Minkie Mary the Dummy Fairy

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Nov 152011

We have all heard of the Tooth Fairy and most kids are happy to give up their lost teeth in return for a special reward. In a way the Tooth Fairy has a very easy job, pulling out a tiny tooth from under a pillow is a piece of cake compared to the task ahead for Minkie Mary. Minkie Mary the Dummy Fairy is in charge of gently taking away your little one’s dummy, something that can be quite upsetting for both child and parent. Get it right straight away and come prepared with the Minkie Mary the Dummy Fairy kit from Rudy and the Dodo.

The gorgeous Minkie Mary the Dummy Fairy dummy weaning kit ($34,95, consisting of a book, storage pouch and toy mouse) is a great tool for parents as they gently encourage their child to give up the dummy.

The thought of that precious, much loved dummy going in the bin is much harder to swallow than the magical story of Minkie Mary, the friendly dummy fairy mouse who travels around to visit little boys and girls who no longer need their dummies. As a reward for their brave gesture of giving up the dummy Minkie Mary leaves behind a special treasure: a cute little toy mouse that offers the necessary cuddles and security instead of the dummy.

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