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After setting up two nurseries before I was quite clear on what I wanted this time around. I had discovered in the past that some things are really not needed or just don’t work, while I missed other aspects that make the perfect nursery. One of the things I missed in my previous nurseries was a nice chair to sit down in with baby and maybe even use to breastfeed in every now and then.

Mocka Asta ArmchairI didn’t want a big fancy rocking chair but just a comfortable, good looking chair that I could still use after the baby stage and preferably one that wouldn’t break the bank. While ordering the cute Post Box storage unit for miss 2 from Mocka (read more about that here) I spotted the stylish Mocka Asta. The Mocka Asta is a modern armchair designed to be enjoyed by big people yet with a very little $79.95 price tag.

The Mocka Asta in action

The Mocka Asta in action

Mocka Asta RedNow this may not be a dedicated feeding chair but it is very well suited for it: It is a wide design, has arm rests for support and even has a gentle rock to it. The Mocka Asta comes in timeless black, red and cream and this last one fits in beautifully with our neutral nursery. I think it looks so peaceful and inviting and I love sitting down in it for a feed and quiet cuddle with the baby. I know we will enjoy this chair for a long time to come, it is going to be an ideal reading chair in the living room later on.

Mocka Kids ArmchairAt Mocka they understand that kids love to be ‘just like mummy or daddy’ so they have created a kids version of the Asta chair too. The Kids Armchair ($49.95) is available in black, blue and red and is designed for children aged 18 months – 6 years old (30kg). I think they would be perfect for a kids bedroom, playroom or of course lounge area and as these cool chairs don’t look childish at all they will blend in well with your own interior.

A real big bonus: You don’t have to worry about sticky hands and dirty fingers as the seat fabric of both the adult and kids armchair is machine washable.

To find out more about Mocka, to browse the range and to order online visit

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