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Oh My Giddy Aunt

If you’ve really left it too late with Christmas presents you don’t have many options, a gift voucher it will have to be. But don’t settle for a boring Coles/Myer or Kmart gift card (after all, they usally get spent on groceries or other practical items), grab an Oh My Giddy Aunt gift voucher for a unique, personal present instead. This store is a delight to browse with so many lovely options for the whole family, I would LOVE to get a gift card to spend on beautiful goodies just for me!

Everything in store is picked by the wonderful Nikki, a woman of many talents as you will soon discover in today’s Sunday Coffee:

Oh My Giddy Aunt - Nikki having fun with nieces and nephews

Oh My Giddy Aunt – Nikki having fun with nieces and nephews

What does your ideal Sunday look like?
Snoozing till 8ish… brunching till 12ish…. movies till 2ish… champagne afternoon tea… ABC TV in my PJs at night (I’m a Giddy Aunt – not a Mum, obviously!)

Why did you start Oh My Giddy Aunt?
Before I became a giddy aunt in 2003 I used to be a Fairy Queen (really). I started my fairy shop, Fairies on the Downs, in 1993 and sold it in 1998 and have always loved gifts that are really going to mean something special and be remembered always. A couple of years after I sold the shop I became an Aunt to nine nieces and nephews (over 8 years) and had ideas for things I wanted to create to tell their stories. Each special occasion is a chapter in a family story and keepsakes are such personal ways to commemorate those moments.

Where do you draw your inspiration from for new Oh My Giddy Aunt designs?
Nine nieces and nephews, several honorary nieces and nephews and families past and present!
I love traditional keepsakes and the sentimentality of the past – but I also have a bit of a quirky imagination and sense of humour. My favourite ideas are those that combine all of those elements. I’m not a big fan of fashion or fads and would much rather create something that will be kept forever or passed on to someone else who will add to the story. We personalise a lot of our jewellery with birthstones and hand engraving and the engraving has now determined most of the keepsake gifts in the range too.

My background is a little eclectic: In addition to being a Fairy Queen and a Giddy Aunt,I’ve studied and worked in children’s theatre, written children’s books (including Magenta’s Tartan Socks), taught preschoolers and adults (usually not at the same time) and worked as Development Manager and then National Director for Australian charities promoting child health and protection. I think the imagination from writing and acting, the work with children and families and the business experience have somehow all combined to create Oh My Giddy Aunt and the range!

What is your favourite Oh My Giddy Aunt design and why?
Queen Bee Honeycomb RingsMy favourite design is always the latest one… until the new one comes along! At present it is the Queen Bee Honeycomb range. I wear a set of the three rings and all of my other rings have been feeling very neglected lately as I just wear the honey bees with everything. The little bees are just so sweet and the rings all fit into each other to create a honeycomb so from a distance it looks like a wide, three tone ring but when you get up close you can see the details and find out the story behind it.

What can we expect of Oh My Giddy Aunt in the future?
I have books full of ideas waiting to happen but they all take time. Perhaps I should spend more Sundays working?! Recently Oh My Giddy Aunt welcomed Irish Giddy Uncle Alan Ardiff’s fantastic range of moving jewellery into the collection and I’m looking forward to including a few more designers who share my sense of humour and love of the unique and precious in the coming year. I’ve also got a very big project underway… can’t say too much yet but think “This is Your Life”… and watch this space!

To find out more about Oh My Giddy Aunt, to browse the range and to order online visit

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