Jul 142013

Ever since the kids discovered that their heroes from Monsters Inc. were back for a sequel they have been begging us to go see the movie on the big screen. We promised we would take them but sickness has been keeping us indoors for weeks now, such a disappointment for my little Monsters fans. Luckily I knew exactly how to turn those frowns upside down and introduced them to these two great Monsters University releases from LeapFrog:

LeapReader Monsters UniversityLast week I told you all about the exciting new LeapReader Reading and Writing System (if you missed it you can read it here) and Monsters University ($24.99, ages 5-8) is one of the first titles in the LeapReader library. We all know kids learn better when they like the subject they’re reading about so this was the perfect book for our kids to start with. As if Mike and Sully weren’t interesting enough already the book comes with a pair of 3D glasses, smiling faces all around.

Reading is fun with the LeapReader

Reading is fun with the LeapReader

The hardcover book tells the story of Disney’s Monsters University which is currently showing in cinemas around the country. Kids can hear the story read out loud or read letters, words and sentences by themselves using the innovative LeapReader stylus. What I think is a real bonus is that the stylus teaches children to pay attention, listen carefully and follow instructions, those are very useful skills at school and at home.

Learning about Nouns and Verbs with Mike

Learning about Nouns and Verbs with Mike

But there is more than just reading, by touching the symbols on each page corner kids can play fun (and educational!) games too and even the illustrations come to life when you touch them with the stylus. We’ve read Monsters University so many times now but we keep hearing new things which is what makes these books such a success. My kids love playing the games and without realising it they are learning about position words, nouns and verbs and adding tricky words to their vocabulary too.

LeapFrog Explorer Monsters UniversityTo avoid arguments between the big two I made sure there was some more ‘scary’ entertainment available in the shape of the LeapFrog Explorer Monsters University Learning Game ($44.99, ages 4-7). We have both the LeapFrog GS and the LeapPad 1 and it is compatible with both so that’s very convenient. This game has so many cool functions, I think we’ve only discovered the tip of the iceberg but I can already tell you it is a huge hit.

The game uses a range of different exercises that build creativity (create your own monster picture and practise your scariest monster sounds), logic skills (walk your way through the university, avoid obstacles and enemies and learn about cause and effect) and memory skills (play the monster memory game and solve puzzles). Get working on those scare skills! Last but not least: Monsters University is a great tool to show your kids that there is nothing scary about monsters, they’re just funny!

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To find out more about LeapFrog, to take a closer look at the range and to locate stockist near you visit www.leapfrog.com.au.

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