Jun 152012

Last week our neighbour’s beautiful little boy celebrated his birthday so of course we had to pop over and spoil him with a little present. Now we have tried many Colorific products over the past few years and we have always been really happy with them, so for the birthday boy I picked a gift from the fantastic Colorific Giggles range (he loved the Giggles Tool Box, a real winner).

The Giggles range is created with the littlest ones in mind, offering a great selection of colourful, wooden, colourful toys that allow kids to learn and have fun at the same time. Giggles toys are packed with educational features, after all young minds just love discovering things like colours, movement, cause and effect, shapes, matching and much more. The Giggles motto is ‘Fun for clever kids’.

One of the latest, but definitely not the smallest, additions to the Giggles range is this gorgeous My First Steps Wagon ($69.99). Designed for little ones aged 10 months and up this cute wooden wagon is the perfect buddy for those first wobbly steps and later for lots of exploring around the house. Kids will have a ball pushing around their favourite toys and dolls; packing, unpacking and moving things from one room to another.

The sturdy My First Steps Wagon is carefully developed to offer steady support for young children as their legs get stronger and they learn to get up and walk. The robust wooden frame will stop the wagon from taking off while baby is trying to get up, your baby will feel supported and confident and he/she will be up and running in no time. Fitted with strong, rubber wheels you don’t have to worry about the wagon hurting little toes, or your furniture/floors for that matter.

To find out more about Colorific, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit www.colorific.com.au.

For your chance to win the Giggles My First Steps Wagon visit www.colorific.com.au and answer the following question: Which other toy from the Giggles range do you really like and why?

Submit your answer by leaving a comment below, your email address will not be published.

If you really want to win you can earn up to ten additional entries, please leave separate comments for each entry:

Competition ends July 15, 2012. Sorry, Australian entries only. By entering you agree to our Terms & Conditions.

  190 Responses to “Colorific giveaway”

  1. The alphabet puzzles, colourful, educational and so many hours of fun for kids

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  6. i am in love with the dancing catapillar the name alone made me giggle lol and my daughter is a dancer and she only 2 lol so she would absoluetly love too win

  7. FairyLites Grow a Crystal Forest is something really different that I know would keep my eldest daughter mesmorized for ages.

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  10. I like the alphabet puzzles, colourful, educational and lots of fun for kids

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  15. I love the The Wood WorX Pull Back Racing Car, because my son would really enjoy making it then playing with it! Craft and play. YAY!

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  19. I love the Giggles Twist and Turn assortment especially the tiger, i will definitely be getting one for my little man for Christmas 🙂

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  22. i liked and shared your page, your site is my all time favourite!

  23. I love the giggles build and take aprt train :)) how much fun

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  27. I like face paint instructions. They look fun and good idea for kids party.

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  29. Giggles Push and Go Elephant, we’re a houseful of Elephant fans here.

  30. Giggles Pounding Bench, the perfect toy for my little man, affectionately nick named ‘Bam Bam’.

  31. Giggles Dancing Caterpillar, bright and colourful with an enormous happy smile. What’s not to love about this toy.

  32. I can’t go past the Tool Box. The good old toy box is a classic staple in any little man’s toy collection. Not only is it great from a learning and developmental perspective, but it also provides a wonderful bonding opportunity between child and parent, as they help “fix” things around the house, in turn promoting a sense of participation and achievement.

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  34. I love the Giggles Toybox, because my 4-yr-old tomboy loves pretending to be Bob the Builder!

  35. The educational arts and craft look wonderful. I would like these to donate to our primary school for the preps. The teacher and children would love these.

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  41. Dandelion – Duck Squeaker at Avidiva is my favourite one

  42. Kiniki Slim Leg Contrast Worker Jean at Looking At You Kid is my favourite.

  43. Milk & Soda Marshall Beanie at Little Boot-Teek is my favourite.

  44. Crocodile Creek Horse Drinking Bottle at Little Obsessions is my favourite.

  45. I love the Mutant Monsters Grow a Crystal Monsters it sort of reminds me of my childhood when we had the sea monsters. It was like magic and the surprise, excitement and amazement of watching something grow are still feelings I remember today!

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  51. ALPHABET PUZZLE…it’s educational, fun and would appeal to kids upto 8 🙂

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  55. I love the pounding bench. Would be nice to redirect my son when he starts banging remote controls on the coffee table 🙂

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  59. I love the Giggles Pounding Bench, baby girl will enjoy banging on this one

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  64. Definately the Giggles Build’n’Take Apart Train,my little boy loves pulling things apart,& putting things back again to see how they work! And he loves trains 🙂

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    Fantastic giveaway at @hiplittleone,win a gorgeous Giggles Wagon from @ColorificEd!

  70. Looking At You Kid-Emma Laue Annabelle Dress in Indigo Berry

  71. Whimsy Child-Le Toy Van Icecream Sundae

  72. Skip To My Lou-Nellystella Chloe Dress

  73. Avidiva-Bamboo L/S Tee in Moss Hippo

  74. The Giggles Dancing Caterpillar – It looks a simple yet very engaging and educational toy.

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  78. Love the build and take apart race car

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  80. Love the Makedo Find and Make Robot from Little Obsessions

  81. Love the ‘Alice’ Shoulder Bag Black and Cream from gr8x

  82. Love the boys Milk & Soda Santa Cruz Fedora hat- Blue from Little Boo-teek

  83. Love the Daily Tea Senor Azul Tee for boys from Whimsy Child

  84. I love the Giggles Alphabet Puzzles. We already have one but I’m hoping to get a few more.

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  88. Bright Star Kids even have stuff for mum. I have tonnes of containers with texta writing on them but the Kitchen Labels – The Ultimate Collection would make my life a bit easier.

  89. I adore the Cindy Double Zip Satchel from gr8x it is more stylish than anything I own and dosn’t scream mum with bag full of nappies.

  90. Little Obsessions has Bobble Art 3D Woodland Book Ends that just look adorable.

  91. Love Little Boo Teaks Artiwood Pounding Doggy. Simple, colourful and fun thats what the kids love.

  92. The Giggles Dancing Caterpillar is sure to have everyone in a fit of giggles that will last all day.

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  94. The Giggles Hippo Push Along is great

  95. Love the ‘Australian Girl’ Doll – Emily

  96. Love the Tiger Tribe Wooden Boxset Barn House from Little Obsessions

  97. Love the Pull Along Deer Lillifee from Bright Button Toys

  98. Love the Adan + Anais Star Light Dream Blanket by Little Boo-Teek

  99. The Giggles Build’n’Take Apart toys- (Racing Car & Train) look like a lot of fun that also help develop fine motor skills. Nice chunky parts too for little hands.

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    I like the Giggles Tool Box because it is colorful wooden toy and there are many different shapes. It is good for my baby’s brain development.

  103. I love the Giggles Push and Go Elephant- it’s very cute, bright and stimulating and looks like it would be a favourite! 🙂

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  108. I just tweeted 🙂

  109. My favourite at looking at you kid is the Emma Laue Penelope Pinafore, it would be perfect for my little miss in summer- it looks so cool and light. 🙂

  110. My favourite at Whimsy Child is the Le Toy Van Pullback Racers Set- my little boys would love them! 🙂

  111. My favourite at Little Obsessions is the Tiger Tribe Wooden Boxset – Airport, hours of fun to be had I’m sure!

  112. My favourite at avidiva is the Auto Mobile – Black / White Floral- I need one of these for my car!

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  117. I love the Giggles Soopa Doopa Car Slide, i’ve been trying to find one of these for a while now for my son as he loves using it in his therapy sessions.

  118. I really like the Build’n’take Apart Racing Car. My children would have so much fun creating different race cars and trying them on our track. A great toy to foster imagination and fine motor skills.

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  123. At Sustainababy I like the Habitat Garden Baby Duvet Set for my daughter’s big girl bed.

  124. At Little Obsessions I like the Plan Toys Wooden Blocks – 50 Block set.

  125. At Little Boo-Teek I like the 3 Sprouts Storage Box – Mouse

  126. At Looking At You Kid my daughter would look gorgeous in the Miss Treasures Ava Silk Dress with Flowers.

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  128. I love the Giggles Soopa Doopa Car Slide. I think I’d have as much fun playing with it as my kids would!

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  132. I love the alphabet puzzles! So colourful 🙂

  133. I love the Ultimate Craft Box (500 pieces!!!) This is just what I’ve been looking for for my little boy!

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  139. The Dancing Caterpillar is gorgeous. love it

  140. Visited Havoc Denim and love the Girls Vintage lace yoke pinafore

  141. Visited ARt Eater and love the Acrylic photo Blocks

  142. Visited Little Obsessions and love the Tiger Tribe wooden box set Barn house

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  146. The Giggles pounding bench – I had something like this 30 years ago!

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  148. Giggles Push and Go Elephant

  149. I love the Giggles Pounding bench! I had one like this as a kid and loved it!

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  153. Classroom Kits Science Slime, that looks as much fun for me as for the kids 🙂

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  158. http://www.havocdenim.com/ – boys amazon hoodie is my favourite

  159. http://www.avidiva.com.au/ – Lelby’s Owl – BLUE DAMAS is very cool

  160. http://www.arteater.com.au/ – Framed Wall Art – 30 Image Mini Gallery is awesome

  161. http://www.whimsychild.com.au/ – Contigo West Loop Autoseal Mug in Stainless Steel (Red) love that colour and very practical

  162. Alphabet puzzles as they are educational and fun

  163. The “Giggles Spin Me Colour Effects” toy… maybe I could use it to hypnotise my kids to not cry in the middle of the night!

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  166. Giggles Alphabet Puzzles, my 4 year old has just started showing an interest in puzzles and I love that this one has the alphabet on it, fantastic idea!!

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  171. Giggles Build’n’Take Apart – Train. My 2 year old loves trains and they are great fun to play with. They open the you up to the world of imaginary train stations, stops and adventures.

  172. Would love to get the Giggles Build’n’Take Apart Racing Car! Have added it to our pre-planning Christmas list!

  173. I like Colorific Australia on Facebook

  174. I’ve signed up for your emails!

  175. Loving the ‘Alice’ Shoulder Bag Black and Cream’ from gr8x!

  176. The Frog High Chair from Coccinella is fabulous

  177. Love the Lelby’s Bean Chairs – RED Orchid on Avidiva’s site.

  178. Would love to get the Butterfly Chalkboard Wall Sticker from Bright Star Kids for my daughter!

  179. Giggles Pounding Bench – Simple things are often the best played from everyone from oldest to youngest with zest.

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