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With only one week left in December it is time to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions. What are you hoping to achieve in 2012? Many of us have things we would like to work on like losing weight, living healthier, stop smoking, take more time to yourself or spend more quality time as a family. If you want 2012 to bring a positive change to your family life you might like to know about The Me Strategies.

Developed by Australian mum and psychologist Jenny Chapman this family program is designed to turn your household around the positive way. Where many parenting techniques are reactive (eg. grounding, smacking, yelling and using time out) The Me Strategies works preventatively, reducing the likelihood of certain behaviour occurring in the first place. I know I’d love to see some behavioural change, the sooner the better!

The ultimate goal is to encourage healthier relationships between family members and to achieve a peaceful and relaxed household, whilst having some family fun along the way. As a leading psychologist Jenny has years of experience working with families and children of all ages. The Me Strategies is a unique combination of different elements and rules of implementation designed to be used in a variety of family settings and deal with many different behavioural issues whilst delivering long term results.

Jenny’s program is based on using ‘motivators’ (incentives and privileges) to promote change in a young person’s pattern of behaviour.  It will provide children with necessary life skills by helping them to understand the consequences of their action, choices and behaviour in the household, ultimately improving the child’s self-esteem and confidence. The Me Strategies demonstrates to children the benefits of their contribution to the family unit and the positive effect they have when they make good choices.

The ‘The Me Strategies’ kit contains all you need to put your new family program into action, all the parts can be customised to suit children of different ages starting as young as four years old. Creator Jenny has successfully used the program with her teenage daughter and they both still see the benefits of the strategy. In fact, Jenny’s daughter Georgia is happy to answer any questions young people or parents may have about the effects the program has on an individual and household.

For more information about The Me Strategies ($69.95), to read testimonials and to order online visit

For your chance to win a The Me Strategies kit visit and answer the following question: What behavioural change would you like to see in your household in 2012?

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If you really want to win you can earn up to ten additional entries, please leave separate comments for each entry:

Competition ends January 24, 2012. Sorry, Australian entries only.

  98 Responses to “The Me Strategies giveaway”

  1. I would love to see my 4yr and 2yr olds sleep in later than 6am..that would be awesome!

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  5. I’d like the kids to be better behaved and their table manners need a huge improvement.

  6. less moaning and groaning when chores need to be done – would make life so much simpler and happier

  7. Better co-operation and gratitude – less, “Me,” and more, “We”.

  8. My children are so amazing and we will work upon a greater understanding of what makes them, them. My partner and i will work together to encourage more from ourselves in regards to encouraging the children to make the right choices not only from home but from school as well.

  9. I would like my son to develop patience!! (He is only 3 though!)

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  11. I really feel The Me Strategies could help with encouraging our two children, from a split home, so they do not play one parent against the other to achieve what they want

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  17. In 2012, bring on more sharing and sense of responsibility re household duties!
    One person just doesn’t create the mess and hence one person shouldn’t create the un-mess!!

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  22. I would love to see that my 5 and 4 year old to do what we ask of them without us having to repeat ourselves then have to count 1,2,3.

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  28. I would love the laziness of my son fixed as he always wants my wife or I to do things that he knows he has done before and can do

  29. Liked on Facebook. The Me Strategies looks like an amazing tool that could really help our little family out. Love this site!

  30. Behavioural change for 2012 – Do ask I ask the first time!

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  36. Sponsor 1 – Australian Girl Doll – Matilda Doll

  37. Sponsor 2 – Sustainababy – Cheeky Little Soles Walkers – Henry Sandal

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  40. I would love to see a change in my kids understand of each others opinions.

  41. I’d love to give my nephews some guidance for when they come stay 2 nights a week

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  43. I would like to see A more positive outlook for everyone. I think this will help us be a happier and unified family

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  46. Anything to keep me sane will be greatly appreciated.
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  48. my boys have issues with talking back, ignoring and yelling ALL the time. Help with this will be a blessing.

  49. Gummy Babies has a fantastic product the Amber teething Necklaces. not only do they look cute on, but give relief to both Bub and Mum.

  50. loving the Zuku Quick Pop Maker on the Sukimama website. What a fantastic idea, my kids would have a ball making different creations.

  51. The Djeco Kirigami Paper Balls on Whimsy Child’s website will bring out my sons creative side.

  52. The biggest behavioural change my sister would like is for her 2 and 4 yr olds to be better behaved and listen to her more.

  53. For my children to not grizzle immediately over the slightest thing; and for me to not get angry when they do. My response appals me.

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  56. I’d love to see our family incorporating more exercise into our outings – bush walks rather than movies, bowling, swimming, etc.

  57. for my children to have and learn some old fashioned values and make our house run more smoothly

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  59. Behavioural change for 2012 – my own reactions to my kids misbehaviours, might help with theirs!

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  61. I would like to change what I see as becoming two angry daughters into happy daughters before they hit their teens.

  62. Liked on facebook. This may be my answer to a happier family!

  63. I would love for my sons to actually listen to what I say and learn that there is a reason I wont let them do somethings.

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  72. I would love my boys to listen, so I don’t have to repeat myself 3-4 times, getting progressively more annoyed each time!

  73. Just like every other parent I’d love to know how to stop tantrums before they start!

  74. With new baby due next week I’d love my 2 y/o to sleep in past 5am!!

  75. What I really want to change is that when I give instructions I want them followed. My oldest is horrible at following instructions. He doesn’t listen, gets side tracked and distracted and takes forever. It drives me insane and causes a lot of fights.

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  81. miss 7 and 8 a year of healthy eating and active lifestyle i wish to have more fruit and vegetables and spend more time outdoors!

  82. I would for my son to do what I ask without the barrage of “No” and “I dont want to”. He always ends up doing it but it takes a bit of negotiating.

  83. I would love for the kids to learn that you don’t have to fight every battle, that some things are not important and you can just let them go without getting all caught up in a dispute!

  84. Oh, and I liked you on facebook!

  85. I have signed up for the Sales, Savings & Giveaways email too!

    PS. In my last post, I meant that I liked “The Me Strategies” on facebook! 🙂

  86. The Me Strategies would benefit my little family in may ways.
    Our 2 and a half year old daughter never sleeps through the night and wont go to sleep without me being by her side (which is really sweet but really tiring as well) and with bubby number 4 due in May things are going to get really tricky if I can’t get her into a good sleeping pattern where she doesn’t need me with her. She’s also really resistant to potty training.
    It would also benefit out bigger kids (ages 8 and 6) in embracing and sticking to good habits ie: sticking to their chores and doing their homeschooling.
    I also think it would help us all as a family to have more of an understanding of ourselves and each other. To help hubby be more understanding of the little peoples bahaviours.

    ps…have liked The Me Strategies on fb.

  87. i would love to reduce the tantrums/sooking (when they dont get their own way) and also to have my children at least help clean up after themselves (ie. pick up their toys etc) as my 3 year old refuses to do this at the moment. this sounds like it could really work and sounds like a great idea.

  88. have liked the me strategies on facebook.

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  91. from stickybiz i love the Boris the Dinosaur Canvas 🙂

  92. from sukimama i love the go fetch dabbawalla back pack 🙂

  93. from shop for tots i love the Eeeoow Fire Engine Hamper 🙂

  94. from sustainababy i love the Into the Pines coat & hat rack 🙂

  95. i would love to see us having more fun together! enjoying our lives, and being happy 🙂

  96. i subscribe to the email

  97. I would love my 3 year old cousin to learn how to love… his toys… and have them in one piece for at least a week.

  98. I would love my 2 year old to actually eat and enjoy a full toddler sized meal rather than having to coax her to eat every mouthful. Oh and to actually try some foods like fruit!

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