Sep 012012

As you know we just celebrated three birthdays and the twins were lucky enough to get new bikes, on top of that they were spoilt with some little bonus gifts (after all, you only turn four once). As expected our oldest daughter was over the moon with her Forever Clover presents, she can’t get enough of looking at them. After seeing Opa playing his guitar while on holiday last month our son is very interested in guitars, so when my eye fell on the brand new Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar I knew it would make a great gift for my little musician.

The Rockin’ Guitar ($39.99, 3+) has only just hit Australian stores and is part of the new Touch Magic range by LeapFrog. If you haven’t seen the Touch Magic range at your local retailer just yet keep an eye out, it is on its way. What makes the Touch Magic toys unique is the use of innovative interactive touch technology, under the smooth surface (no buttons to get sticky, dirty or even stuck) lies a world of sounds, songs and games. Sounds like good fun right?

By touching the pictures on this colourful guitar kids can create their own music (or play along to existing songs and rythms), they can even strum it like a real guitar! The touch technology is very sensitive so it takes just a tiny touch (encouraging for the little ones) to release yet another sound or action. The unit itself is rather ‘slim’ and lightweight making it easy to carry around and of course ‘wear’ it like a real rockstar.

I am a huge fan of LeapFrog and find myself coming back to this brand again and again, their products have never left me disappointed so I always pick up some new toys for the gift cupboard when I spot them on sale. Tip: Keep an eye on the catalogues and check out the online toy stores, they often have older styles on sale for great prices. Miss 2 received two LeapFrog toys for her birthday this year, the Count & Scan Shopper (a huge hit) and this cool Touch Magic Learning Bus ($39.99, 2+).

As you can see she was very excited about this bright red bus with all its cute pictures, her chubby hands were all over it and sound was coming from everywhere. We had to tell her to be a bit more patient so she could recognise the different instruments, the sound of each letter and finish the songs. Sometimes she sits down and really tries, other times not so much and she prefers to ‘jam’ to her heart’s content (but she is always having fun!).

To find out more about Touch Magic, to take a closer at the different toys in the range (new styles coming very soon) and to locate a stockist near you visit

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