little ones (you can even upload your Toy Box world to Disney so others can download it and enjoy it too!).  

Of course the game content is child friendly as well. You don’t have to worry about for example dramatic, bloody deaths in Pirates of the Caribbean, after all Disney is all about families so Disney Infinity is to be enjoyed by the whole family. Within each game there are little ‘mini challenges’ and the game can be saved at any moment in time which means kids don’t have to play hours in a row, you can limit your children’s screen time (or a quick 15-minute play after dinner) and it will still be awesome fun.

What are the costs?
Compared to other games Disney Infinity is surprisingly well priced, great news for families on a budget! The Disney Infinity Starter Pack ($89.95) consists of the Disney Infinity Base, Play Set for Monsters University, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Incredibles and three figures (Sulley, Captain Jack Sparrow and Mr. Incredible). This means with just the Starter Kit you can play in the three different worlds, hours of playing fun guaranteed! With Christmas just 4 months away this will definitely be a very popular gift for siblings to share.

Disney Infinity Starter Pack

If you want to add characters to your exisiting Play Set you can purchase them separately for $17.95 so they are quite affordable. Each figure has its own special qualities so it adds a whole new dimension to your Play Set for under $20, that’s a nice birthday gift or Christmas present. If you want to buy a whole new Play Set (a different movie so to speak, eg. Cars or The Lone Ranger) you are looking at $39.95 per set, which is 1 Play Set piece and two figures. New Play Sets and figures will be released so keep an eye out for your favourite movie/movie characters.

Monsters University figures

Monsters University figures

Power Discs will costs $5.95 for a blind set of 2, a well-priced stocking filler or something young children can use their pocket money for without having to save up for months. You will not know which discs are in the pack, but they are not too expensive and can be swapped with others.

Nice to know: While the Disney Infinity Base is different for each game console type (eg. the Wii base will not connect to a PS3) the pieces are not. If your friend, neighbour or class mate also has a Disney Infinity collection you can swap your Play Sets, figures and Power Discs with eachother and use them on your own base, a very budget friendly way to enjoy a whole new game without breaking the bank.

I personally can’t wait to experience the excitement of Disney Infinity and I will make sure to report back once I have given it a try. Of course this wouldn’t be Hip little one if there wasn’t a giveaway included so stay tuned for your chance to win a Disney Infinity Starter Pack!

Disney Infinity will be available in stores across Australia from August 22, 2013. To find out more about Disney Infinity and to watch exciting videos of Disney Infinity in action visit