Mar 312012

While most people seem to be thinking of Winter right now all Australian mum Emma can talk about is Summer, her brand new store Summer Child to be precise. Emma has a passion for beautiful products that are created by clever people who want to tread lightly and kindly on the earth and she has selected her favourite homemade baby gifts, organic baby products and eco friendly products for (expecting) mums and their babies to sell at Summer Child.

What makes Summer Child unique is that ‘Everything has a story’, every single product in store is selected because it is made by people who wanted to create something beautiful for their children and are environmentally conscious about the way they do this. You can read about these amazing people and their stories on the Summer Child website and blog, by shopping here you are buying much more than just a product.

The story of Lily and Pearl started with grandma Pearl and aunt Lil and is being told by Sam who lovingly creates organic skincare for babies and mums to her family’s recipes. The range is made right here in Australia using only the best organic ingredients to look after your and your baby’s skin the natural way. The Organic Baby Nappy Creme ($24.95) is created to calm, soothe and protect the delicate skin around your baby’s bottom.

Usually when you see a tag that says ‘Made in India’ you are left wondering (or rather worrying) about the conditions the product is made in, but not at Summer Child. These stunning Baby Cot Quilts ($95) are made by the talented Mukesh and his brothers in their family business in Jaipur, India. They are paid a fair wage to create this beautiful, high quality bed linen which is block printed by hand, now that’s a quilt with a story.

When I moved to Australia I was surprised to see that bath mitts are so hard to get here, everyone just uses the ‘wipes’. I have never gotten used to them and bath mitts are so much more practical, especially for little hands. Kids would most certainly love sliding their hands in these Organic Bath Mitts ($13.99) from Breganwood Organics, how cute are they? There are six different designs available in store.

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Bedtime with Aden + Anais

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Mar 302012

After a few weeks of next to no sleep I can only wish we were still in the newborn stage, when all it took was a nice swaddle and our babies slept all night through. Sleep is so important for little ones and for parents too, if the kids sleep well you will feel much happier and more rested the next day. My three always slept wrapped for the first 7 months (my youngest even 10 months) of their life and after that they moved on to a sleeping bag which worked really well. If you are looking for a soft, snuggly and stylish sleep solution for this winter look no further than the Aden + Anais range from Gummy Babies.

The Aden + Anais muslin wraps are famous for their beautiful patterns and generous size, at 120 x 120cm they last for months and the extra fabric will ensure your baby doesn’t burst out of the wrap at the tiniest stretch of arms or legs. The wraps are made of organic cotton to provide a safe environment for baby that is free of chemicals and gentle on the skin. There is choice from lots of neutral, boys and girls styles.

Once that time comes to ditch the wrap (always a little sad but it will happen sooner or later) the Aden + Anais sleeping bags will provide all the comfort and warmth your baby needs. The sleeping bags are designed to replace the need for loose bedding which reduces the risk of SIDS. They are made of 100% cotton muslin which is soft and breathable making them ideal for both summer and winter.

To find out more about Gummy Babies, to take a closer look at the Aden + Anais range and to order online visit, orders within Australian ship free of charge.

Mar 292012

As you know I am always full of praise for online store Coccinella, I just love Renata’s choice of eco friendly products from all around the world and think they are all winners. But don’t just take my word for it, Australian My Child magazine has discovered the great range too and has nominated two of Coccinella’s products in the My Child Excellence Awards 2012. Very exciting!

The Puppy and his Mum ($59.95) by Polish brand Kalimba is designed by artist and mum Natka. This colourful mummy dog hides a cute little puppy in her belly, an interesting concept for young children and my three can’t get enough of it! They love carrying her around by her floppy ears and legs and her big size makes her very real. The sweet design and super soft fabric make it a lovely baby gift so it is no surprise Puppy and his Mum is nominated for Best Baby Toy by My Child.

Coccinella also stocks the beautiful Flower Rainbow Push Along Toy ($49.95) by Bajo, nominated by My Child in the Best Eco Product category. If your baby is about to do his/her first wobbly steps this gorgeous flower is the perfect encouragement. As the high quality wooden toy is pushed along the colourful petals open and close which will make those little eyes light up and sparkle with delight.

If you think one (or both) of these toys deserve to win an award in the My Child Excellence Awards 2012 please consider casting your vote. There are many more categories to vote in and lots of great products to be discovered, voting ends April 18 2012. Plus you could be a winner too, just by voting you could win a fabulous family holiday on the sunny Gold Coast worth $1,669.50.

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Sales & Savings – Week 13

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Mar 282012

House of Bebe
What? 30% off all slings
How? Prices as marked
When? Until March 31, 2012

Outlet Shop For Kids
What? Up to 63% off Milky AND extra 10% off storewide
How? Enter the code ‘hip10’ at checkout
When? Ends April 3, 2012

What? Huge Summer Sale, prices starting at just $5
How? Prices as marked
When? Until stock lasts

Milt and Joe
What? 20% off storewide (excluding summer sale)
How? Enter the code ‘happy birthday’ at checkout
When? Until April 1, 2012

Toy Journey
What? 25% off storewide (excluding Vuly trampolines)
How? Enter the code ‘030412’ at checkout
When? Until April 26, 2012

Budburst Kids
What? 50% off all Baobab Summer clothing
How? Prices as marked
When? Until stock lasts

What? 25% off storewide
How? Enter the code ‘25%offpromo’ at checkout
When? Until March 31, 2012

Eeni Meeni Miini Moh
What? Save $25 when you spend $100 or more on pieces from the Autumn/Winter collection
How? Enter the code ‘SAVE25’ at checkout
When? Until March 31, 2012

Baobab Winter 2012

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Mar 272012

After a cold week with cardigans, socks and warm blankets I think we have really seen the last of summer. Don’t be sad though, it means you can indulge in all the hip new winter fashion that is available in stores right now. At Sustainababy they have just welcomed the brand new Baobab Winter 2012 range, designed right here in Australia and made from organic cotton.

This season brings some beautiful bright pieces to add a splash colour to the darker months. I absolutely adore the Baobab Red Baby Hoodie ($44.95), just gorgeous and it would look so cute with chubby rosy cheeks from the cold. Red is very easy to combine with denim, navy or of course grey, a colour that is well represented in this Winter’s Baobab range.

For the boys Baobab has selected timeless colours like dusty blue and olive green, fantastic shades for both light and dark haired little boys. The unisex Harem Pants ($37.95) are available in charcoal and light grey marle, this roomy style is super practical as it leaves plenty of room for a (cloth) nappy and is ideal for crawling, playing and even sleeping.

If you love the Baobab style but your little one is too big for the baby sizes you’ll be pleased to know that there is a kids range too and many of the designs are very similar. I love the classic Navy Swing Jacket and the vibrant Red Starburst Pocket Dress, both styles go up to size 6 so I have a little while to go before I have to say a final goodbye to Baobab.

To find out more about Sustainababy, to browse the Baobab range and to order online visit

Mar 262012

After nearly 3 months of strict dieting I know better than to enter a lolly shop but I think Finlee and Me can definitely be classed as a lolly shop for hip mums, oh the amount of super fabulous products! I keep hopping from one category to the other and am madly bookmarking many items for future birthdays, Christmas or just because. Owner Angela has a very keen eye for unique goodies and I can guarantee you you’ll have a hard time leaving this store without filling up your basket. Here is just a small pick of what Finlee and Me has to offer:

The gorgeous handmade Make a Match sets ($21.95) are probably my top pick, they come in a handy little drawstring bag making them perfect for on the go. Each set contains 24 natural wooden coins featuring original drawings in different themes like Space, Fruit, Monster, Zoo and more. But there is more to these wooden circles than just a memory game, inside the bag you’ll find other game suggestions too so one bag of coins will keep kids entertained for ages.

At the end of a long day it is time for the bath and I know from experience you won’t get away with a quick wash when these friendly Play Party Bath Babies ($17.95, set of 5) are waiting in the tub. If you think one baby in the bath is enough there are 5 other squirties sets to choose from ranging from garden to transport to animals, all are BPA free and made with non-toxic paint so they are completely safe band a great gift for both boys and girls.

Like most kids my three love playing with balls, it is always fun to start with but before long one of them gets hurt or precious items broken. Angela has found the perfect solution, a lovely range of handmade Balloon Balls ($14.95) which combine the rolling fun of a ball with the softness of fabric and light weight of a balloon. Simply pop a balloon in the fabric cover, blow it up and off you go. You can use them again and again so they’re great value! There are lots of different prints available in store.

To find out more about Finlee and Me, to browse the range and to order your favourites online visit

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Mar 252012

In the past 2,5 years I have met a lot of lovely store owners and I feel like I have made some great friendships along the way. Working from home can be a little isolating so it is really nice when you get to know your online contacts a little better and find out a bit more about someone than just a name under an email. In our ‘Sunday coffee with’ series you can meet some of the people behind some great Australian businesses.

Although I have never personally met Renata from Coccinella we get along very well and always find something to talk about, possibly because we are both relatively new to Australia? You can get a taste of Renata’s Polish roots in her online store Coccinella where she sells some of Europe’s best eco friendly toys and clothing labels for Australian mums to enjoy.

What does your ideal Sunday look like?
An ideal Sunday would see us at a market or an event as a family selling all our wonderful toys and clothes. Otherwise a nice and relaxing day with not too much excitement and lots of sleeping in. (Not that such a thing is possible with 2 small children and one large one, my husband that is).

Why did you start Coccinella?
We started in the hope of earning some additional money since mortgage payments and a constant stream of bills never left us with any savings. We later realised just how amazingly cool all these handmade imported toys actually were and decided to introduce these toys to as many mums and dads as we possibly could. And in this day and age with one parent working full time and the other at home with her hands full with the kids it meant selling online.

How did you decide on the name Coccinella?
Ladybug in Italian, the idea was just too cool and most importantly the name was available here in Australia. When picking a name not only does it help if it is cute but it also has to be commercially available and not something too long to type in your web browser. You have to admit that being able to use a ladybug as your logo is something we just could not pass up.

What is your favourite item in store?
It’s a struggle to choose only one toy as our favourite. Should we choose the Ebulobo Cuddly Wolf because it’s so beautiful and it sells the most? Or should I go with my real favourite the Lovely Monster even though most people think it’s an elephant? Or wait let’s not forget the Mime. Everyone thinks it’s a convict! Luckily to Australians it conveys some sort of nostalgia and also seems to sell quite well. Let’s just go with all of the above perhaps.

What do you love most about being a mum?
Taking care of my children and watching them grow and learn new things every day. Working parents miss out on so many things and do not get to experience the daily adventures and accomplishments of their kids, even if it’s just potty training or learning to tie their shoes. Finger painting is also quite exciting as long as it’s confined to only the paper and not the walls and the plasma TV.

To find out more about Coccinella, to browse the  range and to order online visit