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Have you ever been to a great new store or tried a good product, only to find out that 6 months later the store has closed down or the product has been discontinued? This happened to me a few times and it always left me wondering what was wrong with the product/store, if it really was that good it would still be out there for everyone to enjoy. In saying that, when a brand has been around for 160 years I can think you can safely say that you’ve got a winner and Bosisto’s is definitely here to stay.

You can find ‘The Parrot’ in most households across Australia and even beyond, I know I have sent my husband to the shop with ‘Parrot oil’ on his list (very easy to remember). The 100% natural eucalyptus oil has many different uses so we always have some in the house. The Bosisto’s range contains a wide range of eucalyptus products and you’ll be surprised to know how often eucalyptus can be useful in your home.

One of my favourite Bosisto’s products is the Eucalyptus Spray, a lovely natural way to refresh the mattresses and pillows when changing the beds. It does not only leave a wonderful clean smell but also kills household dust mites, a double win. But the spray can be used for other things too, like as a mosquito repellent, as a pre-wash stain remover or a quick way to remove sticky residue from stickers and labels.

To celebrate 160 years of Bosisto’s in Australia  one lucky Hip little one reader will win a massive Bosisto’s prize pack valued at $160. It is filled with the big Bosisto’s favourites for you and your home. A handy ‘hints & tips’ is included so you can really get the most out of your eucalyptus products.

To find out more about Bosisto’s Eucalyptus, to read all about its many uses and to locate a retailer near you visit www.fgb.com.au.

For your chance to win a $160 Bosisto’s prize pack visit www.fgb.com.au and answer the following question: Which Bosisto’s product would be most useful in your home?

Submit your answer by leaving a comment below, your email address will not be published.

If you really want to win you can earn up to ten additional entries, please leave separate comments for each entry:

Competition ends July 9, 2012. Sorry, Australian entries only. By entering you agree to our Terms & Conditions.

  253 Responses to “Bosisto’s giveaway”

  1. EucoSteam Inhalant would be so useful in our household. With two children with frequently stuffed up nasal passages due to allergies our inhaler is used frequently. I love the aroma of Eucalyptus too, it makes the house smell clean and fresh.

  2. I think I’m getting old, I seem to be reaching for muscle rubs more often and Bostisto’s smells the best!

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  6. I love the Acrylic Photo Block at http://www.arteater.com.au/ What a great idea (well they all are to be honest)…

  7. I would love to try the Bosisto’s EucoFresh Pre-Wash Stain Remover. I’ve never seen this in the supermarket, but would love to see how it goes on stained cloth nappies…

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  11. We use the Bosistos Eucalyptus spray in our home because our son has a severe allergy to dust mites. We spray everything from curtains to teddies to bed linens. We also add some Eucalyptus oil to the mop bucket to be sure we are doing everything possible to protect our family.

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  18. I shared on my facebook wall. And because I wouldn’t have a clue how to get the URL for that I have tagged you and Bosistos in the post and made it public so that you can see it.

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter this giveaway

  19. The Bosisto’s EucoFresh Laundry Powder would be used EVERY single day. I launder each day come rain, hail or shine. The clothes would smell amazing with the Bosisto’s EucoFresh Laundry Powder.

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  23. EucoSteam Inhalant would be so useful in our household at this time of year at least one of my children have a runny nose every week 🙁

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  26. Bosisto’s EucoFresh per wash stain remover…..would work wonders on these kinder clothes. My daughter comes home from kinder absolutely filthy and so hard to get those stains off. I wish for washable paint, but maybe a stain remover would work..

  27. I already use the Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil and it is the most valuable product in my house. I clean the floors with it, remove scuff marks and any other really hard to get rid of marks on any surface. It also leaves a great fragrance round the house when you use it!

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  33. Love the Jungle Room Wall art by stickybiz.com.au

  34. Love the Mini Rodini Dundee Denim Jacket- Vintage Stone Wash by Skip to my Lou

  35. GR8X – Love the Alice Shoulder Bag Black

  36. Gummy Babies – love the Plush Mother Polar Bear

  37. Hi, I’ve liked the Bosisto’s Eucalyptus on Facebook, subscribed and shared – fingers crossed!

  38. Eucalyptus oil has so many uses and gets used so much at our house 🙂

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  42. I LOVE the spray!! Can ny stand the smell if others on the market. Always great to har around the spray away germs ad make the house smell great.

  43. Between my miss 4 putting sticker “artwork” all over our walls that remove with Bosisto oil and my mister 1 who gets bitten by mosquitos all over when sleeping plus the general winter colds and flu our parrot bottle is part of the family!

  44. Plain old Eucalyptus Oil. So many wonderful uses, cleaning, washing, burning in the oil burner, disinfecting, getting rid of yucky smells, in my homemade spray and wipe, getting sticky stuff off, washing the dogs, and the list goes on! You name it Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil will do it!
    Liked on FB and Twitter too. 😉 Thanks heaps!

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  47. Love the tiger tribe wooden box beach villa set from Little obsessions!

  48. Adore the nellystella Chloe dress over at Skiptomylou

  49. Gorgeous lelby’s bean bag in damask blue from avidiva

  50. The Cindy tan Nappybag from GR8x is very stylish

  51. Eucalyptus spray 🙂

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  56. I like Baby Bum Bulm from Avidiva 🙂

  57. I would love to try the Eucalyptus Rub, well I would like my partner to try it, as I am sure it smells oh so much nicer than the denco rub he is currently using on his shoulder.

  58. Already a facebook fan of Bosisto

  59. Love the green bangles over at Mumma Bubba Jewellery

  60. Done all of the above – we would use the Dust Mite Wash – every week!

  61. Eucalyptus spray for my ever sharing hubby…. Whenever he has a cold he shares it around by sneezing & coughing with mouth uncovered, sigh.

  62. Have liked on FB.

  63. I love this brand on my home already use the oil for lots of things.. Would love to try the spray!!!!

  64. Eucalyptus Spray. We have a very unwell, very old cat at the moment who having lost his mind and sanity doesn’t know what he’s doing, or where he’s doing it…..creating a lot of sad smells that are hard to remove without Bostito’s.

  65. Natural Cough Syrup – to sooth the raging case of Man flu that has struck our big baby & his little shadow too!

  66. Dust Mite Wash, my other half has just been diagnosed with ‘Dust allergies’! Of all the things to be allergic too!! Now we have to strip the place down and wash it all and more, or an itchy mess she’ll be.

  67. I have liked the page on facebook and shared this on my wall, I love the eucalyptus spray 1 product soo many great uses in all rooms of the house so versitile

  68. Bosisto’s EucoFresh Allergen Laundry Liquid would be the most useful in my home.

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  73. Like Bumbo Baby Chair with Tray Table – LILAC @ avidiva

  74. Love organics hat @ earlybirds

  75. Like Dandelion Handcrafted Pudgy Rattle – Mushroom @sustainababy

  76. Artiwood Tutti Tune @ Little Boo-Teek looks cool.

  77. I love the scent of eucalyptus – the spray would be my favourite for refreshing linen and fabric covered seats, or the change table!

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  83. I visited Sustain A Baby and my favourite is Sophie The Giraffe toy.

  84. Eucalyptus spray!

  85. The euco steamer, my husband has terrible sinus and keeps us all up at night with his snoring

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  87. we could use the Bosisto’s Tea Tree Spray for the toilert, and for the dog beds 🙂

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  91. arteater- Acrylic Photo Block

  92. stickybiz – Tommy II Canvas personalised canvas art

  93. gr8x – ‘Escapades’ Holdall style baby bag

  94. skip to my lou – TANE Organics Moss Stitch Lilac Sweater

  95. EucoSteam Inhalant to unblock the constant noses and colds!

  96. Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Spray is our favourite and most used product at home.

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    Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil is most useful because I can use this product to solve most of the problems in my house.

  99. I always use Eucalyptus Oil in the washing machine with my sheets and towels – they come out so fresh!

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  101. I would use the tea-tree spray the most as it’s so versatile, and I quite like the fragrance.

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  105. The nasal inhaler, every winter even when we’re not all sick we seem to have blocked noses so everyone has their own inhaler.

  106. The Bosisto’s Eucalyptus oil, I use it in my home-made, all-purpose cleaning spray!

  107. I already use the Eucalyptus spray and it is indispensable! I use it for removing sticky sticker goo, cleaning oil residue off my stove, as an air freshener, for cleaning my kitchen bin… so much 🙂

    kate1485 at hotmail.com

  108. I’m a fan of Bosisto’s on Facebook (Kate Ryan)

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  110. The Eucalyptus Spray

  111. Love the Adan + Anais Star Light Dream Blanket by Little Boo-Teek

  112. Love the Pull Along Deer Lillifee from Bright Button Toys

  113. Love the Tiger Tribe Wooden Boxset Barn House from Little Obsessions

  114. Love the ‘Australian Girl’ Doll – Emily

  115. Right now the Eucalyptus drops and nasal inhaler would be the best as everyone in this household has colds.

  116. Am an email subscriber 🙂

  117. Have liked Bosisto’s Eucalyptus on Facebook.

  118. The Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Spray I’ve used before and it’s great! It’s awesome in the bathroom for the sink and for cleaning up any messes. Love it!

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  122. Love the Makedo Find and Make Robot from Little Obsessions

  123. Love the ‘Alice’ Shoulder Bag Black and Cream from gr8x

  124. Love the boys Milk & Soda Santa Cruz Fedora hat- Blue from Little Boo-teek

  125. Love the Daily Tea Senor Azul Tee for boys from Whimsy Child

  126. The Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil is most useful in our home. Already we’ve used it for clothes washing, bathroom cleaning, as an inhalant to clear our noses in our most recent bouts of colds.

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  130. My favourite item from Little Obsessions are the wooden toys, particularly the Edtoy construction vehicles.

  131. I love the new Apple and Bee change mat from Sustainababy.

  132. I love the personalised labels with their cute icons and colours at StickyBiz.

  133. I love the Framed Wall art products from Arteater. Wow, what a great idea to save all those artwork pieces from my kids’ kindy.

  134. Lavendar spray – can use all the help I can get for relaxation and sleep when pregnant, with an almost 2yo too 😉

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  138. I love the Laundry Powder. Apart from it’s great eco-friendly features it leaves washing smelling lovely and fresh.

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  141. The Bosisto’s Euco Steam Inhaler would be fantastic to use to help ease the stuffiness of winter coughs and colds.

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  146. I just tweeted 🙂

  147. My favourite at avidiva is the Auto Mobile – Black / White Floral- I need one of these for my car!

  148. My favourite at art eater is the Framed Wall Art – 12 Image Mini Gallery, it’s such a clever idea! 🙂

  149. My favourite at EarlyBirds is the Earlybirds Bigger Birds Romper- how wonderful that they now stock clothes to fit older babies! 🙂

  150. My favourite at Little Obsessions is the Tiger Tribe Wooden Boxset – Airport, hours of fun to be had I’m sure! 🙂

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  154. The Bosisto Lavender Spray would be wonderful as I am preparing a room for my little baby. Great to wipe over surfaces, clean the nappy bin and freshen the room. Perfect to create a peaceful and sweet smelling room.

  155. I like Bosisto on facebook.

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  159. At Gr8x I love the ‘Escapades’ Hodall Style Nappy Bag – perfect for travelling or an overnight stay too.

  160. At Little Obsessions I like the Tiger Tribe Magna Play – perfect activity for this rainy weather.

  161. Oops forgot to add Robots in Space to the comment above (for Little Obsessions).
    At Little Boo-Teek the Lark Cotton Candy Happy Hair Set looks very cute!

  162. At Looking At You Kid, my son would look very handsome wearing the Alphabet Charcoal Poplin Shirt.

  163. LOVE the Parrot soft toy – especially when sprayed with Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Spray… a great way for children with blocked-up noses to cuddle a comforting toy and inhale some eucalyptus goodness!.

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  167. Tried to share on Facebook but it’s coming up with a “Whoops” error message…

  168. I use Bosisto euc oil all the time. We’re so fond of it that we give it a nickname. Currently using it to get us over the colds we both have. Few drops in the shower, on the cleaning cloth to wipe the taps etc and in the rubbish bin where all the yukky tissues end up.

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  175. The Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Spray would be most useful in my home at the moment with coughing and sneezing galore, the flu has hit.

  176. The Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Spray would be perfect for freshening up our mattresses and furnishings, as well as getting rid of yucky dust mites!

  177. I like Bosisto’s on Facebook.

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  180. Oooooh EucoFresh Stain Remover would be my best friend at home!

  181. A very hard choice because so many of their products have multiple uses, but the one that would get used most here would be the eucalyptus spray, mostly just for ease of use!

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  185. Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Spray – has so many uses

  186. i subscribe to the weekly sales alert

  187. i like Bosisto’s Eucalyptus on facebook

  188. from skip to my lou i like the Pure Poppet Natural Play Makeup Kit

  189. from little obsessions i love the Tiger Tribe Wooden Boxset – Airport

  190. from whimsy child i love the Contigo Scout Vacuum Insulated Food Flask

  191. from bright star kids i love the Mega Name Labels Value Kit

  192. i have shared this giveaway on facebook 🙂

  193. with a little girl who loves stickers (everywhere including the furniture) – some Eucalyptus spray would come in handy to remove the sticky residue!

  194. My mum has always used this product, it makes the house smell so fresh like the outback 🙂 i would love to win this

  195. The Nasal INhaler, hopefully I will stop sounding like a 50 year old trucker!

  196. The Eucalyptus spray would be fantastic for using as a germ killing air freshener, especially for the bathroom and the rubbish bin.

  197. My whole family is down with a horrible cold at the moment. Me, husband, child, even the dog! Nasal Inhaler would definitely be number 1 now!!!

  198. Bosisto’s Eucalyptus FB liker.

  199. I subscribe to the weekly Sales, Savings & Giveaways email!

  200. Favourite item at 41orhard – Name Wall Stickers.

  201. I love Robot Plush Toy at Coccinella!

  202. I like Amber Teething Necklaces at Gummy Babies!

  203. I love Djeco Farm Building Blocks at Little Obsessions.

  204. What a GREAT PRIZE very HANDLEY


  206. Like Bosisto’s Eucalyptus on Facebook

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  208. Tweet tweet, I tweeted about this

  209. At Looking At You Kid, I’d love the Alphabet Charcoal Poplin Shirt for my son.

  210. shared on facebook

  211. Pure Eucalyptus oil…great remover of tough stuff!!

  212. Like bosisto on facey

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  214. Natural Cough Syrup

  215. My family swears by Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Spray, terrfific for killing all the little germs my Grandbabies spread around, I even have my daughter and daughter-in-law using it. It’s terrific for spraying onto the little ones toys or baby equipment and then has a million uses around our home, from tar removal on the car to room freshener. We’d never be without a can in our home.

    Liked on Facebook too.

  216. The most useful items are the Nasal Inhaler and the Eucalyptus rub Which would benefit the whole Family.

  217. Good Ol’ Eucalytus Oil. Has so many different uses, whether relieving cold and flu symptoms, to cleaning floors, to getting rid of sticker residue. My go-to household product!

  218. I followed on twitter also!

  219. Bosisto’s EucoFresh stain remover even adults need it for their clothes

  220. Right at this moment, I could do with the “Nasal Inhaler”, I’m so blocked up & nasal after having a cold, I sound like “The Nanny” Fran Fine on a bad day! Aaaaargh!

  221. Water soluble Eucalyptus Oil – perfect for an extra fresh touch with the washing!

  222. Liked on Facebook!

  223. Bosistos eucalyptus spray.my husband is OBSESSED with the smell of this and sprays it everyone.would come in hand for the many colds my daughter has too!!!

  224. I love Eucaluptus atm I have been using it for everything in the house. The smell is amazing! their spray is great! LIKED their fb!!

  225. I always use Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Solution, so many uses for it in our home but with 2 little munchkins that suffer skin irritations and allergies the Bosisto’s Dust Mite Wash would be great to try in our house.

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  228. Eucalyptus spray – so easy to use and so many uses, love it!

  229. Shared this giveaway on my Facebook page

  230. The Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil is my favourite I use it all around the house, love cleaning my floors with it , it leaves the house smelling fresh and clean.

  231. share on facebook

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  233. Followed Bosisto’s Eucalyptus on twitter and tweeted

  234. I can’t see where to enter – has it closed?

  235. we could really use the steam inhaler in our house – no more sniffles so everyone can get on with their days! nothing worth than being all blocked up!!!

  236. the spray – our house is germ central at the moment!

  237. Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Spray, I’m in desperate need.
    Perfect for my home as I have pets, they smell indeed.
    A refreshing smell of the bush, eucalyptus is in the lead.

  238. already Subscribed to the weekly Sales, Savings & Giveaways email

  239. Liked Bosisto’s Eucalyptus on Facebook, great products. Some I didn’t know existed so 🙂

  240. Bostito’s Eucalyptus Spray is a godsend! Kills germs, removes stains on carpets etc, freshens the air, gets sticker gunk off your furniture, and even works as a pre-wash stain remover! And most importantly gets rid of those stinky nappy smells! Is simply the most versatile product – I love it!

  241. I’m already a fan of Bosisto’s Eucalyptus on Facebook

  242. I’m already a subscriber to the weekly Sales, Savings & Giveaways email

  243. Love the Butterfly Chalkboard Wall Sticker from Bright Star Kids

  244. The ‘Alice’ Shoulder Bag Black and Cream’ from gr8x is still my favourite!

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