Oct 082012

This week is a very exciting (and also a little scary) week as the twins are due to start full time kindy tomorrow. It always seemed like such a long time away, I can hardly believe that day has now come. They have had a few trial 3-hour trial runs and loved it, so really I shouldn’t be worried. Maybe I am more worried about myself missing them too much? It will be interesting to see how they (and I) will go, being away from home for 2,5 days a week.

Most kids love school holidays but for the twins they couldn’t end soon enough, they are just so excited about finally going to ‘school’. They talk endlessly about the kindy rules as explained by the teacher, one of them is to write your own name on the attendee list upon arrival. So the twins have been busy practicing their writing skills, in their mind even perfect is not good enough. Crayons and pencils are for babies, pens are for ‘big kids’ and holding them correctly is the key. Yes, I have heard it all this week!

Our Paper Mate InkJoy pens have had a great workout this week, pink for miss 4 and bright blue for master 4. Unlike with other pens there was not much scratching as the ink comes out easily and they write smoothly, the kids thought they were awesome. So awesome that they have already packed their pens in their backpacks for tomorrow.

Tommie’s first letter to Opa (Grandad)

No writing today, we are just enjoying their last day at home with games, yummy snacks and lots of laughter. I am signing off for today! (If your kids would like some InkJoy pens in their backpack too make sure you enter our little Paper Mate giveaway below).

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