Jan 242012

As a child I used to love doing puzzles, we had a cupboard full of them and it was a perfect way to get through rainy days and lazy sunday afternoons. The older we got the more pieces our puzzles would have and the bigger the challenge was, if I wasn’t so busy being a mum of three I would probably still be doing puzzles. My kids take after me and really enjoy their puzzles too, simple ones for the ‘baby’ and trickier ones for the twins. My littlest one is crazy about the latest addition to our puzzle collection from Australian brand QToys.

Melbourne based QToys designs and makes educational toys, teaching equipment and furniture for children up to 7 years old. They use high quality materials and all toys have passed the highest Australian safety standards so you can rest assured you are making a good choice. In store you’ll find things like puzzles, games, pretend play toys, counting and reading toys, building toys, musical toys, furniture and much more. If you are looking for classic, durable, well made products this is the store to bookmark.

I was surprised to see how many times the twins have already reached for the baby’s new Two-Sided Kangaroo Jigsaw. You’d think that a 5-piece puzzle is not that interesting but they just love the fact that it makes a kangaroo figure. Made from rubber wood and non toxic paints this a fun and safe gift for little ones, and of course very Australian! There are lots of similar styles available, my other favourites are the whale and the hen.

Speaking of Australian, say goodbye to the traditional rocking horse and hello to this typical Aussie rocking (and bouncing) kangaroo! Isn’t he absolutely gorgeous? Just this morning my youngest daughter climbed on the see-saw in the park and I heard her little baby voice sing see-saw see-saw. I know she would hop on this friendly skippy in an instant, the red seat looks so inviting.

To find out more about QToys, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit www.qtoys.com.au.

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