Dec 142011

If you have been reading Hip little one for a while you might remember that I wrote about my children’s allergies and my choice for bedlinen that is approved by the Asthma Council. Like many twins who were born prematurely our 3-year olds suffer from several allergies and it is not always easy to keep our house free from triggers. Our youngest has recently started showing similar signs, making me more determent to be careful with the products we bring into and use around our home. A clean, safe house starts with a quality vacuum cleaner and you most certainly can’t get any better than the new Sauber Intelligence.

The state-of-the-art Sauber Intelligence vacuum cleaner has only just arrived on our shores and is sure to impress even the fussiest housekeeper. Designed and manufactured by European manufacturer Sauber the innovative Sauber Intelligence features an innovative five level filtration system, thoroughly cleaning the air that flows through the vacuum cleaner and releasing clean air without irritating dust mites and allergens.

The ability to eliminate dust mites and allergens has earned this fancy vacuum cleaner the approval of the National Asthma Council and it is listed as part of the Australia Sensitive Choice Program. The Australia Sensitive Choice Program makes it easy for asthma and allergy sufferers to select products that are beneficial to their health and can improve their quality of day-to-day living.

Sauber is German for clean, pure, spotless, something we all wish for our household and now that goal has come within reach thanks to this clever design. Aside from the obvious cleaner results the Sauber Intelligence has many other great selling points, one of them being the minimum noise levels. If I hadn’t actually heard the Sauber Intelligence at work myself I would not have believed that a vacuum cleaner can be this quiet, such a big bonus with little people who need to sleep and one very sensitive little girl who doesn’t respond well to noise.

Just a few other key features of the Sauber Intelligence include a patented Sauber floor nozzle (which automatically adapts the rim of the brush when moving between carpet and hard floors, no more manual adjusting), energy efficient performance (using only the minimal suction required for each floor surface), a clear digital display with large symbols and very important, an ergonomic design for comfortable and effortless cleaning.

When researching household appliances I always seem to lean towards European made designs, as I am from Europe myself I am familiar with and can very much appreciate their reliability, durability and high quality. The 5-year warranty shows how confident Sauber is about the quality and performance of the Sauber Intelligence, standard warranty that long is hard to find elsewhere and will offer Australian families much needed peace of mind. In the unlikely case that your Sauber Intelligence does need to be repaired you’ll be pleased to know that repairs are done right here in Australia and parts are widely available.

For more information about Sauber or to take a closer look at the Sauber Intelligence (RRP $1500) visit or drop in at your local Godfreys store for a test run.

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